Thursday 31 December 2009

Article roundup 31st December 2009

The End of Time
BBC News(31st) - Doctor Who plays the regeneration game
Aberdeen Press and Journal(31st) - Davies knows who has secrets
Chicago Now(31st) - 'Doctor Who: The End of Time' sneaks, plus Catherine Tate surprises

Airlock Alpha(30th) - Adm. Adama, Capt. Jack Battle It Out For Best Episode Of 2009 (Waters of Mars/Children of Earth)
TV Squad(29th) - Best TV of the '00s: Drama
Guardian(30th) - Mail not keen on BBC's Tennant extra
io9(30th) - Play Along At Home: Doctor Who "End Of Time" Bingo Cards
Guardian(30th) - David Tennant: not interesting enough for Dom Joly
Telegraph(30th) - If you must know, I’d rather stay home on New Year’s Eve (Tennant on TV)

Who 2010
io9(30th) - ... And Doctor Who May Be Totally Out Of Left Field (speculation)

The Stage(30th) - Barrowman and Rylance make top 20 of Stage 100 (John Barrowman)

In Passing
Telegraph(30th) - The Road: the end of the world, again (dalek mention)

David Tennant's last interview as the Doctor

David Tennant gives his last ever interview as the Doctor to BBC Entertainment correspondant Lizo Mzimba:


See this video in context at BBC News; the video may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Article roundup 30th December 2009

The End of Time part one Reviews
Telegraph(29th) - Doctor Who, BBC One, review
Los Angeles Times(28th) - Review: "Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One" on BBC America
Newsarama(28th) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO: THE END OF TIME Pt. 1

Christmas Day Ratings
Telegraph(30th) - David Tennant to make 75 appearances on BBC over Christmas and New Year
Daily Mail(29th) - Christmas TV backlash: BBC hit by ratings slump as viewers complain of repetitive scheduling
Daily Mail(27th) - BBC dominate Christmas Day ratings with nine of the 10 most popular shows

The End of Time
Grimsby Telegraph(30th) - Doctor Who role for rising TV star (Scott Baker)
Tom Harris MP(27th) - The End of Time, part 1 (review)
The Torontoist(29th) - Televisualist: New Year, New Doctor
SF Universe(28th) - Old Friends Return for David Tennant’s Last Outing
io9(28th) - Discover Lost's Secret Baddie And Donna's Final Fate On Doctor Who

Who 2010
Whovian Net(29th) - Matt Smith ‘born to play an alien’ (reporting on Radio Times)
Airlock Alpha(28th) - 'Doctor Who' Timewarps To The Past

Sky TV(29th) - DOCTOR WHO: THE END OF TIME Q&A (John Simm, Russell T Davies, Bernard Cribbins)
Examiner(27th) - An Examiner interview with Adrian Middleton, the unsung continuity expert of Doctor Who

Guardian(30th) - Who On Who?
Total Sci-Fi(29th) - Doctor Who: The Krillitane Storm; Autonomy; The Taking of Chelsea 426

Monday 28 December 2009

Article roundup 29th December 2009

The End of Time Part One Reviews
Independent(28th) - Christmas Television: Doctor Who, Fri BBC1
Airlock Alpha(27th) - 'Doctor Who' – The End Of Time (Part 1) - Doctor Who, "The End of Time" Part 1: David Tennant gets ready for goodbye

BBC Christmas Ratings
Daily Star(28th) - Eastenders plot wins Christmas TV Ratings Battle
ATV Network News(28th) - Christmas Day Ratings
Press Association(27th) - Eastenders 'most-watched programme'
Scottish Daily Record(27th) - Eastenders leads the way as BBC dominate Christmas Day TV ratings

Contact Music(28th) - Tennant ready to be a Dad

South Wales Echo(28th) - Police cop £70,000 for film location services (police hired to shows like DW and TW)
Western Mail(28th) - The Welsh enjoy a fantastic decade in the arts (Doctor Who returns)

Sunday 27 December 2009

Article roundup 27th December 2009

The End of Time Part One Reviews
Film Shaft(27th) - Doctor Who – The End Of Tennant
Mirror(27th) - A Big Boo to Doctor Who
TV Squad(26th) - Review: Doctor Who - The End of Time, Part 1
Digital Spy(26th) - The End Of Time Part One: The Verdict
Coventry Telegraph(26th) - Doctor Who The End of Time Part One: Master stroke or a leap too far?
Flick Filosopher(26th) - ‘Doctor Who’: “The End of Time: Part One” -- OMG
Den of Geek(26th) - Doctor Who: The End Of Time Part One review
Anglotopia(25th) - Doctor Who The End of Time Part 1 Review – SPOILERS!!!!
Comic Book Movies(25th) - ThwhtGuardian reviews Doctor Who: The End of Time pt. 1
Times(26th) - A dark Christmas in the Square – and in the Tardis
Guardian(25th) - Doctor Who: The End of Time – the verdict

