Wednesday 31 March 2010

UK Radio/Television Coverage, 31st March 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television and radio today.

Alfie and Charlie at Breakfast, BBC Radio Newcastle, Wednesday 31st March, ~8:18am
Alfie chats to Matt Smith at Sunderland University, recorded last night.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 01:18:58) until 7th April

Joe Pignatiello, BBC Radio Northampton, Wednesday 31st March, ~8:50am
Joe looks forward to the Doctor coming to town, and talks to Matt Smith's former PE Teacher John Tapfin about his schooldays, football, and the town's newest hero!
Available on BBC iplayer (at 02:50:40) until 7th April

Bernie Keith, BBC Radio Northampton, Wednesday 31st March, ~10:41am
Bernie chats to Matt Smith on the phone.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 01:41:37) until 7th April

Programme Link, CBBC, Wednesday 31st March, ~11:30am
A small, previously unbroadcast clip from The Eleventh Hour, plus confirmation that Karen Gillan will be on CBBC on Friday morning!

Heather Stott, BBC Radio Manchester, Wednesday 31st March, ~11:44am
Coverage of the Salford preview, with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan
Available on BBC iplayer (at 02:44:04) until 7th April

John Griff, BBC Radio Northampton, Wednesday 31st March, ~3:29pm
John discusses the Doctor arriving in Northampton with fellow presenter Helen Blaby, in the lead-up to the Drivetime coverage, live.
Available on BBC iplayer (1:29:00) until 7th April

Richard Bacon, BBC Radio 5 Live, Wednesday 31st March, ~3:52pm
Richard briefly discusses the return on the series.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 01:52:13) until 7th April

Drivetime, BBC Radio Northampton, Wednesday 31st March, from 4:00pm
The Doctor Who tour arrives in Matt Smith's home town of Northampton, and Drivetime covers it live!
Available on BBC iplayer (4:30,22:07,46:50,1:21:15,1:45:33) until 7th April

Becky Want, BBC Radio Manchester, Wednesday 31st March, ~4:40pm
Coverage of the Salford preview, with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan
Available on BBC iplayer (at 02:40:45) until 7th April

Granada Reports, ITV1, Wednesday 31st March
Report on the Tour at Salford.
Available on the ITV website

Blue Peter, BBC1, Wednesday 31st March, from 4:35pm
Matt Smith is a guest and helps design a Doctor Who bird feeder.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 19:18) until 7th April; also on the CBBC Blue Peter website

Manchester Now, BBC Radio Manchester, Wednesday 31st March, ~5:55pm
Brief recap of earlier interviews, plus reviews by some children lucky enough to attend the preview!
Available on BBC iplayer (at 55:08) until 7th April

Points West, BBC1 NW, Wednesday 31st March, 1:30pm, 6:30pm, 10:30pm
Preview and coverage of the Doctor Who Tour Bus in Salford during the morning.

Look East, BBC1 East, Wednesday 31st March, 1:30pm, 6:30pm, 10:30pm
Preview and coverage of the Doctor Who Tour Bus in Northampton during the afternoon.

BBC Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.

Doctor Who Tour, Northampton, 31st March 2010

The Doctor Who Tour was in Northampton Wednesday afternoon, during which Matt Smith visited his old school.

This video may not play outside of the United Kingdom

Coverage on BBC Radio Northampton throughout the day from Joe Pignatiello, Bernie Keith, John Griff, and Drivetime.

You can read about the third day of the tour on the official BBC Doctor Who Website.

Doctor Who Tour, Sunderland England, 30th March 2010

The Doctor Who Tour around the United Kingdom reached England yesterday afternoon, with its arrival in Sunderland caught live by BBC Look North in the early evening.

This video may not play outside of the United Kingdom

The visit and forthcoming series was anticipated on BBC Radio Newcastle's Jonathan Miles Show show, with Matt phoning into the show, and later Karen Gillan called into the Simon Logan show. Matt also chatted to Richard Bacon on his Radio 5 Live show.

You can read about the second day of the tour on the official BBC Doctor Who Website.

Article roundup 31st March 2010

Main news today is that Customs show their sense of humour in stopping Matt Smith at Heathrow for having the sonic screwdriver on him; and the Guardian ponders on if the next Doctor should be chosen by the public in a show.

Series Coverage
Telegraph(31st) - New Doctor Who stopped at Heathrow airport with sonic screwdriver
The Sun(31st) - Dr Who gets sonic blast off Customs
Daily Record(31st) - New Doctor Who star Karen Gillan meets cousin for the first time.. on set of the show
Geeks(31st) - Dr Vs Dr, Smith vs Tennant
Den of Geek(31st) - Doctor Who series 5: The Eleventh Hour gallery
io9(30th) - Go Behind The Scenes Of Doctor Who's Season Opener
ifMagazine(30th) - Take a sneak peek inside Doctor Who's shiny TARDIS
Digital Spy(30th) - Gillan: 'New Who has amazing climax'

Doctor Who Tour
Aberdeen Press and Journal(31st) - Doctor Who makes time for Highlands
Scotsman(31st) - Dr Who about in the Highlands
BBC News(30th) - Doctor, who was that? (video)

Shadowlocked(30th) - TARDIS making an appearance at Brent Cross at Easter (5th April)

STV(30th) - Footballing actor Matt Smith

The Daily Star(31st) - How to buy a TARDIS

Passing Mention
Guardian(30th) - TV and theatre should separate and end this glorified casting couch (public choose Doctor?)
The Sleaze(30th) - More Soft Soap

Tuesday 30 March 2010

UK Radio/Television Coverage, 30th March 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television and radio today.

Reporting Scotland, BBC1 Scotland, Tuesday 30th March, 1:30pm, 6:30pm, 10:30pm
Coverage of the Doctor Who Tour Bus in Inverness during the morning on the 6:30pm show, with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Steven Moffat interviewed, plus some previously unseen clips from The Eleventh Hour. Edited versions shown at 1:30pm and 10:3pm.
Edited version available on the BBC News website

Look North, BBC1 NE&C, Tuesday 30th March, 6:30pm
The Doctor Who Tour Bus reaches Sunderland, and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are interviewed live as they arrive in Sunderland.

