Thursday 11 March 2010

Article roundup 11th March 2010

Bernard Cribbins for the Doctor - oh we could wish!

Into the Future
Digital Spy(10th) - Moffat talks Smith's first 'Who' scene (video)
Metro(10th) - Bernard Cribbins' Who ambitions
Press Association(10th) - Bernard Cribbins' Who ambitions

Rutherglen Reformer(11th) - Time travel for Rutherglen writer Andrew (Andrew Smith/Full Circle)
NewsOK(11th) - Happy Birthday, John Barrowman
Daily Mail(10th) - 'My hair is completely white', reveals John Barrowman as he admits dyeing it black

Blogcritics(10th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: Dalek War

The National [AE](10th) - My Dr Who dream: useless but oh, so desirable (pinball machine)

Passing Mention
Guardian(10th) - The great Hollyoaks cull of 2010 (character turnover)
BBC News(10th) - Wider faces in men are deemed 'not as trustworthy'