BBC Christmas Ratings
Wales on Sunday(27th) - Viewers turn to ‘Auntie’ at Xmas
Herald Scotland(27th) - Beeb wins the ratings war ... thanks to soap bubble and a time traveller
The Times(27th) - Doctor Who fails to top Christmas TV ratings
Guardian(26th) - BBC shows dominate festive ratings
Digital Spy(26th) - 'Enders tops lacklustre Christmas Day
BBC News(26th) - EastEnders tops 2009 Christmas Day ratings
Mirror(26th) - Death of EastEnders' villain Archie is crowning glory for Beeb

The End of Time (General)
Monsters and Critics(26th) - Boxing Day is 'Doctor Who' Tennant finale day on BBC AMERICA
Anglotopia(26th) - Spoilerific Clip from Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 2 New Year’s Special
Airlock Alpha(26th) - First Look At 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special
Courant TV Eye(26th) - On Saturday: Another 'Doctor Who' Special
Boston Herald(26th) - Tennant bids farewell to ‘Doctor Who’
MTV(25th) - David Tennant Talks 'Doctor Who' Season Finale: Time War Secrets, Familiar Faces And A 'Brilliant' Twist
io9(25th) - Davies' Doctor Who Revival Was A Miracle, But Its Ending Remains Uncertain
Sci-Fi Wire(24th) - As Doctor Who's David Tennant exits, the Master is reborn

Independent(27th) - Tennant pays tribute to 'Doctor Who' heroes as he bows out
Mirror(27th) - Tennant: Mum who made me (David pays tribute to his mother) (alternative link)
Digital Spy(26th) - Moen: 'Matt Smith is too young for Who' (Alexandra Moen)
Mirror(26th) - Doctor Who star Alexandra Moen says we'll all miss David Tennant

BBC News(27th) - Entertainment Year in pictures 09
South Wales Echo(26th) - Fans holding a torch for Ianto raise £12,000 (for Children in Need)
Mirror(26th) - Out with the Old, In with the Who (David Tennant/Matt Smith)
Digital Spy(24th) - Tennant: I'll miss Doctor Who comics
Boston Herald(26th) - Who’s who in the world of ‘Who’?
Daily Mail(26th) - Noughties but nice: Entertainment highlights of the past 10 years

Friday 25 December 2009

Article roundup 25th December 2009

Its the one day of the year that the newspapers aren't published, not that this makes much of a difference to the online community!

The End of Time (UK)
Daily Star(25th) - Doctor Who
MTV(24th) - David Tennant Says 'Doctor Who' Comics Are 'One Of The Things I'll Miss' After Season Finale (also Digital Spy)
Guardian(24th) - Doctor Who feels the pinch (June Whitfield)
Daily Record(24th) - Veteran star Bernard Cribbins finds new audience thanks to Doctor Who
Telegraph(24th) - Doctor Who Christmas Special: The End of Time – Culture Minute (video)
Irish Central(23rd) - Christmas Means Doctor Who

US Television
The Examiner(25th) - Final episode for David Tennant as Doctor Who on BBC
Chicago Tribune(24th) - Davies, Tennant talk 'Doctor Who: The End of Time'
Tech Watch(24th) - Dr Who is a winner in the US
Star Ledger(24th) - Doctor Who: David Tennant interview
Star Telegram(24th) - We pick the top 10 TV shows of the year (Children of Earth at #3)

Flick Filosopher(24th) - Doctor Who blogging: The Waters of Mars

Metro(24th) - Catherine Tate loves Christmas TV
Daily Record(24th) - David Tennant sneaked into Gruffalo private screening, reveals creator Julia Donaldson
Sky TV(24th) - Doctor Who voted decade's favourite show
The Bolton News(24th) - Shop for last minute gifts at bargain prices (includes TARDIS toy)

Independent Publishing Group(24th) - Somebody watched way too much Dr Who before putting this together

