Saturday 13 February 2010

Article roundup 13th February 2010

Plenty more media coverage on returning monsters, and the Sun today suggests another 'monster' to scare the Doctor in Eastenders star Nina Wadia! Meanwhile, Joseph Paterson mentions the Doctor casting rumours, whilst John Barrowman is apparently suggested to play Superman!

Into the Future
The Sun(12th) - Look Who's back to see the Doctor (monster news)
STV(12th) - Doctor Who's enemy returns
Guardian(12th) - David Tennant might be glad he's leaving now ... (monster news)
On The Box(12th) - ***** return to Doctor Who
Digital Spy(12th) - ***** to return to Doctor Who
Digital Journal(11th) - Favourite monster back in Doctor Who

The Sun(13th) - Forget Daleks, Doc, you're up against Zainab (Nina Wadia)

Sydney Morning Herald [Australia](13th) - Doctor Who: The End of Time, ABC1, 7.30pm (Sunday)

What's on Stage(11th) - Brief Encounter with... Terry Molloy
Sci-Fi(12th) - Being Spike - An interview with James Marsters (mentions Torchwood)
TV.Com(10th) - A Chat with Paterson Joseph (mentions Doctor Who)

Independent(12th) - Martin Grace: Roger Moore's stunt double in the James Bond films (Thal in film)

DVD Talk(12th) - Doctor Who: The Complete Specials

SF Universe(13th) - Watch Presents a New Torchwood Comic Online
Digital Spy(12th) - Torchwood comic arrives online

Passing Mention
MTV(12th) - SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Superman? (John Barrowman mentioned)