Tuesday 30 November 2010

Article roundup 28th-30th November 2010

Main news over the last couple of days has covered the Mazes of Time game; plus Sylvester McCoy would like to be in a 50th Anniversary Special.

Series Coverage
io9(30th) - Plus are some classic monsters returning to Doctor Who?

Den of Geek(30th) - Torchwood: The New World news round-up
Digital Spy(29th) - Eve Myles moving to LA for 'Torchwood'
Obsessed with Film(29th) - Eve Myles spills on TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD
ATV Network(29th) - Filming date for Torchwood: The New World revealed
Blastr(29th) - Torchwood's Ianto Jones WON'T be coming back—and here's why

Doctor Who Experience
Digital Spy(29th) - Q&A: Philip Murphy talks 'The Doctor Who Experience'

The Stage(29th) - Tracy Beaker Returns named best drama at BAFTA Children’s Awards

BBC News(30th) - Sylvester McCoy stays silent over upcoming Hobbit role
Digital Journal(30th) - Former Doctor Who Peter Davison joins Law & Order: UK

ABC [AU](29th) - Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth & Doctor Who: Return to Earth (and video)
Digital Spy(29th) - Digital Spy's Christmas Gift Guide: Music (Series Five Soundtrack)
Digital Spy(29th) - First screens of 'Doctor Who' on iPhone
Mobile Ent(29th) - Tag Games nabs Doctor Who iOS game deal
Wired(29th) - Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, Now Screws Screws
Geeks of Doom(29th) - Geek Gear: Doctor Who ‘Whosicle’ Shirt

SFX(30th) - Sylvester McCoy: “I’d Love To Return For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary”
BBC News(30th) - Sylvester McCoy keen on Doctor Who return
SFX(30th) - Vote For Your Favourite Christmas Episodes!
SFX(30th) - Things We Love About Doctor Who #2
SFX(29th) - Things We Love About Doctor Who #1
SFX(29th) - SFX And Doctor Who Robbed Of Quiz Victory On A Tiebreaker
South Yorkshire Star(29th) - Doctor Who writer's visit a monster hit with pupils (Dan Blythe)
Newsarama(28th) - For his 47th, get caught up with a Doctor Who primer
Ripten(28th) - BBC America Invades the PSN with Free Episodes of Top Gear
Kotaku(28th) - Free BBC America Shows Hit PlayStation Network

Passing Mention/Related Articles
What's on Stage(30th) - Theatre on Television: From Shakespeare to Pinter
Digital Spy(29th) - BBC 'forges ahead with TVC sale plans'
Guardian(29th) - DVD industry in crisis as sales slump
Bournemouth Echo(28th) - Bidding to find a cure for MS

Sunday 28 November 2010

Article roundup 26th-28th November 2010

A Christmas Carol
io9(27th) - Doctor Who Christmas special might be inspired by short story

Wales on Sunday(28th) - Eve Myles: From Torchwood to Hollywood
The Sun(27th) - Who boss won't bring back Ianto

Sunday Sun(28th) - David Tennant spotted filming in Tynemouth
Express(28th) - Radio: Roald Dahl's Genius Was Beyond Words (David Tennant)
Love Tripper(27th) - Weekend Hollywood Wags: Nov. 27,2010 (John Barrowman)
ATV Network(27th) - Peter Davison joins Law and Order UK

Nexus404(26th) - Top Gear, Doctor Who, Teletubbies Games Heading To iPhone App Store
Pocket Gamer(26th) - Dundee's Tag Games signs BBC deal for Doctor Who on iOS

Anglotopia(28th) - A Very Special Promotion of the Doctor Who News iPhone App – Charity Appeal
Walyou(27th) - Tardis Tea Infuser – This one is Super-Cool!
Lancashire Telegraph(26th) - Sci-fi high hopes for top of Darwen Tower! (also Blackburn Citizen)
Herts Advertiser(26th) - Doctor Who pop quiz

News Biscuit(27th) - Daleks lose Incapacity Benefit

Friday 26 November 2010

Article roundup 24th-26th November 2010

Further news items on the Doctor Who Experience Cyber-march, and Matt Smith/Karen Gillan doing their Radio 1 stint on Christmas Eve. Plus "The Mazes of Time" game announced for the Apple mobile devices.

