Saturday 26 June 2010

Article roundup 26th June 2010

The Big Bang
Metro(26th) - Doctor Who finale tonight
Digital Spy(25th) - Matt Smith teases 'Doctor Who' finale
io9(25th) - discover who's not back for Doctor Who's finale
The Sun(25th) - Doc's emotional at Who finale - Doctor Who's Big Bang Fan Theories
Unreality Shout(25th) - Doctor Who: The Big Bang, Omega and finale speculation
Anglotopia(25th) - This Week in Doctor Who
Digital Spy(24th) - Moffat 'always planned Who finale'
Unreality Shout(24th) - Two Doctors?? - Big Bang Spoiler
Digital Spy(23rd) - Steven Moffat teases 'Doctor Who' finale
Examiner(23rd) - 'Doctor Who' finale referred to as 'best yet' (video)
PR Fire(23rd) - This Weeks TV: Whats in store for Doctor Who?

Series Coverage
Helium(26th) - First impressions of Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor Who
Register(25th) - Survey scammers offer fake Doctor Who clips
The New New Internet(25th) - Scammers Look to Dr. Who for Support
Guardian(25th) - Doctor Who: a triumphant regeneration?
Digital Spy(25th) - Phil Ford chats 'Who', 'Sarah Jane'
Now Magazine(25th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan: I don't strut like Amy
Daily Mail(25th) - The Doctor's report: it's on the mend
AntiMusic(24th) - Athlete make Doctor Who history
Digital Spy(24th) - Moffat 'asked Russell T. Davies to return'
Unreality Shout(24th) - Leadworth = Dr Who Tale
Den of Geek(24th) - Why has Doctor Who become a scheduling football?
Round Town News(23rd) - Dr Who is missing a Captain

Future Series Coverage
BBC News(25th) - In pictures: BBC Wales Drama Village
South Wales Echo(25th) - Work begins on BBC studios
BBC News(24th) - Work starts on BBC Wales drama village in Cardiff Bay
Digital Spy(24th) - Steven Moffat talks 'Who' finale, future

The Pandorica Opens
In The News(25th) - Comment: Last week's TV
Watch with Mothers(24th) - Doctor Who – Series 5, Episode 12: The Pandorica Opens

Series Coverage (USA)
All Headline News(25th) - BBC America To Premiere Episodes Of "Doctor Who," "Being Human" At Comic-Con

Sarah Jane Adventures
Sarah Jane TV(23rd) - What's in a name?
TV Overmind(23rd) - Death of the Doctor

Doctor Who Adventures
Digital Spy(25th) - More 'Doctor Who' games being considered
Digital Spy(25th) - Third 'Who' game to have original monsters
Digital Spy(25th) - 'DW' games get July international release
Gamespot(25th) - Free Doctor Who games get international release, price tag
MCV(25th) - Doctor Who goes international

3News(26th) - Tardis sells for over £10,000
Contact Music(25th) - Christopher Eccleston - Dr. Who Fan Pays $15,000 For Tardis
Paul Fraser Collectibles(25th) - More peas dear?' John Major's Spitting Image puppet auctions for £3,600
Blackpool Aloud(25th) - Doctor Who Museum exhibits sold off for thousands
Digital Spy(24th) - 'Doctor Who' Tardis sold for over £10,000
Paul Fraser Collectibles(24th) - Doctor Who's TARDIS reaches its final destination for £10,800
Press Association(24th) - Doctor Who Tardis sells for £10,800

Airlock Alpha(25th) - Voting Begins For 2010 Portal Awards
Digital Spy(25th) - 'Lost' honoured at 36th Saturn Awards (also TW: COE)

Lennox Herald(25th) - Gavinburn Primary invaded by Doctor Who villains
Get Reading(24th) - Dalek invades Addington School fete
Get Bracknell(24th) - Dalek invades Addington School fete
BBC Doctor Who News(24th) - Your Chance to Meet the Monsters! (Cardiff, 26th June)
IGN(23rd) - SDCC 10: Look Around You at Comic-Con

South Wales Echo(26th) - Torchwood star Eve is honoured by her alma mater
WalesOnline(26th) - Alien-hunter Eve Myles discovers a familiar face at her old college
Belfast Telegraph(25th) - Football treat for Doctor Who star (Matt Smith)
Gaming Supermarket(25th) - Doctor Who Star Wants to be Bond Baddie
Press Association(25th) - Football treat for Doctor Who star
Bookseller(25th) - Barrowman turns to fiction for Buster Books
BBC News(25th) - Extras search for ex-Dr Who film shot in Isle of Man (David Tennant/Decoy Bride)
Digital Spy(25th) - Olivia Colman (Rev.)
The Sun(25th) - Former girlfriend pages Doctor Who (Matt Smith/Mayana Moura)
Digital Spy(24th) - Daisy Lowe 'jealous of Matt Smith's fans'
Comic Book Movie(24th) - Doctor who wants to play a Bond Villain
Comic Vine(24th) - Matt Smith Wants to be a Bond Villain
The Sun(25th) - Nice pair of PINs, Karen
Daily Mail(24th) - Where's the Tardis when you need it? Doctor Who's Karen Gillan makes a mad dash as she runs late for a casting

Crave(26th) - iPhone 4: Ten more of the best cases (TARDIS case)
TVShowsOnDVD [US](25th) - Matt Smith as 11th Doctor ... on Blu-Ray and DVD (Complete 5th Series)
Pop Matters(25th) - The Monster of Peladon' Can Be Rather 'The Phantom Menace'-Like, Only More Fun
Pop Culture Zoo(24th) - SDCC2010: Underground Toys ‘Doctor Who’ Exclusive

Tewkesbury AdMag(26th) - Mike Gatting bowled over by cricketing Daleks
Mirror(26th) - Dalek on our side
Sci-Fi Wire(25th) - 13 sci-fi gadgets that would make you live longer
The Sun(25th) - Ex-German-Ate!
Corsham People(25th) - Daleks Descend on Corsham for Dark of the Moon Fundraiser
Den of Geek(24th) - Doctor Who: 10 cliffhanger screamers
The Sun(25th) - That's sheddy workmanship!
Before Its News(24th) - Call The Doctor! Nasa Spots Dr Who's Crack In The Universe In The Middle Of The Milky Way
The Vine [AU](23rd) - Music Dump - Janelle Monae Believin' Horrifying Perry Gaga Timelords
Discovery News(23rd) - Doctor Who's 'crack in the universe' is real
flick filosopher(23rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: TARDIS spotted in 7,000-year-old cave painting?
Film School Rejects(23rd) - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks
Blogcritics(23rd) - Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who

Passing Mention
Independent(24th) - Glastonbury: the designers, artists and fabricators who help to wow the crowds.
Calgary Sun [CA](23rd) - C-3PO stars in tribute show