Thursday 24 December 2009

Article roundup 24th December 2009

The End of Time (UK)
The Mirror(24th) - Pick of the Day, Doctor Who
The Economic Voice(24th) - Dr Who: Farewell David Tennant’s Doctor
The Guardian(23rd) - Doctor Who's departing Davies reveals debt to Pop Idol
The Guardian(23rd) - All the highlights for TV this Christmas
BBC Press(23rd) - June Whitfield in Doctor Who: The End Of Time
Belfast Telegraph(23rd) - Whitfield gets to grips with Doctor
On The Box(23rd) - Doctor Who: Russell T Davis Interview
BeeCareful(23rd) - June Whitfield in Doctor Who: The End Of Time
The Telegraph(23rd) - John Simm interview: who's the baddie?
South Wales Evening Post(23rd) - Famous faces join Doctor Who for final David Tennant episodes
Evening Express(24th) - Doctor Who has cheeky admirer
Sky News - Photos from The End of Time
Bournemouth Echo(23rd) - Branksome-based Hi-de-Hi actor Barry Howard appearing in Christmas Doctor Who

Television (USA)
Mercury News(24th) - David Tennant departs after 4 years as 'Doctor Who'
The Sun(24th) - Who’s got 1m fans in the US
Weekly Alibi(24th) - “Doctor Who: The End of Time” (BBC America 7 p.m.) 
The Guardian(23rd) - Doctor Who achieves record US audience
The Northwestern(23rd) - The 10 best shows of 2009 (Children of Earth #1)
Huffington Post(23rd) - Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men, Dexter and More: The Ten Best TV Shows of 2009

Russell T Davies on BBC future
The Mirror(23rd) - Tories will exterminate BBC if they get elected
The Telegraph(23rd) - Doctor Who producer warns BBC will be 'dismantled' by Tories
Western Mail(24th) - Doctor Who writer is convinced the Tories will call time on the BBC

BBC News(23rd) - Top Gear is most watched show on iPlayer (iplayer viewers)
SFX(23rd) - Telefantasy Hits On iPlayer (top 20 watched)
Lifehacker Australia(24th) - Crafty Tardis Is Filled With Doctor Who Craft Projects (knitted TARDIS)
Cambs24(23rd) - Gallery: March Dog Training Club holds fancy dress Christmas party (dogs dressed as daleks)
Religious Intelligence(23rd) - Parish unveils living Advent Calendar (ice sculpture TARDIS)
Digital Spy(23rd) - 2009's staggering death list (Ianto Jones, Adelaide Brooke)

Wednesday 23 December 2009

Article roundup 23rd December 2009

The End of Time
Press Association(23rd) - Whitfield gets to grips with Doctor
Daily Mail(23rd) - Who's that? Oh no, it's Catherine Tate returning to the Tardis ...
Headingley Today(23rd) - Minnie the Minx gets to grips with Doctor Who
Airlock Alpha(22nd) - One Last Look At 'Doctor Who' End
Manchester Evening News(22nd) - Top 10 Christmas Day TV treats

David Tennant voted top Doctor in Gocompare poll
Coventry Telegraph(23rd) - Viewers would prefer Ewan McGregor over Matt Smith as next Doctor Who

LA Times(22nd) - David Tennant: 'Doctor Who' role was 'impossibly fortunate'

International Television
Variety(22nd) - 'Doctor Who' nabs top rating
Broadcast Newsroom(22nd) - 'Doctor Who' Special Propels BBC America to Best Prime Ever
Airlock Alpha(22nd) - 'Waters Of Mars' Soaks BBCA In Viewers
Chicago Tribune(22nd) - The Doctor is on his way out
MultiChannel(22nd) - 'Doctor Who' Special Propels BBC America to Best Prime Ever
The Phoenix(22nd) - Doctor Who > Christmas Programming

Mansfield Chad(23rd) - Exterminate the Dalek thieves, say Kirkby cops
io9(22nd) - 20 Science Fiction Characters Who Got Their Legs Back (mentions Dortman from Dalek Invasion of Earth)

The Sun(23rd) - Who’s Ghost of Christmas (David Tennant in Catherine Tate Show)
OneIndia(22nd) - David Tennant says Batman rumours not true

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Article roundup 22nd December 2009

The End of Time/Christmas TV
Plymouth Herald(21st) - Plymouth girl in Doctor Who (actress Tracy Ifeachor)
io9(21st) - You'll Soon Forget Me, Says David Tennant (based on Observer article)
Betting Pro(21st) - Dr Who Christmas Special - will Dr Who win the Christmas Day TV ratings war?
io9(21st) - Doctor Who Saves Us From A Week Of Terrible Holiday Television
Coventry Telegraph(21st) - Doctor Who's Farewell Tour Of The Galaxy (Tennant in everything )
Virgin Media(21st) - Doctor Who - The End of Time spoiler WARNING: major plot details