A Christmas Carol
Blogcritics(25th) - Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol is Coming!
Small Screen Scoop(24th) - Doctor Who Promises Your Favorite Christmas Movies with Monsters

Series Coverage
MSN NZ(26th) - Next season Doctor Who will be scarier than ever!
Digital Spy(25th) - Moffat: 'No plans to bring back Ianto'
Digital Spy(25th) - 'Who' exec teases 'terrifying' monsters

Doctor Who Experience
Den of Geek(24th) - Philip Murphy interview: The Doctor Who Experience, Doctor Who Live, and the 50th anniversary
Digital Journal(25th) - The Re-Invasion: Cybermen retrace 1968 London footsteps
Standard(25th) - Cybermen on march to highlight Doctor Who show
Metro(24th) - Cybermen stage takeover of Tube

Metro(25th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith to be Radio 1 DJ
Daily Record(25th) - Doctor Who girl Karen set for Radio 1 xmas slot
Anglophenia(24th) - Matt Smith, Karen Gillan To Guest DJ BBC Radio 1
Monsters & Critics(24th) - Stars to host Christmas BBC Radio 1 shows
TV.com(24th) - Law & Order UK Officially Recommissioned (Peter Davison)
Sarah Jane TV(24th) - A Belt Made of Shoelaces (Katy Manning)
Digital Spy(24th) - Barrowman plugs new album on QVC
Daily Record(24th) - John Barrowman on his Scottish Christmas (via YouTube)

Independent(25th) - Ingrid Pitt: Actress and writer who escaped from East Germany and became 'England's first lady of horror'
Telegraph(24th) - Ingrid Pitt

Digital Spy(25th) - BBC reveals 'Doctor Who', 'Top Gear' apps
Computer and Video Games(25th) - Doctor Who, Top Gear games headed to iPhone, iPad
Joystiq(25th) - Doctor Who: Mazes of Time coming to iPhone, iPad this holiday
Pop Culture Zoo(24th) - Review: Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Season On DVD
Geeks of Doom(24th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series
American Consumer News(24th) - Free Audiobook: “Doctor Who: The Last Voyage” (if you sign up!)
TV Shows on DVD(24th) - Doctor Who - Story #023: The Ark
TV Shows on DVD(25th) - Doctor Who - Story #085: The Seeds of Doom
IGN(24th) - Doctor Who Arrives (The Ark/The Seeds of Doom)
Slippery Brick(24th) - Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver that really works

flick filosopher(26th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Daleks, Cybermen, and TARDIS gift wrapping paper
Geeks of Doom(24th) - Torchwood + Lightsabers + Puppets = Your WTF Geek Pic Of The Day
io9(24th) - We've seen the future and it's coming to crush us: Pre-apocalyptic stories

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Article roundup 24th November 2010

Cybermen stomp their way around London to promote the Doctor Who Experience, while Matt and Karen are planning to take Radio 1 by storm on Christmas Eve. Plus a catchup on media coverage for the 47th anniversary.

A Christmas Carol
Kansas City Star(24th) - 'Special' Christmas gift for U.S. Dr. Who fans
Comics Alliance(24th) - Link Ink: A Special Christmas for 'Doctor Who,' 
Daily Mail(23rd) - Ghosts of Christmas past, an opera star and Three Wise Men are this year's BBC holiday highlights
MTV(23rd) - 'Doctor Who' Celebrates Its 47th Birthday With New Christmas Special Image And Archival Journey!
Blastr(23rd) - 1st promo pics and synopsis for Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol
Telegraph(23rd) - Christmas Day ratings war: ITV vs BBC
CBBC(23rd) - New pic of Christmas Doctor Who!
Metro(23rd) - BBC Christmas TV set to revive Royle Family as Doctor Who does Dickens

