Saturday 26 June 2010

UK Radio/Television Coverage, 22nd-25th June 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television/radio over the last week.

Media Coverage

The 5'O Clock Show, C4, Tuesday 22nd June, ~5:15pm
Nadia Wadia and Tim Piggott-Smith guest on the show, and each briefly commented on their respective appearances in Doctor Who.
Available on 4od (11:00) until 21st July

This Morning, ITV1, Wednesday 23rd June, 12:20pm
Discussion on the upcoming finale of Doctor Who.

GMTV: Lorraine Kelly, ITV1, Thursday 24th June, 9:18am
Olivia Coleman was a guest, and briefly chatted about her appearance in The Eleventh Hour, how she enjoyed seeing the new TARDIS set and meeting the new Daleks, but how her children are too young to appreciate it!

BBC Wales Today, BBC1 Wales, Thursday 24th June, ~6:45pm
Report off work beginning on the new BBC Studios at Cardiff Docks, with press event including a Dalek and robot from SJA!

GMTV: Talking Telly, ITV1, Friday 25th June, 8:24am
Richard Arnold previews Saturday's Doctor Who.

Breakfast, BBC1, Friday 25th June, 8:56am
Neil Gaiman was a guest, and skirts around answering questions about his story for the sixth season of Doctor Who.

This Morning, ITV1, Friday 25th June, ~11:45am
Alison Hammond interviews Matt Smith.


Doctor Who
1. The Eleventh Hour (SD/HD)
2. The Beast Below (SD/HD)
3. Victory of the Daleks (SD/HD)
4. The Time of Angels (SD/HD)
5. Flesh and Stone (SD/HD)
6. Vampires of Venice (SD/HD)
7. Amy's Choice (SD/HD)
8. The Hungry Earth (SD/HD)
9. Cold Blood (SD/HD)
10. Vincent and the Doctor (SD/HD)
11. The Lodger (SD/HD)
12. The Pandorica Opens (SD/HD)
13. The Big Bang (SD/HD)
Available on BBC iplayer until 3rd July

Doctor Who Confidential
13. A look at the action of the finale. Matt and Karen help launch the new series in the USA.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) until 4th July

Doctor Who - The Cannabalists, BBC Radio 7
1. As robots await new organic life forms, the Doctor and Lucie must evade capture and death.
Available on BBC iplayer from 27th June until 4th July

Still Available to Watch/Listen

You Have Been Watching, C4, Thursday 27th May, ~10:05pm
Discussion on the American children's series Yo Gabba Gabba, where the character Moono is compared to Dalek anatomy!
Available on 4od (tbd) until 26th June

Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.