Tuesday 27 April 2010

Article roundup 27th April 2010

The Time of Angels
flick filosopher(27th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Time of Angels”
IGN(26th) - Doctor Who: "The Time of Angels" Review
t5m(26th) - Doctor Who Series 5, Episode 4 - The Time of Angels: A Review

Flesh and Stone
Den of Geek(26th) - Flesh and Stone Gallery
Pink Paper(26th) - TV: Doctor Who – Flesh and Stone
The Sun(27th) - Red alert... Amy needs a Doctor

Series Coverage
SFX(27th) - Doctor Who Episode Eight Named
Digital Spy(26th) - Q&A: Nick Briggs talks Daleks, Cybermen
Broadcast [subscription](26th) - Over 5,500 Doctor Who fans complain to BBC
Den of Geek(26th) - BBC issues sort-of-apology for Graham Norton graphic over Doctor Who
IGN(26th) - Graham Norton Ruins Doctor Who
Orange(26th) - How Graham Norton ruined Doctor Who
Seenit(26th) - BBC One should re-show Saturday’s Doctor Who, sans trailers
Seenit(25th) - Suddenly Doctor Who doesn’t seem as important to the BBC
Mirror(27th) - Thousands of Doctor Who fans complain about BBC trailer
Telegraph(27th) - BBC apologises for Graham Norton blooper during Doctor Who
Total Sci-Fi(26th) - Who fans angered by Norton’s face

Series Coverage (Australia)
DVR Playground(26th) - Today's TV Addict Top 5: Lessons American TV Can Learn From DOCTOR WHO

Spinoffs: Torchwood
Airlock Alpha(26th) - Two Strips Of Latinum: Fox Should've Accepted 'Torchwood'

Doctor Who Adventures
The Drum(26th) - Doctor Who Confidential takes a behind-the-scenes look at Sumo Digital game

Geeky Gadgets(26th) - Doctor Who Tardis Taking Cookie Jar (sic)