Series Coverage
TV Overmind(23rd) - Doctor Who 6.01 Spoilers - Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Digital Spy(23rd) - Smith 'teases scary Who monsters for US eps'
Bullz Eye(22nd) - A chat with Piers Wenger

Doctor Who Experience
Daily Mail(24th) - Quick, to the Tardis! Doctor Who's Cybermen invade London

BBC Press(24th) - Stars light up Radio 1 and 1Xtra this Christmas
Mirror(24th) - Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are to become Radio 1 DJs on Christmas Eve
Music Week(24th) - R1 prepares for festive takeovers
Press Association(24th) - Smith swaps Tardis for the airwaves
What's on TV(24th) - Peter Davison joins Law & Order UK

Sky Movies(24th) - Hammer's 'Queen of Horror' dies (Ingrid Pitt)

The Courier(24th) - Tag Games bringing Doctor Who to iPhone and iPad
Walyou(24th) - The Doctor Who Dalek Flashlight Keychain
Daemon's TV(24th) - DOCTOR WHO: The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray Review
Anglophenia(23rd) - 'Doctor Who,' 'Top Gear' Apps To See Pre-Christmas Launches
MCV(23rd) - Koch taps into Christmas Doctor Who fever
TV Shows on DVD(22nd) - Doctor Who - Box Art and an Additional Extra for 'Story #085: The Seeds of Doom'

STV(24th) - Claims UFO incident could be result of poison berries ... and Dr Who
Anglophenia(23rd) - 'Doctor Who' Celebrates 47 Years With a Peek Into Its Archives
Escapist(23rd) - Happy Doctor Who Day!
Geeks of Doom(23rd) - Happy ‘Doctor Who’ Day 2010
AOLTV(23rd) - Happy 908th Birthday Doctor Who
flick filosopher(23rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: 47th anniversary of the show’s debut
Anglotopia(23rd) - Happy Birthday Doctor Who!
Geeks of Doom(23rd) - TARDISblend 17: From Doctor Who To Sarah Jane
Star Wars Blog(23rd) - Torchwood Jedi Masters?
Mirror(23rd) - How can I publicise my new Doctor Who shop?
Media Bistro(23rd) - Celebrate Doctor Who Day with Free Time Travel eBooks

Passing Mention/Related Articles
Daily Mail(23rd) - Telly addicts, UK: The Saturday night factor sends viewing figures soaring
Shields Gazette(23rd) - The magic of reading

Tuesday 23 November 2010

A Christmas Carol: Promotional Materials, 23rd November 2010

The last few days have revealed more details on the forthcoming Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol, with the trailer broadcast on Children in Need, a brief synopsis, and two new promotional images.

Doctor Who Christmas Special – A Christmas Carol

Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser, in a festive edition of the time-travelling adventure, written by Steven Moffat. But is Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve?

Amy Pond is played by Karen Gillan, Rory Williams by Arthur Darvill, The Doctor by Matt Smith and Kazran Sardick by Michael Gambon.

Doctor Who is simulcast in HD on BBC One HD on Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.

(this should be accessible worldwide, but may also be found via BBC America/YouTube)

Monday 22 November 2010

Article roundup 20th-22nd November 2010

A quiet weekend, with news mainly on how Children in Need went (with the Doctor Who segment gaining over 10m viewers!), and followups to the trailer being shown on that show.