MacAulay and Co, BBC Radio Scotland, Tuesday 30th March, ~11:15am
Fred MacAaulay discusses the Doctor Who Tour in Inverness with fellow presenter Bryan Burnett, plus Glasgow Who Society.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 1:14:40) until 6th April

Jonathan Miles, BBC Radio Newcastle, Tuesday 30th March, ~12:12pm
Jonathan Miles chats to Matt Smith as he travels to Sunderland on the Doctor Who Tour Bus.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 2:12:45) until 6th April

Simon Logan, BBC Radio Newcastle, Tuesday 30th March, ~2:50pm
Simon Logan chats to Karen Gillan as she travels to Sunderland on the Doctor Who Tour Bus.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 1:48:20) until 6th April

Tom Morton, BBC Radio Scotland, Tuesday 30th March, ~3:15pm
Reflections on when Doctor Who first started in 1963.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 1:11:43) until 6th April

Richard Bacon, BBC Radio 5 Live, Tuesday 30th March, ~3:20pm
Richard Bacon and Boyd Hilton from Heat Magazine chat to Matt Smith as he travels to Sunderland on the Doctor Who Tour Bus.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 1:20:56) until 6th April

Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2, Tuesday 30th March, ~3:38pm
John Barrowman in a pre-recorded interview.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 1:38:19) until 6th April

Jon and Anne, BBC Radio Newcastle, Tuesday 30th March, ~4:49pm
Update on the Doctor's travels to Sunderland, plus how the Doctor came into conflict with the church(!) [note: unfortunately the latter inteview cuts off before the end on iplayer]
Available on BBC iplayer (at 0:49:15, 1:23:55) until 6th April

Newsdrive, BBC Radio Scotland, Tuesday 30th March, ~5:55pm
Preview of Bryan's show (below), and a news report of the preview
Available on BBC iplayer (at 01:53:35) until 6th April

Get It On with Bryan Burnett, BBC Radio Scotland, Tuesday 30th March, ~6:10pm
Bryan goes behind the scenes at the Inverness Doctor Who Tour and speaks to Karen Gillan and Matt Smith.
Available on BBC iplayer (at 00:38:41 and 01:23:45) until 6th April

Front Row, BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 30th March, 7:15pm
Steven Moffat discusses the challenges of writing the re-launched Doctor Who
Available on BBC iplayer (at 05:36) until 6th April

The Evening Show, BBC Radio Newcastle, Tuesday 30th March, ~8:40pm
Roundup of what's been happening in Sunderland today!
Available on BBC iplayer (at 1:11:41) until 6th April

BBC Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.

Doctor Who Tour, Inverness Scotland, 30th March 2010

The Doctor Who Tour around the United Kingdom reached the shores of Scotland this morning, with Inverness playing host to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. BBC Scotland covered the event.

This video may not play outside of the United Kingdom

The visit and forthcoming series was also discussed this morning on BBC Radio Scotland's MacCaulay and Co show, and this evening on the Bryan Burnett show.

You can read about the second day of the tour on the official BBC Doctor Who Website.

Article roundup 30th March 2010

In this (large!) update the Doctor Who Tour has started in earnest, with the roadshow finishing at Swansea on Thursday - plus 3D footage for Manchester. The new Doctor's costume is bringing life back to the Harris Tweed industry, whilst the new TARDIS interior is revealed. Almost overlooked in the Who-fest, K9 is also returning to our screens on Saturday. And watch out for "cybergirl" ... !

Doctor Who Tour/Promotion
STV(30th) - Dr Who visits fans in Inverness
STV(30th) - Dr Who visits fans in Inverness
Aberdeen Press and Journal(30th) - New Doctor Who will materialise in Inverness later today
BBC News(29th) - BBC Newsline meets Doctor Who and his assistant (videos)
BBC News(29th) - New Doctor Who takes tardis to Belfast
BBC News(26th) - Doctor Who heads to Inverness
Inverness Courier(26th) - Who's that girl?
BBC News(25th) - Doctor Who roadshow at Swansea BBC Big Screen
Click Lancashire(30th) - Exclusive Doctor Who 3D footage on Manchester's Big Screen

Series Coverage
Northampton Chronicle(30th) - Matt Smith: From Great Billing to star billing - the rise and rise of the new Doctor Who
Northampton Chronicle(30th) - Matt Smith: "What's a pneumatic blonde? Work is my mistress"
Irish Herald(30th) - Who is the new Doctor?
RTE Ireland(30th) - Matt Smith takes on the role of the Doctor
SFX(29th) - Steven Moffat Interview, Part One
SFX(30th) - Steven Moffat Interview Part Two
Belfast Telegraph(30th) - Matt Smith's screwdriver troubles
Guardian(30th) - Doctor Who would be a game of two halves
Den of Geek(30th) - Doctor Who series 5: meet the new TARDIS
Telegraph(30th) - New Dr Who gets to grips with sonic screwdrivers
Digital Spy(29th) - Matt Smith: 'I wrote Doctor Who stories'
STV(29th) - Matt Smith's Doctor stories
Examiner(29th) - New TARDIS interior revealed!
Scotland on Sunday(28th) - Interview: Karen Gillan, actress, Doctor Who
Scotland on Sunday(28th) - A Heartfelt letter to Doctor Who producers
Press Association(29th) - Matt Smith's screwdriver troubles
Topless Robot(29th) - New Who-a-Palooza
Press Association(29th) - Matt pens own Doctor Who stories
Whovian Net(29th) - The Doctor and Amy in the new-look TARDIS!
SFX(28th) - Dressing Doctor Who
Digital Spy(29th) - Smith: 'My generation didn't have Who'
Mirror(29th) - New Doctor Who Matt Smith wrote stories to help him understand Timelord's character
Anglotopia(29th) - This Week in Doctor Who
io9(29th) - Weird Twists In Predators, V, Doctor Who And Inception.
Mirror(29th) - New Doctor writing his own stories
News of the World(28th) - Red-y for action
The Times(28th) - Life in the Day: Karen Gillan
Aberdeen Press and Journal(27th) - It’s Doctor Who ‘right enuff’
STV(26th) - Clumsy Doctor Matt Smith
Den of Geek(26th) - Doctor Who series 5: behind the scenes pictures
Fearnet(25th) - How Much Horror Will New 'Doctor Who' Deliver?
Manchester Evening News(25th) - Doctor Who's Theatre of Dreams

Northampton Chronicle(29th) - Review: Doctor Who, the first episode
The Quietus(30th) - A Practically Spoiler-Free Preview Of The Revelatory Return Of Doctor Who

Into the Future
Express(25th) - Will Tom return?

