Saturday 5 June 2010

Article roundup 5th June 2010

City of the Daleks continues to get coverage, but with it being unavailable outside the UK warnings have gone out about file-sharing sites having Trojan versions to break PC security. And more awards to come perhaps in the Television Critics Association awards.

Vincent and the Doctor
Seyoh(5th) - Doctor Who Season 5 Episode 10 Vincent and the Doctor
Guardian(5th) - Watch this at the weekend
Daemons TV(4th) - DOCTOR WHO "Vincent and the Doctor" Season 5 Episode 10
Anglotopia(4th) - This Week in Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor
Guardian(4th) - Doctor Who: art imitates life

Series Coverage
The Sun(4th) - Karen: Finale will be weepy

Future Series Coverage
DNA India(5th) - Doctor Who set to face Lady Gaga?

Series Coverage (Canada)
Vancouver Sun(5th) - Just what the Doctor ordered
Calgary Herald(5th) - Doctor Who gets heartfelt

Series Coverage (USA)
Time Out(5th) - What’s on TV Tonight: June 5
Sci-Fi Wire(4th) - Here's our Summer TV Mega Preview of 40 sci-fi shows and movies
Geeks(4th) - Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice

City of the Daleks
PC Magazine(4th) - Watch Out for Daleks, Sunbelt Advises (Trojan versions)
PC Magazine(4th) - Daleks Attack Your PC! (Except in UK)

Pink Paper(4th) - Barrowman set for Torchwood comic book comeback
Digital Spy(4th) - John Barrowman - the comic

Variety(5th) - Brit TV shows arrive live

IGN(4th) - Television Critics Association Awards

FT Advisor(4th) - LIA president and Doctor Who's Battersby dies (Jonathan Battersby)

Mirror(5th) - Pimp your shed: You wooden believe what these shed owners have done to theirs
Times Educational Supplement(5th) - Climate Change Time-Line
Sci-Fi Wire(4th) - 23 hot, creepy or weird sci-fi creatures humans have had sex with

Related News
Financial Times(4th) - British television drama