A Christmas Carol
About(22nd) - Trailer for Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol
Mania(21st) - Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol Trailer
Big Shiny Robot(20th) - Trailer: Doctor Who Christmas Special
Cinema Blend(20th) - Doctor Who Christmas Carol Trailer
Screen Rant(19th) - First Trailer For ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special, ‘A Christmas Carol’
Blastr(19th) - 1st look at the Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol trailer
Geeks of Doom(19th) - Watch Now: Official Trailer For ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special

Series Coverage
Star Pulse(20th) - Captain Jack Isn’t Done With ‘Doctor Who’
The Sun(20th) - Whomania hits the States

Film Shaft(22nd) - Torchwood: The New World: Casting And Shooting Updates

Children in Need
BBC Press(20th) - BBC Children in Need Appeal raises £18,098,199
South Wales Evening Post(20th) - Tardis trip is just what the Doctor ordered for Joseph
BBC Bristol(20th) - In pictures: Children in Need at Bristol Zoo
Press Association(20th) - Children In Need appeal raises £18m
Press Association(20th) - Take That shine on Children in Need

Quietus(22nd) - Talking To The Sci-Fi Lord: Regenerations & Ruminations With Michael Moorcock
Scottish Sun(20th) - TV John loves yappy endings (John Barrowman)
Chicago Tribune(19th) - Naoko Mori on playing Yoko Ono: 'I was petrified'

American Consumer News(21st) - Audiobook “Doctor Who: The Feast Of The Drowned” Now Available
Retro To Go(21st) - Dalek Keychain Torch at Firebox
Online PR News(20th) - Dr Who Quotes Book: "The Quotable Doctor Who" 2000 Quotations about the world's favourite Time Lord
Hollywood Chicago(21st) - Blu-Ray Review: ‘Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series,’ ‘Sherlock’ Are Both Great
Flick Direct(21st) - Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray Review
Just Press Play(20th) - Dr. Who: The Complete Fifth Series
411Mania(20th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series DVD Review
Digital Spy(19th) - 'Doctor Who: Return To Earth' (Wii)

Anglotopia(22nd) - Doctor Who: Will it Blend? Dalek Edition
Press Association(22nd) - Doctor Who 'ideal lollipop person'
Belfast Telegraph(21st) - Dr Who named ideal lollipop person
Geeks are Sexy(21st) - Doctor Who-Inspired Gift Wrap Rolls
Mineola Patch(20th) - 'Doctor Who' Actress Visits Mineola for Fan Club’s 25th Anniversary (Daphne Ashbrook)
Littlehampton Gazette(20th) - Doctor Who dream for Timelord fan Jamie

Passing Mention
Scotsman(22nd) - Thom Dibdin : Scots panto is dead . . oh no it isn't
NME(22nd) - Friction 60 secs interview (video)
Canada Free Press(21st) - Who’s Blood’s On Who
BBC News(19th) - Royal wedding: The way we were in 1981

The Spoof(20th) - Original Star Wars Figure sells for record £50,000

Friday 19 November 2010

Article roundup 19th November 2010

It's Children in Need tonight - if you are able to, please donate to the charity. The evening programme also saw the first broadcast of the trailer for A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol
io9(19th) - Guess Who's coming down the chimney in the Doctor Who Christmas Special (Updated!)
SFX(19th) - Doctor Who A Christmas Carol Trailer
Zap2It(19th) - 'Doctor Who' 'A Christmas Carol' peek: Christmas-time travel
Den of Geek(19th) - Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol trailer
MTV(18th) - 'Doctor Who' Special To Air Christmas Day In the U.S., And Much More 'Doctor Who' News!
Screen Rant(18th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special To Premiere In U.S. On Christmas Day

Series Coverage
Anglotopia(19th) - Doctor Who News Roundup – Christmas Special, Series 6 News – SPOILERS!!!
Gather(18th) - BBC Invasion - Doctor Who and Torchwood Filming in the U.S.
Digital Spy(18th) - Matt Smith 'wants River Song reveal'
Digital Spy(18th) - 'Jonathan Creek' star joins 'Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(17th) - Davies: 'Who, Torchwood will not clash'

Children in Need
Digital Journal(19th) - Doctor Who exclusive for Children in Need
The Press York(18th) - Make a donation to BBC Children In Need or be exterminated