BBC News(29th) - Behind the scenes with the new Doctor Who (video)
CBBC(29th) - Behind the scenes on new Doctor Who

Channel Canda(29th) - The Doctor makes house calls exclusively on SPACE as new Doctor Who series premieres April 17
SFX(29th) - The Week In Sci-Fi
Pop Culture Zoo(29th) - BBC America ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Images
Airlock Alpha(29th) - The First Minute Of The New 'Doctor Who'
Den of Geek(29th) - Extended trailer for Doctor Who series 5
Den of Geek(29th) - Doctor Who series 5: see the opening scene here!
Independent(28th) - Archive on 4: The Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire, Radio 4
BSC Review(28th) - Doctor Who – Vampires in Venice clip
Film School Rejects(28th) - Doctor Who: The Thrilling Opening Minute of Season Five
Digital Spy(27th) - 'Doctor Who' meets... 'Buffy'? (Vampires in Venice clip)
Pop Culture Zoo(27th) - Forty Seconds Of ‘The Eleventh Hour’
Pop Culture Zoo(26th) - 'Doctor Who': The TARDIS & Who Are The Daleks? (BBC America videos)
Film School Rejects(26th) - This Extended Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer Will Get You Hooked
Monsters & Critics(26th) - Doctor Who, Matt Smith on Jonathan Ross Friday night, April 2
Pop Culture Zoo(26th) - Matt Smith On ‘Friday Night With Jonathan Ross’
Monsters & Critics(25th) - 'Doctor Who' exclusive preview clips for April 17, BBC AMERICA premiere
Breaking News and Sport(25th) - Watch Doctor Who Trailer

io9(26th) - K-9 Series Premiere Goes Up Against Doctor Who's Return
Bella Online(25th) - Torchwood 101

Guardian(29th) - Leeds prepares for young people's film festival
Den of Geek(28th) - Pete's Comedy Odyssey: Doctor Who convention, Russell Howard, Pete's first gig
Wales on Sunday(28th) - Doctor Who? It’s Matt Smith! (press screening, video)
Runcorn and Widnes World(28th) - Families enjoy encounter with aliens (Halton Lea Library, 27th Mar)
This is Wiltshire(26th) - Daleks on the loose in Corsham

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette(30th) - Growing into fame (Carey Mulligan)
The Sun(30th) - Goal ace Zinspires Timelord
Mirror(28th) - Dr Who girl Karen Gillan buys bonsai trees with new boyfriend
People(28th) - FLYing doctor
Scottish Sun(27th) - Variety Mac (Scottish Variety Awards)
Zap2It(26th) - 12 John Barrowman must-see gems you may have missed
Monsters & Critics(26th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith thought acting was `girly` and wanted to be a footballer

Shadowlocked(29th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Time Meddler
Pink Paper(29th) - DVD: Doctor Who – Myths and Legends
Kent News(28th) - Doctor Who fan creates iPhone ap for instant news
Product Reviews(27th) - Latest news on Doctor Who: WhoNews 1.2 for iPhone
Scotsman(26th) - DVD bonanza: Sci-fi, terror and demons - new releases giveaway (Myths and Legends)
TV Shows on DVD(24th) - 4 new DVD releases bring 5 classic stories in July

Miscellaneous: Harris Tweed
BBC News(27th) - Doctor Who's Harris Tweed helps revive island industry
STV(30th) - Matt Smith sparks boom for Harris Tweed industry
Aberdeen Press and Journal(29th) - Doctor Who to don a Harris Tweed jacket
Aberdeen Press and Journal(29th) - Doctor Who’s in Harris Tweed but what’s Gaelic for Dalek?
Digital Spy(27th) - Dr Who's jacket sparks Tweed frenzy
Telegraph(27th) - Dr Who brings back Harris Tweed
The Times(27th) - Doctor Who finds new powers of regeneration in a Harris Tweed jacket

Wired(30th) - Cybergirl: Kindergartner Point Two
Thingamababy(26th) - Cybergirl: Kindergarten Class Photo
Shadowlocked(29th) - The Top Ten Doctor Introduction Stories
Western Mail(29th) - Ex-BBC boss hits out at Wales-made shows
Digital Journal(26th) - Fans celebrate fifth anniversary of new Doctor Who
Northern Echo(26th) - Wear linked to Tardis
Digital Journal(26th) - New space agency logo gets Doctor Who fans aflutter

Passing Mention
News OK(29th) - Reading and Dr. Who and a bunch of Randomness
South Yorkshire Star(29th) - Bus court action threat won't thwart regulation, says council chief
Sail World(28th) - DSS Pennant Series - Doctor Who sails on to another victory
The Guardian(27th) - The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe? by Paul Davies
New York Post(25th) - Time Traveling in Style
Screen Rant(24th) - The 5 Best (and Worst) Cinematic Time Travel Machines

The Spoof(27th) - End of Days: [5] The Self Preservation Society
The Spoof(27th) - End of Days: [6] Davros Unmasked - Now Chaos Ensues

Monday 29 March 2010

Doctor Who Tour: Northern Ireland, 29th March 2010

The Doctor Who Tour around the United Kingdom kicked off in Northern Ireland, and the BBC were in attendance to catch up with the event and the two stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

This video may not play outside of the United Kingdom

This video may not play outside of the United Kingdom

You can read about the first day of the tour on the official BBC Doctor Who Website.

UK Radio/Television Coverage, 27th-29th March 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television and radio over the last few days.

Sculptress of Sound: The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire, BBC Radio Four, Saturday 27th March, 9:00pm
The broadcaster and Doctor Who fan Matthew Sweet travels to The University of Manchester - home of Delia Derbyshire's private collection of audio recordings - to learn more about the wider career and working methods of the woman who realised Ron Grainer's original theme to Doctor Who.
Available on BBC iplayer  until 3rd April

The Official Chart with Reggie Yates, BBC Radio One, Sunday 28th March, ~5:18pm
The Doctor crashes into Chitty Bang's Opposite Adults!
Available on BBC iplayer  until 4th April

Paul O'Grady Show, BBC Radio Two, Sunday 28th March, ~5:20pm
The Doctor crashes into the studio during Abba's Super Trooper!
Available on BBC iplayer  until 4th April

Barry Letts - Who & Me, BBC Radio Seven, Sunday 28th March, 6:00pm
Doctor Who's TV producer from 1969-74, Barry Letts recounts his early career through to his working life with Jon Pertwee.
Available on BBC iplayer  until 4th April

The Chris Moyles Show, BBC Radio One, Monday 29th March, ~8:20am
Chris talks to Matt Smith on the phone.
Available on BBC iplayer (at ~1h50m) until 5th April

Good Morning Ulster, BBC Radio Ulster, Monday 29th March, ~8:51am
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan visited the studio, as they are in Ulster on the Doctor Who Tour Bus.
Available on BBC iplayer (at ~2h20m) until 5th April

Newsround, BBC1, Monday 29th March, ~5:05pm
Report from filming of Doctor Who last year for the first episode, featuring interviews with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.
Available on BBC iplayer until 30th March

BBC Newsline, BBC1 Northern Ireland, Monday 29th March, ~6:30pm
Coverage of the Doctor Who Tour Bus as it visits Ulster.

