Wednesday 3 February 2010

Article roundup 3rd February 2010

On television, Peter Davison appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV1, 5:00pm, 2nd), during which he was asked about the possibility of a reunion between all the remaining Doctors - full details on the Doctor Who News page.

Also, congratulations are in order to actress Carey Mulligan, arguably the best non-companion for the Doctor in the recent series, for her oscar nomination - good luck to her!

The Eleventh Doctor Era
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io9(2nd) - Plus Bill Nighy's Casting Confirms A Doctor Who Plot Twist
Easy Croatian(Feb) - "We caught up with Dario Susanj, a PR professional based in Zagreb" (talk of Doctor Who in Croatia)

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Telegraph(2nd) - Carey Mulligan - the new 'Audrey Hepburn' (oscar nomination)
Registan(2nd) - Doctor Who? Craig Murray (David Tennant in Murder in Samarkand)
Telegraph(2nd) - David Tennant to play former ambassador Craig Murray in new BBC Radio 4 play

411mania(3rd) - Top 10 Television Shows That Should Be Video Games!

Passing Mention
Cornell Daily Sun(2nd) - The Longest, Most Comprehensive, Mid-Season TV Recap That I Have Ever Written (David Tennant mention)
The Spoof(2nd) - Clare Short Attends UK Iraq Inquiry (Tom Baker costume mention)
Top 10 Mobile Phones(2nd) - Top Trumps hits iphones (mention of no Doctor Who trumps yet)