Whitby Gazette(19th) - Mysterious wartime tale at new cinema
HeyUGuys(18th) - Karren Gillan To Leave The Doctor For Romeo?
Entertainment4Media(17th) - Sylvester McCoy To Start In First Stage Adaptation Of 'Decline And Fall'

TV.com(18th) - Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series
SFX(18th) - BOOK REVIEW BBC VFX – Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker

Vancouver Courier(19th) - Hitchhiker's Expo
Spalding Guardian(19th) - Savage beating dished out to Doctor Who fans
BBC News(17th) - Doctor Who's sonic secrets unveiled in Bradford

Thursday 18 November 2010

BBC Press Release: Doctor Who Tardis visit on offer at Radio Cymru Children In Need auction

The BBC have issued a press release for a competition to experience the Doctor's TARDIS!
Doctor Who Tardis visit on offer at Radio Cymru Children In Need auction

A visit to The Doctor's Tardis is just one of the experiences and specially-donated items available at a BBC Radio Cymru auction to help raise money for BBC Children in Need.
Hot new Wales football star Gareth Bale's signed boots; a signed album from Duffy; bed and breakfast at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, with the chance to play a round on the Ryder Cup course; and the opportunity to go backstage to meet Pixie Lott after her Cardiff concert next month are just some of the other goodies waiting for the bidding to start on Friday 19 November.

Radio Cymru presenter and singer Caryl Parry Jones has also offered to specially write a song as one of the lots under the hammer of comedian-turned-auctioneer for the day, Tudur Owen.

He will open the bidding on the Dafydd And Caryl Breakfast Show, where they will also be joined by The One Show presenter Alex Jones – who will be presenting Children in Need's TV output from Wales' Millennium Stadium later in the evening.

Tudur Owen will report on the bidding and some of the bidders' stories throughout the day with the auction coming to an end late afternoon on the Geraint Lloyd Show.

Information on all the items on offer and how to bid can be found on the Radio Cymru website. The money raised for BBC Children in Need will go to support some of the most disadvantaged children and young people right here in the UK.

Doctor Who fans can also bid for another special part of the programme's history at the main Pudsey auction on the Children in Need website – a portrait of Russell T Davies, which has hung in the home of Doctor Who at the Upper Boat studios and has been donated by Russell himself.

Article roundup 18th November 2010

The Doctor Who Christmas Special gets a US outing just a few hours after it is shown in the UK. But in the meantime this week's Children in Need ramps up.

Series Coverage
Unreality TV(18th) - Matt Smith is keen to star in a third series of ‘Doctor Who’
Den of Geek(18th) - Doctor Who latest news round-up
Salt Lake Tribune(17th) - Exclusive: 'Doctor Who' star talks about coming to Utah
Mediaite(17th) - BBC Promises Weirdest, Coolest Christmas Special Ever. With Doctor Who.
Digital Journal(17th) - Matt Smith interested in third year as Doctor Who
Digital Spy(17th) - Matt Smith 'keen on third series of Who'
SFX(17th) - Torchwood/Doctor Who Crossovers Could Still Happen

Sarah Jane Adventures
Wired(18th) - Whatever Happened to Doctor Who’s Sarah Jane Smith?

Obsessed with Film(17th) - Americans get a festive DOCTOR WHO gift
Airlock Alpha(17th) - BBC America To Air 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Dec. 25
Popzara(17th) - Doctor Who Christmas Special To Air On Christmas Day!