BBC Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.

Publicity: The Eleventh Hour

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour
By Steven Moffat

Saturday 3 April, 6.20-7.25pm BBC ONE

Matt Smith begins his first adventure as the Doctor.

The Doctor has regenerated into a brand-new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover, as Doctor Who returns for a new series. With the Tardis wrecked and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just 20 minutes to save the whole world – and only Amy Pond to help him.

Saturday 27 March 2010

UK Television Coverage, w/e 27th March

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television over the last few days.

E24, BBC News, Tue 23rd March, ~6:35pm and ~9:35pm
The entertainment bulletin featured comments by Steven Moffat on how Doctor Who has not been impacted by budget cuts.

Entertainment Extra, BBC Red Button
Report on comments by Steven Moffat on how Doctor Who hasn't really been impacted by budget cuts.
Available on the BBC News website

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, BBC1/HD, Fri 26th March, ~11:15pm
New Doctor Matt Smith appeared on the show to chat about the forthcoming series and how he got the role. Also featured a new trailer and a clip from the sixth episode, Vampires in Venice.
Available on BBC iplayer (at ~42:00) until 2nd April

Breakfast, BBC1, Sat 27th March, 8:22am
Discussion of the day's newspapers, including Matt Smith on the front page of the Times, related to an article about the sale of tweed.

E24, BBC News, Sat 27th March, various
A report by Lizo Mzimba on the return of Doctor Who to our screens next weekend.
Available on BBC iplayer  until 3rd April

Thursday 25 March 2010

BBC Worldwide Press Release: Brent Cross

BBC Worldwide have issued a press release about an event taking place in Brent Cross on Easter Monday.

Catch an exclusive first glimpse of the brand new TARDIS as it lands in Brent Cross this Easter
Monday 5th April from 9am–4pm - Toys R Us (Opposite Brent Cross Shopping Centre), Tilling Road, Brent Cross, London, NW2 1LW

This Easter, in celebration of the launch of the brand new Eleventh Doctor action figure, Toys R Us in Brent Cross will be hosting a Doctor Who extravaganza and will be offering guests an exclusive first look at the new generation TARDIS.

Come down to the Toys R Us store at Brent Cross at 9am on Monday 5th April and be the first to get your hands on the new Eleventh Doctor action figure and Sonic Screwdriver which will go on general sale that day.

As part of the event, fans will be treated to an exclusive first look at the legendary TARDIS which has been completely re-designed for the latest series. The TARDIS will be taking time out from the set so fans can enjoy a closer look at the Doctor’s living and breathing, time-travelling machine.

And that's not all… Fans will also have to brace themselves for some up-close encounters with the show's monsters. They will be making an appearance every hour on the hour between 9am and 4pm so guests should come prepared for them to be lurking and ready to pounce!

There will also be a whole host of Doctor Who themed games and activities on offer throughout the day, as well as prizes awarded to children who dress up in the best costumes of their favourite characters.

Attendance at this special event is free to the public.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Article roundup 24th March 2010

The Radio Times website has finally confirmed what we've pretty much guessed for a while now - Doctor Who is on at 6:20pm on Saturday 3rd April! The countdown to launch really begins, as does the UK Space Agency - whose logo is compared to DW!

Into the Future
Wired(24th) - Exclusive: New Time Lord’s Take on Doctor Who (video)
IGN(23rd) - Doctor Who TV Interview - Karen Gillan Exclusive Interview (video)
Daily Record(24th) - Doctor Who: New star Karen Gillan is the best assistant ever, says show's boss
Popzara(23rd) - Moffat: New Doctor Who Series Leaves Past Characters In The Past!
BBC News(23rd) - Entertainment News (mentions Steven Moffat on Doctor Who budget)
ATV News Network(23rd) - Steven Moffat not worried over by budget squeeze
Den of Geek(23rd) - Doctor Who: More images from The Eleventh Hour

Leighton Buzzard Today(23rd) - Roles are just what The Doctor ordered (Eden and Merin Monteath in The Eleventh Hour)

Broadcast - Doctor Who – New Season Teaser

Airlock Alpha(23rd) - Adaptation Addict: From Old To New (includes Torchwood USA)

ATV Network News(24th) - Doctor Who Boss Steven Moffat blasts the Tories
Mirror(23rd) - Doctor Who boss Stephen Moffat: Tory government would be a disaster for BBC
SFX(23rd) - Karen Gillan will be watching…
STV(24th) - Shrinking star Matt Smith
The Sun(24th) - My sonic screwdriver disappeared during nude scene with beauty Eva

This is Wiltshire(24th) - Corsham stores prepare for mini invasion

Sci-Fi Wire(23rd) - 11 unbelievably crazy things turned into time machines
Metro(23rd) - Is new UK Space Agency inspired by Doctor Who?

Daily Mash(24th) - BBC denies Dr Who cuts as new monsters include some cheese and a stick
The Spoof(21st) - End of Days: [4] The End of Time

BBC Press Release: Regeneration for Doctor Who Adventures

The BBC Press Office have announced that the weekly magazine Doctor Who Adventures will be rebranded from the 1st April.

Doctor Who Adventures magazine is set to re-launch on Thursday 1 April, and will feature new Doctor Who branding throughout the title, along with exclusive content.

Inside the revamped issue, which goes on sale two days before the new Doctor's first episode airs on BBC, is the first in a series of exclusive diary reports from actor Matt Smith. Issue 160 of the magazine sees Matt write about auditioning for the part of The Doctor and meeting The Doctor's new companion, Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan. In addition there is a sneak peek at The Doctor's first episode, The Eleventh Hour, a star interview with Matt Smith, a free TARDIS clock and the chance to win your very own life-size Dalek.