Los Angeles Times(21st) - David Tennant running out of time on 'Doctor Who'
Flintshire Chronicle(21st) - Dr Who: Russell T Davies knows Who is keeping secrets (same as Chester Chronicle)

International Television
Brand X(21st) - For sci-fi fans, a bittersweet 'Doctor Who' Christmas present

Mass Live(21st) - The 10 best things that happened on television this year...that I can recall. (Torchwood at #7)
TV Squad(21st) - Best and Worst TV of 2009: Jason's List

David Tennant voted top Doctor in Gocompare poll
Press Association(22nd) - Tennant 'greatest Doctor of all'
What's on TV(22nd) - Tennant voted top Doctor, Billie best assistant

Contact Music(21st) - Tennant dismisses Batman rumours
Malvern Gazette(21st) - Panto has all the right ingredients (Colin Baker in Jack and the Beanstalk)
DNA(21st) - There are no aliens, it's just us and our fears
Guardian(21st) - Doctor Who: an interactive guide to his regenerations

Monday 21 December 2009

Article roundup 21st December 2009

The End of Time
Guardian(21st) - What do we know about The End of Time?
Telegraph(21st) - David Tennant: why I’ll miss playing Doctor Who at Christmas
The Stage(21st) - Square Eyes Special: The pick of Christmas television
io9(21st) - Huge Plot Twists And Shocking Discoveries In Doctor Who And Lost

International Television
Chicago Now(18th) - Review: 'Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars' a dark treat

Chester Chronicle(21st) - Dr Who: Russell T Davies knows Who is keeping secrets
Western Mail(21st) - David Tennant reveals how Doctor Who changed his life forever
Digital Spy(20th) - Tennant: "I'm just passing through"
UPI(20th) - 'Who' writer Davies proud of last episodes
Digital Spy(17th) - 2010 TV Preview: 'Law & Order: UK 2' (Freema Agyeman)

Newsarama(21st) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO: THE WATERS OF MARS

South Wales Argus(21st) - 100,000 Torchwood fans campaign to bring back Ianto

Journal Live(21st) - Passion for TV show Doctor Who brought to North East school (dalek in a school)(alternative article)
Daily Record(20th) - Harris Tweed look to new Doctor Who to save ancient industry
Digital Spy(20th) - Tennant's Top Ten 'Who' Moments #9 and #8
SFX(20th) - The Joke's On Who Part One (recurring themes in Who episodes)
Chicago Now(20th) - Doctor Who teaches Shakespeare? (Catherine Tate/David Tennant sketch)
MI6(16th) - The Men who would be Bond (includes Anthony Rogers and Hans de Vries)

BBC News(21st) - John Simm excited by 'last chance' to play Hamlet

Saturday 19 December 2009

Article roundup 19th December 2009

The End of Time
Mirror(19th) - Doctor Who Tennant sheds tears as he exits the show
Mirror(19th) - Boo Hoo
Daily Post(19th) - End of an era for Doctor Who
CBBC(18th) - What did Hayley think of the new Doctor Who? (fan report on press screening)
Digital Spy(18th) - Tennant: 'Who mine until last broadcast'
The First Post(18th) - Doctor Tennant takes on Master Simm in Who finale
Merinews(18th) - Doctor Who Christmas Special - David Tennant exits show
io9(18th) - You'll never guess in New Doctor Who stills (images from the episode)
Seenit(18th) - My Christmas TV Picks

Times(19th) - Russell T. Davies's favourite Doctor Who moments
Telegraph(18th) - 'Doctor Who’s given me the time of my life' - Russell T Davies on leaving Doctor Who
LA Times(19th) - Timeout with 'Doctor Who's' David Tennant

International Television
LA Times(19th) - Saturday's Highlights (Doctor Who themed night)
Pop Culture Zoo(18th) - BBC America - 3 Saturdays, 3 Doctor Who specials
Toronto Sun(18th) - Doctor Who specials abound
Winnipeg Free Press(17th) - Catch Doctor Who before Tennant's time runs out.
Blogcritics(18th) - Review: The Waters of Mars
Chicago Times(18th) - As 2009 ends, thoughts on 'Chuck,' a 'Doctor Who' reminder and a 'Phantom Menace' rant

AfterElton(18th) - Best. Gay. Year. Ever. (Ianto in COE)

Times(19th) - The top 50 TV shows of the Noughties (Doctor Who is number 5)
Arbroath Herald(18th) - 'Cowboy Joe' has them rolling in the aisles (panto including dalek)