Children in Need
County Times(18th) - TARDIS visit in Children in Need auction
BBC Press Office(17th) - Doctor Who Tardis visit on offer at Radio Cymru Children In Need auction

Mirror(18th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith: Being the Time Lord has me more attractive to women
Unreality Shout(18th) - John Barrowman is keen to host 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
The Stage(17th) - Torchwood star in YouTube fight to save Gwent Theatre (Gareth David Lloyd)
Holy Moly!(18th) - Karen Gillan and Gillian Anderson to star in time-travelling film, good news?
BSCReview(17th) - Karen Gillan in Romeo and Brittney
SFX(17th) - Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan Goes Time Travelling Again
Up-and-Comers(16th) - Doctor’s companion to star in new teen comedy

Herts Advertiser(18th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who: The Essential Companion
Herts Advertiser(18th) - Audio Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Deadly Download/Wraith World
Herts Advertiser(18th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who: Demon Quest: The Demon of Paris
PRFire(18th) - Doctor Who Reviews Compendium Ultimate Regeneration set to materialise for Christmas 2010
SFX(17th) - SFX Collection: Doctor Who – A Celebration
TV Shows on DVD(17th) - Doctor Who - North American Releases Announced for 'The Ark' and 'The Seeds of Doom'

Whitehaven News(18th) - Libraries team up with BBC for Doctor Who competition
Radio Times(17th) - Billie Piper's Rose Tyler voted the best Doctor Who companion
flick filosopher(17th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: knit your own scarf... just like the Doctor’s
Blastr(17th) - Matt Smith and Craig Ferguson reveal why all Daleks are male
Daily Mail(17th) - Dr Who star Matt Smith gets flustered as he's quizzed about visiting strip clubs in Vegas
TV.com(17th) - An Ode to Dr. Who's Matt Smith9
Zap2It(17th) - 'Doctor Who' Matt Smith's charming chat with Craig Ferguson

Passing Mention/Related News
Extreme Tech(17th) - Space-Time Cloak Could Hide Actual Events

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Article roundup 12th-17th November 2010

Media coverage on Matt Smith's appearance on the Late Late Show, Karen Gillan get a film role in Romeo and Brittany, David Tennant in United, and John Barrowman on Strictly Come Dancing. Plus, interviews with Piers Wenger and Russell T Davies revealing more details on Doctor Who and Torchwood. And Doctor Who is the Greatest Sci-Fi Show of All Time (according to Total Sci-Fi Online).

Series Coverage
Futon Critic(17th) - BBC America to Premiere "Doctor Who" Special on Christmas Day
Metro(17th) - Matt Smith wants third series of Dr Who
Den of Geek(17th) - Doctor Who Christmas special has a title
ATV Network(17th) - Russell T Davies reveals Steven Moffat wants Captain Jack in Doctor Who
ATV Network(17th) - More Doctor Who Christmas Special details revealed
TV Overmind(16th)) - Doctor Who Christmas Special Finally Gets Title
Digital Journal(16th) - Stars to sing a Doctor Who Christmas carol
Digital Journal(16th) - Unquiet Christmas for Doctor Who
ATV Network(16th) - Piers Wenger teases sixth season of Doctor Who
Digital Spy(16th) - 'Doctor Who' exec teases sixth series
Digital Spy(16th) - Matt Smith: 'The Doctor inspires me'
Unreality Shout(16th) - Doctor Who's Christmas special based on Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'
The Sun(16th) - Dr Who's Dickens of a Xmas
Collider(15th) - DOCTOR WHO Producer Piers Wenger Exclusive Interview; Talks About the Fifth Series, the New Doc and Filming in America
Digital Spy(15th) - 'Doctor Who' Christmas ep title announced
Anglophenia(15th) - New 'Doctor Who' Xmas Special Titled 'A Christmas Carol'
Female First(14th) - Doctor Who's Christmas carol
Bang Showbiz(14th) - Doctor Who's Christmas carol
Daily Star(13th) - Dr Who set to be wooed by LA
Airlock Alpha(12th) - 'Doctor Who' Will Explain River Song
In2Town(12th) - Doctor Who changed my life says Matt Smith

The Sarah Jane Adventures
Den of Geek(17th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures series 4 episodes 11 & 12 review: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
ATV Network(16th) - The One to Watch: The Sarah Jane Adventures
ATV Network(15th) - Final ratings for Death of the Doctor nears 1.5 million viewers
ATV Network(15th) - The One to Watch: The Sarah Jane Adventures
ATV Network(12th) - Weekly Poll: Best Children’s Show
ATV Network(12th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