Other new features include a brand new 'Fast Fact' page, which allows readers to cut out and collect fact files on all their favourite Doctor Who characters and a fresh new Doctor Who Adventures comic strip. There is also the introduction of a secret code; this runs throughout the magazine and allows readers to decode hidden Doctor Who facts and information. Favourites, such as puzzles, quizzes and posters also feature.

Moray Laing, Editor of Doctor Who Adventures says: "The new look Doctor Who Adventures magazine will prepare all young Doctor Who fans for the arrival of the Eleventh Doctor and his companion. Our new and exclusive content will excite young customers and refresh the newsstand visually. It is in the interest of independent retailers to prominently display the redesigned magazine as awareness of the brand will grow with the launch of the new series."

The magazine will retain its weekly cover price of £2.10 and continue to give away Doctor Who free gifts, the first of which is a TARDIS clock.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Article roundup 23rd March 2010

More chat from Steven Moffat and the trailers, but the main news of the morning are apparent comments to Fox by John Barrowman on keeping Captain Jack's sexuality in a US version of Torchwood the same as developed in the UK!

Into the Future
BBC News(23rd) - Doctor Who boss not worried by budget squeeze
Digital Spy(22nd) - Steven Moffat video interview: Part 1Part 2
Digital Spy(22nd) - "No past characters" in new 'Doctor Who'
Den of Geek(23rd) - Doctor Who: BBC releases new Karen Gillan promo shot
Hello Magazine(19th) - Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan talk new series at premiere

Blogcritics(22nd) - A New Doctor Who Trailer Revealed
Zap2It(22nd) - 'Doctor Who' trailer: Monsters are scared of him
Entertainment Weekly(22nd) - 'Doctor Who' trailer: See Matt Smith as the titular Time Lord...
Topless Robot(22nd) - Maybe the Doctor Doesn't Need Eyebrows After All
Sci-Fi Wire(22nd) - New teaser trailer for Matt Smith as Doctor Who rocks!
USA Today(22nd) - Are you excited for the new 'Doctor Who'?

Sci-Fi Wire(22nd) - John Barrowman to Fox: Please don't turn Capt. Jack straight
Advocate(22nd) - Barrowman Wants Capt. Jack to Remain Horny
Perez HIlton(22nd) - Torchwood Actor Certain Bisexual Character Will Remain In US Version!
io9(22nd) - Fox's Potential Torchwood: Captain Jack Will Not Be "De-Gayed"

Passing Mention
BBC News(23rd) - Comic art visions of wind farms (Mo Ali, concept artist)
BBC News(21st) - Rugby greats and TV stars join Sport Relief run (Dalek run)
Guardian(21st) - Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in the 21st century: it's elementary (Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss)

Saturday 20 March 2010

Article roundup 20th March 2010

More feedback from the press screening on Thursday, plus a new trailer for the series seemingly imminent on television. Meanwhile, with Torchwood's future in the UK uncertain, John Barrowman has hinted that Jack might turn straight for an American version of the show.

Into the Future/Press Screening Coverage
The Times(20th) - Steven Moffat - the new brains behind Doctor Who
Daily Record(20th) - Karen Gillan makes a saucy debut as Scots take over new series of Doctor Who
Mirror(20th) - Matt Smith says playing Doctor Who is like signing for Manchester United
Yorkshire Evening Post(19th) - Landing Doctor Who role 'like signing for Manchester United'
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph(19th) - Dr Who's "lovely feeling" at landing the part
Digital Spy(19th) - Moffat: 'Matt is going to be gorgeous'
Digital Spy(19th) - Weeping Angels 'are way worse this time' (Steven Moffat on Breakfast)
Mirror(19th) - Doctor Who new star Matt Smith may have romance with new assistant Karen Gillan in show
Gant Daily(19th) - New "Doctor Who" Episode Has World Premiere
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The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins, BBC1, Sat 13th March, ~7:40pm
A question involved the teams name each of the television Doctors - Paul McGann was sadly missed!
Available on BBC iplayer until 20th March

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Breakfast, BBC1, Fri 19th March, ~8:45am
Coverage of the press screening with entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba meeting Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and a live interview with Head Writer Steven Moffat in the studio.
A recording of this can be found unofficially on YouTube

Newsround, BBC1, Fri 19th March, ~5:05pm
Coverage from the press screening, featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.
Available on BBC iplayer until 26th March, and the Doctor Who segment may also be viewed from the CBBC website

Friday 19 March 2010

BBC Press Pack: Doctor Who - an introduction

The BBC have now released a press pack for the new series of Doctor Who ...

Matt Smith, The Doctor

It may be the eleventh time an actor has taken on the iconic role of the Doctor but Matt Smith hasn't let that stand in his way of creating his very own vision for the world-famous character. Here the star of Party Animals and Moses Jones explains what it was like to land one of the biggest roles in television and talks about his dream trip in the TARDIS.

"It was quite weird news to receive" says Matt Smith, the youngest actor to play the title role of hit Sci-Fi show Doctor Who.

"I mean at that point it was a piece of information I couldn't share with anyone so it didn't feel tangible, but needless to say I was very pleased."

"I actually ended up walking around London listening to Sinatra on my iPod," laughs the 27-year-old as he tries to explain the moment he found out he had won the much coveted role of the Doctor.

"Funnily enough my mum had texted me to say she thought I should play the Doctor a week before my agent asked me to audition so she was delighted I got the part. I was also abroad when it was announced on the BBC and my phone went mad – the bill was enormous!"

Spanning five decades, Doctor Who has been a part of British culture for nearly 50 years. Since its successful return in 2005 both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant have played the title role and made their own mark on the eccentric Time Lord. Now it's Matt's turn to give his own portrayal of the iconic character; a challenge which some young actors may have shied away from.

"I think these things are only as intimidating as you allow them to be," explains Matt.

"It's a real privilege to join such a successful show; it's a bit like joining Man Utd. It's good to be part of something strong and long may it continue. Plus, I couldn't have inherited the role from a nicer man. I guess it's like anything really, the more you do something the less daunting and intimidating it becomes."

However, Matt admits his first day of filming, which took place on a beach in wet and windy conditions, was both daunting and challenging.

"It was very tough because we were up against the tide and could only film until 3.00pm," reveals Matt.

