Saturday 17 April 2010

Article roundup 17th April 2010

The publicity for the US premier of The Eleventh Hour is on par with our coverage when the series came back! Meanwhile us in the UK can look forward to the trailer for the Doctor Who Adventures games!

Victory of the Daleks
Anglotopia(16th) - This Week in Doctor Who
Coventry Telegraph(16th) - Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks - special preview with pictures
Den of Geek(16th) - Doctor Who: Victory Of The Daleks spoiler-free review
Lancaster and Morecambe Citizen(16th) - Review: Doctor Who, BBC1
TV Overmind(16th) - Photos – Doctor Who 5.03 "Victory of the Daleks"

Series Coverage/The Eleventh Hour (USA)
Boston Herald(17th) - ‘Who’ he?
Chicago Sun Times(16th) - Q&A with the new Dr. Who: Matt Smith
Chicago Times(16th) - Sci-fi fans: 'They brought sexy back to "Dr. Who"!'
Chicago Tribune(16th) - A burning nerd question: Is the new season of 'Doctor Who' any good?
CM Bitter(16th) - The Doctor Who media blitz stops in ... Maine?
CNN(16th) - Geek Out!: The New Doctor Who
Coming Soon(16th) - Exclusive: Doctor Who Head Writer, Steven Moffat
Crave Online(16th) - Dr. Who: 'The Eleventh Hour' - Review
FOX News(16th) - Doctor Who Blasts into Strategy Room
FOX News(15th) - Doctor Who (video)
Geek Chick Daily(16th) - Meet your new Doctor
Geeks(16th) - Doctor Who – The Eleventh Hour
Hartford Courant(17th) - Doctor Who and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
IF Magazine(16th) - Ten things showrummer Steven Moffat should do now that he's in charge of Doctor Who
LAist(16th) - TV Junkie: 'Doctor Who' on Saturday
LA Times(16th) - Saturday's TV Highlights
LA Times(16th) - Never fear, ‘Doctor Who’ is here (again)
LA Times(17th) - Today's Highlights
Minneapolis Star Tribune(16th) - TV critic's picks: Sat.-Sun.
Newsarama(16th) - DR. WHO? Who Knew? Newbie Succumbs to the Charms of the Dr.
New York Magazine(16th) - Matt Smith, the New Doctor Who, Answers Your Questions
New York Times(16th) - A Brand-New Time Lord, but He Sounds Familiar
North Jersey(17th) - TV best bets: Sat., April 17
NPR(16th) - Tonight's Television
Orlando Sentinel(16th) - This weekend: a new ‘Doctor Who’
PBS(16th) - 'Doctor Who' Regenerates for a New Season
Sci-Fi Wire(16th) - 7 big changes coming to Doctor Who (spoilers!)
Spinoff Online(16th) - Doctor Who’s Matt Smith: Talking About Regeneration
Sun Times(16th) - Sci-fi fans: 'They brought sexy back to "Dr. Who"!'
Television without Pity(16th) - Mine goes to Eleven
Television without Pity(16th) - Companions travel for free
Tor(16th) - Doctor Who Is In The House
TV Guide(16th) - Hero Worship: Doctor Who and Spartacus
TV Overmind(16th) - Sneak Peeks – Doctor Who 5.03 "Victory of the Daleks"
TV Overmind(17th) - Romance for 'Doctor Who'? Matt Smith hopes not
UGO(17th) - Exclusive: Meet Doctor Who’s New Companion Karen Gillan
USA Today(16th) - This 'Doctor Who' fan's passion shows ... in scarves
USA Today(16th) - The Week in Pop: My favorite TV
Variety(16th) - Doctor Who
Wall Street Journal(15th) - 'Doctor Who' Takes America
Zap2It(16th) - 'Doctor Who': Matt Smith regenerates on American shores

Firefox News(16th) - Torchwood Season Four Begins Filming in the US (actually not!)
ATV Network(16th) - Classic Doctor Who Character heading to Sarah Jane Adventures?

The Adventure Games
MCV UK(16th) - Doctor Who game unveiled tomorrow
South Yorkshire Star(16th) - Sumo passes Dr Who test
Spong(16th) - First Doctor Who Game Footage Tomorrow
Whovian Net(16th) - First game footage to air after Victory of the Daleks!

Whovian.Net(16th) - Series 5 Volume 1 DVD/Blu-ray artwork!

Daily Mail(16th) - Who's the most stylish red-head around? Doctor's assistant Karen Gillan gives Nicola Roberts a run for her money

Portadown Times(16th) - 'Who is he?' Alliance officers ask as mystery candidate is selected to run in Upper Bann
Private Eye(16th) - Exterminate the Budget

Passing Mention
flick filosopher(16th) - question of the day: Why do the Hitler ‘Downfall’ parody rants strike such a nerve with us?
The Sun(17th) - Make a dash for it (volcano, Karen Gillan stuck in LA)