BBC Newsbeat(17th) - John Barrowman says part of Torchwood will be shot in US
Blastr(16th) - That Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover WILL happen
Digital Spy(15th) - 'Torchwood' exec drops character hints
Underground Newsroom(13th) - Torchwood : Arlen Tur (Crash) nouvelle recrue de la saison 4
Daemon's TV(12th) - Arlene Tur Joins TORCHWOOD
IGN(11th) - Torchwood: What to Expect From The New World

Doctor Who Experience
Anglotopia(12th) - Exclusive Preview Tickets for the Doctor Who Experience On Sale Monday

Digital Spy(16th) - Rose Tyler tops 'Who' companion poll
Female First(16th) - Doctor Who Voted Greatest Sci-Fi Tv Show Of All Time!
Digital Spy(15th) - 'Doctor Who' named greatest sci-fi show (Total SciFi Online)
Western Mail(15th) - Dance act leaves Dr Who in another dimension
BBC News(14th) - Windsor receives top variety gong

Coventry Telegraph(16th) - Stars of Harry Potter, Merlin, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and V at Winter Memorabilia Show

The Sun(16th) - John Barrowman has eyes for Brucie gig
Digital Spy(16th) - Barrowman flattered by 'Strictly' rumours
Empire(17th) - Karen Gillan On For Romeo & Brittney
Belfast Telegraph(17th) - Gillan lands role in Baddiel's film
Hollywood(16th) - Doctor Who Companion Time Travels For 'Romeo And Brittney'
Blastr(16th) - Doctor Who co-star cast as Romeo's time-traveling Companion
Media Connection(16th) - Karen Gillan Time Travels Again in Romeo and Brittney
Bleeding Cool News(16th) - Karen Gillan To Star In David Baddiel’s Romeo And Brittney
Digital Spy(16th) - Karen Gillan to star in 'Romeo And Brittney'
Contact Music(16th) - Karen Gillan - Karen Gillan Wins Debut Movie Romeo And Brittney
Anglophenia(16th) - 'Doctor Who' Star Karen Gillan Set For 'Romeo and Brittney'
Deadline(16th) - 'Dr Who' Star To Play Time-Travelling Juliet (Karen Gillan)
Liverpool Daily Post(16th) - Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston to take part in Clapperboard Presents Q&A on 1996 film Hillsborough
ATV Network(16th) - Matt Smith to appear on The Late Late Show
Daily Record(15th) - Accused star Christopher Eccleston accuses X Factor bosses of having contempt for TV viewers
Plymouth Herald(15th) - The Final Frontier for Davros (Terry Molloy)
Broadway World(15th) - Barrowman at Royal Albert Hall DVD Released 11/15
Den of Geek(15th) - Steffan Rhodri
BBC Press Office(12th) - David Tennant leads cast in epic new BBC Two film, United
NewsTime(12th) - Dr Who needs shades to shop
Bang Showbiz(12th) - Karen Gillan only dates Doctor Who fans
Unreality TV(12th) - Karen Gillan wants to date a ‘Doctor Who’ fan
The Scottish Sun(12th) - They're Cinder money (John Barrowman)

Online Services
World Internet TV on PC(14th) - BBC Shows Come To PLUS7 Catch Up TV Service
C21Media(11th) - Yahoo!7 takes BBCWW content