"It felt like being in a twilight zone because there were so many people watching and dozens of paparazzi around! It was nice that Karen was there as well though," he continues, "because we were both going through the same experience. We were also surrounded by Doctor Who fans and every time I had to nip to the toilet they followed me. I've now learnt this is the norm on Doctor Who!"

Central to the story is the TARDIS which transports The Doctor across time and space to a wonderful array of worlds and universes. The TARDIS is a living creature and regenerates along with the Doctor in the opening episode of the new series. The details of the new TARDIS will remain an on-screen surprise for viewers but Matt confesses he was like a boy in a sweet shop when he first set foot in it.

"It's like a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche all moulded into one!" exclaims the excited actor.

"It's so incredible because the TARDIS is an icon of our cultural history and suddenly I'm the one who's flying it. I am quite clumsy though so I kept breaking parts of the console and the poor production team had to keep fixing it," chuckles Matt.

"But the TARDIS is a magic concept and it provides a constant source of wonderment and adventure for both the Doctor and the viewers."

But where would he like the TARDIS to take him if he could go anywhere?

"I would definitely travel back in time to see the dinosaurs and then I'd get the TARDIS to take me to the bottom of the sea to the lost city of Atlantis," says Matt.

"I'd also like to go back in time and hang out with Sinatra for a bit but if I could star alongside anyone in Doctor Who it would have to be Eric Cantona. He's a legend and he dabbles in acting now so you never know, it could happen!"

There have been 10 previous incarnations of the Doctor, each with their own traits and quirks, but what can viewers expect from this bow-tie wearing Doctor?

"He is still the same man but I think my Doctor is a bit more reckless; he's a thrill seeker and addicted to time travel," reveals Matt.

"He is the mad buffoon genius who saves the world because he's got a great heart, spirit and soul but he also doesn't suffer fools. I hope all of these things come across but I think I've also injected a bit of my own personality into the role. I also helped choose the Doctor's costume which was great fun. Steven Moffat was very keen the outfit isn't seen as the overriding factor of the Doctor's personality but we still needed to find something that felt right. We tried on lots of things but kept reaching a dead end and we dismissed a number of items including a long leather coat, a long blue coat and some short punky stuff! But then one day I brought in my braces and a tweed jacket and it went from there. Soon we had the whole outfit although something still felt like it was missing and I asked if I could try on a bow tie – at that point the execs all bowed their heads in concern but luckily when I tried it on we agreed it worked and it has sort of become the signature of my Doctor now."

Joining the Doctor on his adventures throughout time and space is new Companion Amy Pond played by red-headed beauty Karen Gillan and Matt admits the pair of them found it difficult to remain serious when filming scenes together.

"I always used to look forward to us being in make-up together, we would just make each other crack up. I think that's important because it forms part of the energy of the show," explains Matt.

"I also think the Doctor and Amy share a slightly mad relationship; she's a handful and he likes the fact she challenges him and can sometimes act a bit bonkers. The way they are introduced to each other is truly magical and they form a deep affinity for one another."

Throughout this series Amy and the Doctor go on some truly extraordinary adventures including travelling to 16th century Venice, exploring France during the 1890s and visiting the United Kingdom in the far future, now an entire nation floating in space.

However, the Doctor's enemies are never far behind him, including old nemeses the Daleks and Weeping Angels, plus new monsters such as alien vampires, humanoid reptiles and a silent menace that follows the Doctor and Amy wherever they go.

"I loved filming the vampire stuff in Croatia which doubled up for Venice," reveals Matt.

"I had to climb a huge bell tower with a rain machine pummelling water at me. It was freezing cold but I absolutely loved it! I also enjoyed filming part of episode 10 when I was yanked through the air on a harness after being hit by an invisible monster. However, my favourite scene to film was in episode one when I ate fish fingers and custard with Amelia. Luckily they were actually breaded cakes so it wasn't quite as bad as it sounds. I had to eat a lot of them but it was an enchanting scene so it was worth it."

But what is it about Doctor Who that has turned it into a cultural phenomenon spanning five decades of British TV?

Matt thinks he has the answer: "The idea is magic. Time travel and the TARDIS are just brilliant concepts and within the context of television it gives writers the opportunity to pen amazing stories because they have the scope to go anywhere and do anything. Doctor Who is infinite in its orbit and imagination and so it has fulfilled audiences' desires throughout the decades and will hopefully continue to do so in the future."

Karen Gillan, Amy Pond

The regenerations of the Doctor are a staple part of the mythology of Doctor Who, but across the past five decades there has been another constant in the series; the changing faces of his companion. Now, as Inverness-born Karen Gillan becomes the latest actress to join the Doctor in the TARDIS, we find out her thoughts on landing one of the most enviable roles in British television and making her mum cry...

"It was one of the strangest experiences ever; it was a really weird feeling!" exclaims Karen Gillan about her casting as Amy Pond.

"I found out on the day of my second audition with Matt, so at least I didn't have a really long wait. It just didn't feel real, and I couldn't believe it!"

But auditioning for Doctor Who is unlike any other audition for the excitable, down to earth actress: "I knew that the audition was for the part of the Companion, but I wasn't allowed to tell anyone about it. They even had a code name for the role because it was so top secret. The code name was 'Panic Moon'; an anagram of Companion which I thought was really clever."

Even after Karen discovered she had been cast as Amy Pond the veil of secrecy was not lifted: "I wasn't allowed to tell anyone that I got the part but my boyfriend was with me when I found out so there was rather a lot of screaming!

"I decided not to tell my parents as I didn't want to spoil the surprise but when I finally did tell them I made a special day of it and my mum took a day off work. She just couldn't believe it when I told her. She was doing the dishes and she literally stopped in her tracks and cried. She's a huge fan of the show, has been a fan for years. She even has Dalek bubble bath at home!"

However, when the BBC announced her casting Karen was just as curious as her parents to find out what reaction she's get from the fans.

"I couldn't resist it; I couldn't stop myself from having a look online to see what people thought," laughs Karen.

"Although after a while it all got a bit strange seeing people talking about me so I had to stop and I haven't looked since!"

Part of the interest in Karen was due to her being a relative newcomer to the industry, so how would she explain her life so far to the public?

"I'm from Inverness in Scotland, right up in the highlands. When I was 16 I moved to Edinburgh to study acting and I stayed there for a year, then at 17 I decided to move to London to continue my acting career," she reveals. "I also did a little bit of modelling for two years which I enjoyed. I met some great people and it was a really fantastic experience."

