Friday 4 June 2010

Article roundup 4th June 2010

Richard Curtis continues to be centre of attention for this week's episode, and reviews continue for City of the Daleks. Meanwhile, Titan repackage a couple of comic strips into a new US Torchwood Comic.

Vincent and the Doctor
BBC News(3rd) - Richard Curtis told to redraft Doctor Who script
Digital Spy(3rd) - Curtis, Gillan on 'Vincent and the Doctor' (video)
Digital Spy(3rd) - Richard Curtis praises 'Who' dynamic
SFX(3rd) - Doctor Who Interview: Richard Curtis
SFX(3rd) - Vincent & The Doctor Spoiler Free Preview
Contact Music(3rd) - Love Actually - Curtis Ordered To Re-Write Doctor Who Episode
Female First(3rd) - Richard Curtis' Family Who
Belfast Telegraph(2nd) - Curtis: I 'redrafted' Doctor Who

Series Coverage
CBBC(3rd) - Star give hints of Doctor Who finale
Digital Spy(3rd) - Gillan promises emotional 'Who' finale
Digital Spy(3rd) - Karen Gillan 'thrilled with Who reaction'

Series Coverage (USA)
The Brooklyn Rail(3rd) - The Earth will die screaming

The Adventure Games
Digital Spy(3rd) - Second 'Doctor Who' game episode named?

io9(3rd) - John Barrowman writes his own Captain Jack adventure
Digital Spy(3rd) - Titan launches US 'Torchwood' comic
Coventry Telegraph(3rd) - John Barrowman teams up with artist for new Torchwood comic
Pop Culture Zoo(3rd) - ‘Torchwood’ Comic Details Announced

Journal Sentinel(3rd) - Authors celebrate 'Doctor Who' (Chicks Dig Time Lords)
TV Shows on DVD(2nd) - BBC/Warner provides corrected box art for Planet of Fire

Irish Times(4th) - Far from the Tardis (Noel Clarke)
Digital Spy(3rd) - Gillan proposed to by 'Doctor Who' fan

Guardian(1st) - Manuel Alvarado (Author, The Unfolding Text)

SFX(3rd) - BLOG Spin-offs and novelisations
Yorkshire Evening Post(3rd) - RETRO: Thatcher tri-umphs