Monday 15 February 2010

Article roundup 15th February 2010

An off-the-cuff comment by Sylvester McCoy on 'political agenda' during his time on the show seems to have set off a right media scramble - the Times started it (and got a mention on BBC Breakfast), and the other big-weights have weighed in their opinions today! It's a non-story - Who fans have known this for years! - but with an election looming the papers seem to like anything 'controversial'; other media reports talk about celebrity endorsements of political parties (including David Tennant). 

Meanwhile, Matt Smith is one of the top ten sci-fi hunks for the winter ...

Politics in 80s Doctor Who
The Times(14th) - Doctor Who in war with Planet Maggie
The Telegraph(14th) - Doctor Who 'had anti-Thatcher agenda'
The Telegraph(15th) - Thatcher-bashing Lefties didn't ruin Doctor Who – its silliness is apolitical
The Telegraph(15th) - Doctor Who: Invasion of the Nags
The Register(15th) - Doctor Who attempted to overthrow Thatcher
The Guardian(15th) - 'Doctor Who tried to exterminate Thatcher'
Western Mail(15th) - Dr Who reveals ‘political messages’ in 1980s scripts
Daily Mail(15th) - BBC scriptwriters tried to use Doctor Who to bring down Margaret Thatcher
Daily Mail(15th) - Just Who is he kidding? (response to Sylvester McCoy)

Biz Asia(13th) - Nina Wadia to play evil character in 'Dr Who'
What's on TV(13th) - EastEnders' Nina to play Doctor Who villain
Digital Spy(13th) - Wadia lands role as 'Dr Who' adversary
Digital Journal(13th) - EastEnders’ Nina set for Doctor Who baddie role

SFX(14th) - Win limited edition Doctor Who collectable coins
411Mania(14th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials DVD Review 
DVD Times(13th) - Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora

Coventry Telegraph(15th) - Madonna to direct Wallis Simpson biopic - with David Tennant as King Edward?
Metro(15th) - Madonna to direct Wallis Simpson film
Digital Spy(14th) - Madonna to direct Wallis Simpson movie
Show and Stay(15th) - Whatsonstage Awards Announced (John Barrowman, Best Takeover in a Role)
Daily Mail(13th) - CRAIG MURRAY: My story's about torture, car chases, sex and an evil tyrant... No wonder they called in Doctor Who

Den of Geek(15th) - Doctor Who news round-up: villains, opening episode, and anti-Thatcher?
Seattle Post Intellingencer(15th) - What's Next? David Tennant and Doctor Who
Digital Spy(14th) - 'Doctor Who's Product Placements
Sci-Fi Wire(11th) - Your picks for this winter's 10 hottest sci-fi hunks (John Barrowman and Matt Smith on list)

Passing Mention
Telegraph(15th) - Political parties fight for celebrity vote
Guardian(14th) - Parties in pre-election battle to sign up stars