Thursday 3 June 2010

Article roundup 3rd June 2010

The BBC downloadable game City of the Daleks is now available in the UK, a little earlier than expected! Media coverage is in this separate article. Meanwhile, BBC Worldwide have recruited for a new Doctor Who publicity drive, whist Richard Curtis is generating his own for the forthcoming episode! And Karen Gillan warns of a weepy end to the series ...

Vincent and the Doctor
BBC News(3rd) - Richard Curtis on writing an episode of Dr Who (video)
BBC Radio One(3rd) - Richard Curtis pens Doctor Who Van Gogh special
The Sun(3rd) - Beeb didn't Actually Love Curtis script
Digital Spy(2nd) - Curtis wrote 'Who' with children
Digital Spy(2nd) - Gallery: 'Vincent and the Doctor'
Digital Spy(2nd) - Curtis: 'I redrafted Doctor Who episode'
TV Overmind(2nd) - Photos – Doctor Who 5.10 "Vincent and the Doctor"
Wales Online(2nd) - Richard Curtis 'redrafted' episode of Doctor Who
Press Association(2nd) - Curtis: I 'redrafted' Doctor Who
Teen Today(2nd) - We’ve seen this Saturday’s Dr Who… can you decipher our teasers?
BSC Review(2nd) - Video Preview: Doctor Who – Vincent and The Doctor

Cold Blood
Guardian(3rd) - TV matters: Doctor Who

Series Coverage
Press Association(3rd) - Karen Gillan's Doctor Who warning
PR Week(2nd) - BBC Worldwide Recruits Taylor Herring For Dr Who Publicity Drive

WalYou(2nd) - Doctor Who K-9: Your Everyday Robotic Canine Companion

Comic Book Resources(2nd) - Straight for the art | Roger Langridge draws Doctor Who
Shadowlocked(2nd) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Fury From The Deep

Passing Mention
Independent(3rd) - Dispatches from the Blitz: Why Peter Ritchie Calder was a true war hero