Tuesday 27 April 2010

UK Radio/Television Coverage, 23rd-28th April 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television/radio over the last few days.

Media Coverage

Points of View, BBC2, Sunday 25th April, ~5:15pm
Opinions are given on the newly-designed Daleks.
Available on BBC iplayer (01:35) until 2nd May

5 Live Breakfast Phone-In, BBC Radio 5 Live, Monday 26th April, ~8:20am
The BBC has said sorry after a cartoon of Graham Norton appeared over the end of Dr Who as a promo for Over the Rainbow. We hear from Simon Brew from the website Den of Geek.
Available on BBC iplayer (2:18:33) until 3rd May

Newsround, BBC1, Monday 26th April, ~5:00pm
The Newsround team are joined by Doctor Who Adventures editor Moray Laing to discuss the complaints about the animated advert in The Time of Angels.

The Vote Now Show, BBC Radio 4, Monday 26th April, ~11:00pm
Comments on Lib-Dem plans to have Graham Norton in all episodes of Doctor Who!
Available on BBC iplayer (1:40) until 3rd May

Eastenders, BBC1, Tuesday 27th April, ~7:30pm
Ricky and Charlie discuss Captain Jack and gays in Doctor Who.
Available on BBC iplayer (3:30) until 4th May

The Vote Now Show, BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 27th April, ~11:00pm
The Daleks demand Graham Norton! And let's have proper Daleks! And a bow tie!
Available on BBC iplayer (4:35/9:12/10:35) until 4th May


Doctor Who
1. The Eleventh Hour (SD/HD)
2. The Beast Below (SD/HD)
3. Victory of the Daleks (SD/HD)
4. The Time of Angels (SD/HD), from 24th April
Available on BBC iplayer until 3rd July

Doctor Who Confidential, BBC3, Saturday 24th April 2010
4. Eyes Wide Open. Behind-the-scenes series looking at the making of Doctor Who. Alex Kingston, who plays River Song, talks about the highs and lows of being suspended on wires.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) until 2nd May

Who and Me, BBC Radio 7, Sunday 25th April, 6:00-6:30pm (repeated at midnight)
5. The Doctor Who producer recalls the birth of the Time Lord's nemesis and the attributes of a time traveller's female companion.
Available on BBC iplayer until 2nd May

Doctor Who and The Brain of Morbius, BBC Radio 7
Tom Baker reads the novelisation of his adventure on the planet Karn.
iplayer: Episode Four until 28th April
iplayer: Episode Five until 29th April
iplayer: Episode Six until 29th April
iplayer: Episode Seven until 30th April
iplayer: Episode Eight until 3rd May

Doctor Who and The Creature from the Pit, BBC Radio 7
iplayer: Episode One until 4th May
iplayer: Episode Two from 28th April until 5th May
iplayer: Episode Three from 29th April until 6th May
iplayer: Episode Four from 30th April until 7th May

Still Available to Watch/Listen

You Have Been Watching, Channel 4, Thursday 15th April, ~10:05pm
Charlie Brooker and panel discuss Matt Smith's arrival in the TARDIS, last week's episode The Beast Below, sexiness in Doctor Who, and K9!
Available on 4od until 14th May

You Have Been Watching, C4, Thursday 22nd April, ~10:45pm
Charlie Brooker asks what was different about the new Daleks in last week's episode?
Available on 4od (31:20) until 21st May

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 11th April, 5:15pm
Discussion of the return of Doctor Who, specifically on the new theme tune!
Available on BBC iplayer (6:30) until 13th June

Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.