Friday 4 June 2010

UK Radio/Television Coverage, 31st May - 4th June 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television/radio over the last week.

Media Coverage

Simon Mayo Drivetime, BBC Radio 2, Monday 31st May, from 4:00pm
Richard Madeley uses Doctor Who as a trivia 60s question, and later enthuses about the series.
Available on iplayer (0:23:10, 2:35:29/2:44:28) until 7th June

The 5 O'Clock Show, Channel 4, Tuesday 1st June, ~5:10pm
Noel Clarke discusses Doctor Who fandom, followed by a television review of Doctor Who and Vincent and the Doctor
Available on 4od (12:40) until 27th June

Front Row, BBC Radio 4, Wednesday 2nd June, 7:15pm
The game "City of the Daleks" is reviewed.
Available on iplayer (08:46) until 2099(?)

Breakfast, BBC1, Thursday 3rd June, 9:09am
Richard Wilson discussed directing "That Face", which in an earlier run featured a young Matt Smith in the play!

E24, BBC News, Thursday 3rd June, 6;37pm
Item with Richard Curtis discussing writing his forthcoming episode of Doctor Who.
Longer version available on the BBC News website.

The One Show, BBC1, Thursday 3rd June, 7:05pm
Discussion of black and white television, introduced with a clip from An Unearthly Child!
Available on iplayer (05:15) until 10th June

The Culture Show, BBC2, Thursday 3rd June, ~7:30pm
Noel Clarke discusses his career in television and film.
Available on iplayer (33:30) until 10th June

Breakfast, BBC1, Friday 4th June, 9:10am
Noel Clarke was a guest on the show, and was asked if he'd come back to Doctor Who, to which he said he would if asked!

Programme Links, CBBC, Friday 4th June, late afternoon
Karen Gillan was a guest during the links between programmes, participating in a "TARDISBOLA" and introducing a clip for Saturday's show.


Doctor Who
1. The Eleventh Hour (SD/HD)
2. The Beast Below (SD/HD)
3. Victory of the Daleks (SD/HD)
4. The Time of Angels (SD/HD)
5. Flesh and Stone (SD/HD)
6. Vampires of Venice (SD/HD)
7. Amy's Choice (SD/HD)
8. The Hungry Earth (SD/HD)
9. Cold Blood (SD/HD)
10. Vincent and the Doctor (SD/HD) from 5th June
Available on BBC iplayer until 3rd July

Doctor Who Confidential
9. What Goes On Tour ... Cameras follow the team as they travel the length of the UK to launch the new series.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) until 7th June
10. A Brush With Genius The Doctor and Amy team up with Vincent van Gogh, and the crew travel to Croatia.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) from 5th June to 13th June

Doctor Who - The Beast of Orlok, BBC Radio 7
1. In 19th century Germany, the Time Lord finds legends of a vicious beast are all too true.
Available on BBC iplayer until 7th June
2. Can the Time Lord and Lucie stamp out the menace - or will they become its latest meal?
Available on BBC iplayer from 6th June to 14th June

Still Available to Watch/Listen

You have Been Watching, C4, Thursday 13th May, ~10:40pm
A question on what happened next, featuring a clip from Terror of the Autons!
Available on 4od (33:45) until 12th June

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 11th April, 5:15pm
Discussion of the return of Doctor Who, specifically on the new theme tune!
Available on BBC iplayer (6:30) until 13th June

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 2nd May, ~5:05pm
Discussion on the "Over the Rainbow" animated trailer that appeared over The Time Of Angels
Available on iplayer until 13th June

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 9th May, ~5:18pm
Comments on Amy kissing the Doctor at the end of Flesh and Stone
Available on iplayer (05:05) until 13th June

You Have Been Watching, C4, Thursday 27th May, ~10:05pm
Discussion on the American children's series Yo Gabba Gabba, where the character Moono is compared to Dalek anatomy!
Available on 4od (tbd) until 26th June

Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.