As the countdown to the new series starts, Karen is determined not to allow the intense interest in the show to distract her.

"There is no other show that brings the same level of interest and hype or frenzy around it. I don't think it's really registered with me yet although I'm sure it will do when it gets closer to transmission. But mainly it's just great to know there are loads of people that are interested in the show and care about it. I think the best thing for me is to concentrate on doing the job well."

Karen's first day of filming the series was made even more memorable by her first encounter with the one thing which, more than any other, represents the show.

"It was great having the TARDIS there. It felt quite strange to see it on a beach in Wales; it's such a beautiful and iconic thing."

But seeing the exterior of the TARDIS still couldn't prepare Karen for the moment when she first entered the blue box, as she explains: "I was in awe of the whole thing. I'd seen the old one so much on TV and then I walked into the new one and it was breathtaking; just the sheer scale of it. It was so exciting. I thought to myself that I had to remember that moment for when Amy walked into it for the first time."

Since Doctor Who's return in 2005, there have been a number of memorable Companions for the Doctor. How does Karen feel Amy compares to those that have gone before?

"Well, for a start Steven Moffat has written a brilliant character. I do think Amy is different from previous Companions because she's very equal to the Doctor. She doesn't take his word as gospel and she's always happy to challenge him. If he tells her to do something then she won't necessarily do it, she might go off and do her own thing which can sometimes create a rift between the two of them! They are best pals though and it's a very up and down relationship because they are both very passionate people."

So is it fair to say that we will see some conflict between Amy and The Doctor?

"The Doctor is definitely an alpha male and Amy is an alpha female, so when they meet, they combust. They have quite a turbulent relationship but it's also really passionate and they care about each other. Amy can really hold her own against him and Steven's written some great one-liners. It's a great relationship."

As soon as the series started filming and Karen was pictured in the media it became clear that Amy Pond has a very unique style. So how involved was Karen in the sartorial choices?

"I think it's quite important that I feel like her when I wear the clothes. So I worked quite closely with the costume designer, Ray and also the producers, to come up with the signature Amy look. They were generally vintage clothes, but we tried to incorporate high street styles as well because Amy is young. I think naturally there is going to be some of me in her style, as I relate to Amy and we are the same age as each other."

And Karen feels Matt Smith, as the youngest actor ever to play the Doctor, has risen to the challenge admirably.

"I think Steven said it perfectly; Matt manages to be old and young at the same time," explains Karen.

"That's the great thing about the Doctor; he has the energy and mischief of a young child as well as the wisdom, age and intelligence of someone a lot older. Also, with Matt's performance in particular, he's so believable that he isn't human. He has all these things that he does that make you really believe he is an alien or a Time Lord you're drawn in by that."

However, as well as working with Matt, the series has also given Karen the opportunity to work with a spectacular array of guest stars.

"That's the fantastic thing about Doctor Who, you get the most amazing people coming in as guest stars. I got to work with incredible actors; Alex Kingston is back as River Song and she's a legend! I'm managing to learn so much from all of these people. I feel privileged and I'm always trying to pick up tips from them."

Is there anyone who hasn't been in the series as yet that Karen would love to work with?

"As a Scot, I have to say that Billy Connolly would be really great and really funny. It would also be amazing to have someone like Judi Dench to come in and play a character. That would be mind blowing!"

If Karen were in Amy's place and could commandeer the TARDIS for a day, where would be her first stop?

"I would like to go millions of years into the future to see how people have changed and what technology we have come up with. Also, it would be really interesting to see how far humans have advanced physically. There is this theory that people are going to get really frail and skinny with big heads because they only use their brains and not their body. If I was going to go into the past then I think it would definitely be to see Elvis in concert or visit Gracelands."

There is one question which will be asked more than any other in the coming months and Karen is unequivocal in her answer; who is Karen's favourite Doctor?

"That's simple. Matt."

Steven Moffat, Head Writer

Steven Moffat is a BAFTA-award winning writer whose career in television has spanned more than twenty years and produced some of the UK's best-loved television dramas in that time. But more than that, he is a Doctor Who fan who has just been handed his dream job: being in charge of the world's most iconic drama series.

"I suppose I could say the reason I started working in TV is because I was such a huge fan of Doctor Who," explains Steven.

"I was absolutely fascinated and thrilled by the show. I wanted to know how the TARDIS disappeared, how all the special effects worked and why the Doctor changed. As a viewer you want to know why he looks different; it's a show that compels you to look behind the scenes. In fact, over the years I think I've bought every single issue of Doctor Who Magazine since it launched."

But there was a long period when Doctor Who was not on screen; did Steven ever worry that he wouldn't get the opportunity to achieve his lifelong ambition and write for the show?

"I tumbled through the door of children's TV, became quite a cool children's TV writer for about 48 seconds in 1989 and they basically axed Doctor Who that day!" says Steven with a chuckle. "After 26 years, just when I thought I'd finally get to write for the show, I missed out by an afternoon."

However, fate was obviously on Steven's side and in 2005 Doctor Who was resurrected and has become one of the biggest shows on UK television under the guidance of Russell T Davies.

"The transition has been strange and has lasted a long time for me; since I first got an email from Russell about the job in fact," explains the Paisley born writer.

"We've been saying goodbye to each other for two and a half years now – we'd really better stop before one of us drops dead in a desperate bid for closure. I hugely enjoyed working with Russell and every time I came back to Doctor Who during those years it was an absolute treat. I knew this job was going to be difficult; I was never under any illusion about it. I could see that Russell was getting tired and he has acknowledged he is a workaholic. I've managed to take up workaholism, but it never sits quite as easy with me."

The actual moment of regeneration was, of course, the pinnacle of that transition and Steven's first chance to write for the new Doctor.

"It was Russell's courtesy to allow me to write Matt's first scene when the regeneration happened and he was adamant about that. He's a fan like I am and he'll always be motivated by that. He wouldn't like to think as a member of the audience that the old writer had written the new Doctor. In our heads that's where the new era begins, that's what matters to us."

Doctor Who has already had multiple incarnations on television, so casting the perfect actor for the lead role presented some interesting debates.

"I had a clear idea, which actually turned out to be the absolute opposite of what we ended up doing – which always happens when you get the casting right," reveals Steven.

