Saturday 19 December 2009

Article roundup 19th December 2009

The End of Time
Mirror(19th) - Doctor Who Tennant sheds tears as he exits the show
Mirror(19th) - Boo Hoo
Daily Post(19th) - End of an era for Doctor Who
CBBC(18th) - What did Hayley think of the new Doctor Who? (fan report on press screening)
Digital Spy(18th) - Tennant: 'Who mine until last broadcast'
The First Post(18th) - Doctor Tennant takes on Master Simm in Who finale
Merinews(18th) - Doctor Who Christmas Special - David Tennant exits show
io9(18th) - You'll never guess in New Doctor Who stills (images from the episode)
Seenit(18th) - My Christmas TV Picks

Times(19th) - Russell T. Davies's favourite Doctor Who moments
Telegraph(18th) - 'Doctor Who’s given me the time of my life' - Russell T Davies on leaving Doctor Who
LA Times(19th) - Timeout with 'Doctor Who's' David Tennant

International Television
LA Times(19th) - Saturday's Highlights (Doctor Who themed night)
Pop Culture Zoo(18th) - BBC America - 3 Saturdays, 3 Doctor Who specials
Toronto Sun(18th) - Doctor Who specials abound
Winnipeg Free Press(17th) - Catch Doctor Who before Tennant's time runs out.
Blogcritics(18th) - Review: The Waters of Mars
Chicago Times(18th) - As 2009 ends, thoughts on 'Chuck,' a 'Doctor Who' reminder and a 'Phantom Menace' rant

AfterElton(18th) - Best. Gay. Year. Ever. (Ianto in COE)

Times(19th) - The top 50 TV shows of the Noughties (Doctor Who is number 5)
Arbroath Herald(18th) - 'Cowboy Joe' has them rolling in the aisles (panto including dalek)