Thursday 4 February 2010

Article roundup 4th February 2010

The names for the first three episodes for the first Matt Smith series have now been formally announced in DWM, though this didn't stop BBC Wiltshire publishing them in passing in their Stonehenge location report a day beforehand! For more details on the episodes see the Doctor Who News page.

Filming Reports
The Sun(4th) - It's Who ... and the stones
BBC Wiltshire(3rd) - Filming: Doctor Who at Stonehenge
SFX(3rd) - Doctor Who Stonehenge Filming Pics

The Sun(4th) - Doctor's Bill for Richard
io9(3rd) - Doctor Who And V Actors Rumored To Return
Coventry Telegraph(3rd) - Patrick Stewart rules out roles in X-Men: First Class and Doctor Who
The Daily Star(2nd) - Okonedo to star in Doctor Who?

General Series News
Den of Geek(4th) - Doctor Who series 5 news round-up
Digital Spy(3rd) - First Smith 'Doctor Who' titles confirmed
SFX(3rd) - First Three Doctor Who Episode Titles Revealed
The Daily Star(2nd) - Doctor Who to have two assistants
STV(3rd) - Doctor Two

Pop Matters(4th) - Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars
iF Magazine(3rd) - What iF Picks: Doctor Who - The Complete Specials
Hollywood Chicago(3rd) - Blu-Ray Review: Great Box Set of ‘Doctor Who: The Complete Specials’
The Daily Star(1st) - Doctor Who enters computer game world

Salford Star(3rd) - Christopher Eccleston for Salford MP
This is London(3rd) - Steve Coogan and David Tennant battle it out at pub quiz
Monsters & Critics(3rd) - David Tennant battles Steve Coogan in pub quiz for charity

Independent(3rd) - Donald Pickering: Character actor who played three roles in 'Dr Who' and Douglas Hurd in 'Who Bombed Birmingham?'
Kilkenny People(5th) - Martin Grace – Kilkenny's James Bond – dies aged 67

Easier Travel(3rd) - Beware of dark forces at the Heritage Motor Centre (21st Feb, Gaydon)
Shropshire Star(3rd) - Film stars at county convention (20th Feb, Midlands Movie Comic Media Expo)

Topless Robot(3rd) - The 10 Most Essential Cookbooks in the Nerd Kitchen (Doctor Who Cookbook at #3)

Passing Mention
After Elton(3rd) - Interview: Move Over, Captain Jack. There's a New Gay in the Galaxy Named Sam Adama.
Devon 24(3rd) - Budleigh churchgoers praised for Haiti fundraising efforts
Croatian Villas(3rd) - Tourists in Croatia 'to watch Knightley make new film'