Friday 12 March 2010

Article roundup 12th March 2010

More articles on Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as publicity ramps up for the new series, including a long behind-the-scenes item in the Telegraph. Meanwhile, rumours are the Doctor will be appearing on a Nintendo near you for Christmas!

Into the Future
Telegraph(11th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith on sonic screwdrivers, Steven Moffat and following David Tennant
Digital Spy(11th) - Matt Smith: 'I helped dress my Doctor'
BBC Radio One(11th) - Doctor Who girl 'completely nervous' about series debut
Highland News(11th) - Dr Who's new girl – in Gucci!
In The News(11th) - New Doctor Who assistant: Matt Smith is "completely incredible"
Anglophenia(11th) - Matt Smith's Doctor: "A Bit Like Tom Baker Minus the Scarf"
Coventry Telegraph(11th) - Writer Justin knows all the secrets of Matt Smith's Doctor Who (Justin Richards/Books)

Digital Spy(12th) - 'Sarah Jane' exec talks series four, five (Nikki Wilson)

Digital Journal(12th) - Doctor Who set for WonderCon sneak peek
Screen Rant(11th) - Doctor Who U.S. Premiere At Wonder Con
New Tee Vee(11th) - Doctor Who Getting Early Online Debut in Australia, Thanks to iView
C21Media(11th) - BBC America accepts dual challenge

Weston and Somerset Mercury(11th) - Doctor Who in town (Colin Baker at "Stars of Time")

The Sun(12th) - Doctor Wii (Nintendo Game)
ATV Network(12th) - BBC Worldwide developing Doctor Who game?
Guardian(12th) - Doctor Who's regeneration game
TV Shows on DVD(11th) - Doctor Who - long delay before an animated 10th Doctor takes us to Dreamland (USA)
Seenit(11th) - BBC Audiobooks release Tennant’s Final Doctor Who story

Adelaide Now(11th) - Television looks to the past for future programming
MedPage Today(11th) - Bones, Crusher, and Who
Guardian(10th) - Why does the Doctor always regenerate as a Time Lord, not a Time Lady? (letter)