Scotland on Sunday(16th) - Book review: Doctor Who: The Coming of the Terraphiles
The Escapist(15th) - "Will It Blend" Slices and Dices Daleks
Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard(15th) - Cirencester Barnado's raffle off life size David Tennant cut-out
Digital Spy(15th) - Digital Spy's Christmas Gift Guide: Family (sonic screwdriver)
The Trades(14th) - Book Review: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary
Computer and Video Games(17th) - First Doctor Who Wii game review - 19% in ONM
Metro(15th) - Games review - Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth dematerialises
Digital Spy(12th) - 'Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth' (DS)
Digital Spy(12th) - 'Doctor Who' game on Wii delayed
Eurogamers(12th) - Dr Who's Wii adventure delayed
Computer and Video Games(12th) - Doctor Who DS gameplay video
Gamers Daily News(12th) - Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth
Comic Book Bin(14th) - Doctor Who: the Complete Fifth Series
Big Picture Big Sound(14th) - Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray Review
io9(12th) - Relive Doctor Who's most epic season on DVD
News OK(12th) - DVD Review: “Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series”

Telegraph and Argus(17th) - TV experts will reveal secrets of sound effects at Bradford's National Media Museum
Den of Geek(17th) - Missing Adventures: introducing the Doctor Who Reprint Society
Digital Journal(16th) - Billy Connolly would play Doctor Who, considered for role in 1996
Monsters & Critics(17th) - Matt Smith gets flustered on US chat show
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BBC America Press Release: BBC America to premiere Doctor Who Special on Christmas Day

BBC America have issued a press release for the broadcast of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Day:

Harry Potter's Michael Gambon Guest Stars in the Holiday-Themed Adventure

Following Matt Smith's appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Tuesday November 16, BBC AMERICA announces that the new Doctor Who Christmas Special will premiere in the U.S. for the first time on Christmas Day. The festive Dickens-inspired adventure, A Christmas Carol, is penned by award-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat (Sherlock, Coupling) and premieres Saturday, December 25, 9:00 pm ET.

Newlyweds Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) are joined by Harry Potter's Michael Gambon and Opera diva Katherine Jenkins, for what may be the Doctor's most Christmassy adventure yet.

Lead Writer and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, commented on the upcoming special: "Oh, we're going for broke with this one. It's all your favorite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters. And the Doctor. And a honeymoon. And ... oh, you'll see. I've honestly never been so excited about writing anything. I was laughing madly as I typed along to Christmas songs in April. My neighbors loved it so much they all moved away and set up a website demanding my execution. But I'm fairly sure they did it ironically."

Perry Simon, General Manager, Channels, added: "Doctor Who has become a key part of the BBC AMERICA schedule, and having the opportunity to air A Christmas Carol on Christmas Day is like receiving our very own holiday gift. The Timelord may travel through time and space, but he's certainly found a home at BBC AMERICA."

Doctor Who is currently filming in Utah for next season's two-part premiere set in the U.S. during the late '60s. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston and guest star Mark Sheppard are all in production stateside. The next season premieres spring 2011 on BBC AMERICA.

In the run up to A Christmas Carol on Christmas Day, BBC AMERICA will be running a marathon of the series, beginning at midnight on December 24 and leading up to this year's special. The marathon includes previous Christmas specials and a selection of favorite Doctor Who episodes from recent seasons.

Christmas Day will also see the premiere the Doctor Who Prom, a live concert featuring stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as hosts. The Doctor Who Prom was filmed earlier this year at the world renowned Royal Albert Hall and features appearances from the Weeping Angels, Daleks and the TARDIS. The BBC National Orchestra of Wales, who record the soundtrack for the series, present a selection of intergalactic music - including Murray Gold's music from the TV show, plus a selection of classical favorites.

Fans can catch up on the new Doctor's first season with Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series Blu-ray and DVD, both are now available in stores.

BBC AMERICA brings audiences a new generation of award-winning television featuring news with a uniquely global perspective, provocative dramas, razor-sharp comedies, life-changing makeovers and a whole new world of nonfiction. BBC AMERICA pushes the boundaries to deliver high quality, highly addictive and eminently watchable programming to viewers who demand more. BBC AMERICA is distributed by Discovery Networks. It is available on digital cable and satellite TV in more than 68 million homes.

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Futon Critic(17th) - BBC America to Premiere "Doctor Who" Special on Christmas Day

Thursday 11 November 2010

Article roundup 11th November 2010

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