"I actually remember at the beginning of the process when I got a little bit cross whilst looking at the list of actors as it was full of people in their twenties. I said to everyone that we couldn't have a Doctor who is 27. My idea was that the person was going to be between 30–40 years old, young enough to run but old enough to look wise. Then, of course, Matt Smith comes through the door and he's odd, angular and strange looking. He doesn't come across as being youthful at all, in the most wonderful way."

But alongside the new Doctor is a brand new Companion, played by Scottish actress Karen Gillan. What was it about her that made her perfect for the role?

"The challenge with casting the Companion is that there are only so many people that would actually go through those blue doors. It has to be someone that loves adventure and doesn't quite feel at home with where they are," explains Steven.

"They have to be a feisty, fun-loving and gutsy person – and now we've got Karen Gillan. She was just exactly right for the role despite inhabiting Amy Pond in a way that was quite different from how I originally wrote the part."

An inevitable question that will be asked of the new series is how it differs from those that have gone before.

"I've never done anything differently, at least not deliberately," says Steven. "I just try and think of all the best and maddest Doctor Who stories I want to watch, and get them made – there are worse ways to make a living. You could say that I'm more into the clever plots; I like the big twists and the sleight of hand. I like playing around with time-travel but I don't think it should be at the front of Doctor Who in every episode.

"However, I do think it should happen more often and reinforce the fact he has an odd relationship with time. For example, no one is ever dead to him. He can't say 'I knew Winston Churchill', he'd say 'I know Winston Churchill'. Everyone in the whole universe is still alive to him and he has no sense of time passing. I find that all fascinating. If you look at the stories I've written so far I suppose I might be slightly more at the fairytale and Tim Burton end of Doctor Who, whereas Russell is probably more at the blockbuster and Superman end of the show."

But what does Steven feel is the most important ingredient to Doctor Who?

"I think it is centrally vital for Doctor Who that at its heart and in its soul it is a children's programme. Not one that excludes adults, but one that welcomes them in. But when Doctor Who is really working, when it really delivers, the entire audience is eight years old – whatever age they started out!"

Despite the lengthy transition, there finally came the day when all of the hard work was realised; the first day of filming of the new series.

"By accident it was the most magical beginning. We went down onto this perfect, white beach," reveals Steven. "The TARDIS and our two main characters were there and we could just see that blue rectangle facing us. It was like a stamp stuck on a picture, it was so perfect! I remember walking down thinking this is properly magical; we're not starting with some secondary characters that end up getting killed by an electric slug, or something. We're actually starting with the Doctor and the Companion stepping out of the TARDIS talking to River Song."

Steven has, in the past, described the TARDIS as the best storytelling and plot device that there is. But if he had his own, where would he choose to go?

"I have no real desire to go anywhere else because I'm genuinely so happy with my life the way it is at the moment. I'd probably like to go to the future but stay away from libraries in case I found out when I died; that would be a bit miserable. I'd like to see what the toys and gadgets are in the future and all the fun I'm going to miss out on. But most of all, I'd like to know who's playing the Doctor!"

So, as a life-long Doctor Who fan, who is his favourite Doctor?

"The one with the two hearts that travels in the TARDIS... and word on the street is, he's never looked finer."

The Production Team

A new Doctor, Companion and Showrunner have heralded a year of changes for Doctor Who, but it doesn't end there. Piers Wenger and Beth Willis have taken on Executive Producer duties, alongside Steven Moffat, from the outgoing Doctor Who team of Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Here they reveal the challenges they have faced with taking on such a hugely successful series and why it's so important for Doctor Who to evolve.

"It has definitely been a big challenge taking on this show because we love it so much and why tinker with something that has been as popular, successful and brilliant as it has been?" says executive producer Beth Willis.

"But at the same time we are terribly aware we have to look forward and work out how the show is going to survive in the future. In 2005 the team looked at what was fresh and new then and we have to do a bit of that ourselves. Looking at the episodes we've filmed so far we're starting to see the impact of those changes; what the team has managed to achieve is pretty thrilling."

Fellow Executive Producer and Head of Drama for BBC Wales, Piers Wenger, agrees and adds: "The thing which is most important to us is telling a good story at the end of the day; that's always the thing the audience is going to be most demanding about. Beyond that, any changes we have made have been motivated by giving the show the best production values money can buy. It's the nation's favourite, and that means it deserves the best."

The advances in technology over the past five years have inevitably enabled the programme makers to use more sophisticated techniques and create awe-inspiring visual effects. However, a new lead writer and Doctor are undoubtedly what viewers will feel mark the dawn of a new era for the hit series.

"The fact we have Steven Moffat writing it and Matt Smith starring in it gives the show an inevitable element of change," explains Beth.

"However, the one thing that hasn't made us scared about this change was reading Steven's scripts. I felt deeply honoured and excited to be in a position to be working with such great scripts. It doesn't really matter what colour you use, where the camera is or how you position a light; Steven and Matt are brilliant which has made mine and Piers' job much easier."

However, production wasn't without its challenges as Piers points out: "It is the biggest show on British TV in terms of the level of technical expertise everyone has to be versed in. There were new challenges for Beth and I as we had limited experience in dealing with prosthetics and complex CGI. However, I think the biggest challenge was to move everything forward and making the right calls on what to change and what not to.

"Doctor Who's audience is an incredibly loyal and passionate one and one of the show's biggest advantages is that it takes you to new worlds every week. Bringing it back with a new writer and leading man after all its success so far, we couldn't be modest in our ambitions to find new ways for the show to thrill people."

Renowned as the most dedicated and passionate fans in the world, it seems Whovians certainly have a lot to look forward to in 2010. But would Piers and Beth consider themselves part of the loyal following?

"Steven, myself and Piers were some of the most excited people in the country when we found out Doctor Who was coming back in 2005. Well, in truth, Steven was probably the most excited, but Piers and I weren't that far behind him!" laughs Beth.

"I've always been a fan and I was even accused at the age of eight of shoplifting a copy of Doctor Who Magazine from my local newsagents – completely wrongly I hasten to add," confesses Piers. "I was accused of it probably because I was in there all the time reading them!"

But how would the duo sum up their experience of reinventing Doctor Who for 2010?

Beth simply states: "There have been loads of challenges, but let's face it, it's been a really exciting show to work on. We've got a fantastic cast, we're got a fantastic writer and a fantastic team and we've just kind of dived in at the deep end and had a ball!"