Friday 1 July 2011

Article roundup 15th-21st June 2011

Series Coverage
ATV Today(21st) - No Torchwood crossover for The Doctor says creator
NME(21st) - No 'Torchwood' crossover with 'Doctor Who', says creator
Bleeding Cool(20th) - Doctor Who Break In 2012 – All Part Of Steven Moffat’s Grand Master Plan
TV Overmind(19th) - Doctor Who Will Give You 'Night Terrors' in the Fall
Beehive City(19th) - BBC News Doctor Who report ‘unacceptable’ complains Steven Moffat
Examiner(18th) - Doctor Who will air in 2012 but only half a season
BBC America(17th) - Steven Moffat: ‘Doctor Who Scheduling Is NOT Affected By Sherlock’
UPI(17th) - Moffat: Short 'Who' season not my fault
NME(17th) - More 'Sherlock' means less 'Dr. Who' says BBC chief
Wales Online(17th) - Steven Moffat hits out at claims Sherlock commitments will hit Doctor Who series
Gamut News(17th) - Moffat: Short ‘Who’ season not my fault
Crave(16th) - BBC Confirms 'Doctor Who' Won't Have A Full Season In 2012
Boomtron(16th) - No New Doctor Who Season Until 2012?
Guardian(16th) - Doctor Who: BBC1 will not screen a full series in 2012
BBC News(16th) - Sherlock success will hit Doctor Who, says BBC One boss
Boston Herald(16th) - Is ‘Doctor Who’ disappearing?
TV Overmind(16th) - No Full Doctor Who Series for 2012; 'Patience,' Warns Showrunner
Entertainment Weekly(15th) - 'Doctor Who': Mysterious plans for the 50th anniversary season could mean fewer episodes in 2012
TG Daily(15th) - Doctor Who is in trouble
Blastr(15th) - Doctor Who WON'T be back as a full series in 2012 after all
UGO(15th) - Doctor Who's 2012 Series Sonically Screwed
Comic Book Resources(15th) - Doctor Who In Trouble? Some Thoughts On The Season 7 Split
Gather(15th) - 'Dr. Who' short 2012 season confirmed on Twitter
TG Daily(15th) - Doctor Who is in trouble
Digital Spy(15th) - 'Doctor Who' won't return for full series in 2012
The List(15th) - Doctor Who to split series over two years
Den of Geek(15th) - UPDATED: Doctor Who: no full series in 2012
Bleeding Cool news(14th) - No Full Series Of Doctor Who In 2012 – Auntie Cops To It, But Promises Special 2013
Anglotopia(14th) - Doctor Who: Breaking News – No Full Series in 2012 Apparently
io9(14th) - Confirmed: No Full Season of Doctor Who in 2012
flick filosopher(14th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: nobody knows what the hell is going on with Season 7, not even Twitter

Geeks of Doom(20th) - TV Review: ‘Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War’
Bleeding Cool(17th) - Doctor Who: Day Of The Moon Revisited
Geeks of Doom(16th) - The Doctor Who TARDISblend 29: A Good Man Goes To War
All Media NY(16th) - Doctor Who Goes to War
Popstar(15th) - Doctor Who - Episode 6.07: "A Good Man Goes to War"

Gift or Present(17th) - Step inside the TARDIS for a Father's Day treat to remember
Attractions Management(16th) - Doctor Who Experience plans Cardiff relocation
South Wales Echo(16th) - £50,000 to bring Dr Who tourist attraction to capital
Manchester Evening News(15th) - Theatre company Punchdrunk is back with The Crash Of The Elysium

Local Events
Sunderland Echo(21st) - Look Who’s flown in at air museum
This is Oxfordshire(20th) - Leys launches fundraising scarecrow competition
The Argus(20th) - Worthing Children’s Parade 2011 a success
Woodford/Wanstead Guardian(20th) - BARKINGSIDE: Blue still the colour as Chelsea Old Boys deliver a footballing lesson
Henley Standard(20th) - £2,000 is fair enough
Telegraph and Argus(20th) - Lord Mayor leads a weekend of big parades

flick filosopher(21st) - female gazing at: David Tennant
BBC Press(20th) - Stephen Fry, Victoria Wood and Christopher Eccleston lead cast in The Borrowers for BBC One this Christmas
Cultbox(20th) - Christopher Eccleston cast in BBC One's 'The Borrowers' adaptation
Otago Daily Times(20th) - Ebenezer gets Tate treatment (Catherine Tate)
Marketing Week(20th) - VisitBritain unveils star-filled campaign and signs Dr Who actor (Matt Smith)
Comics Alliance(21st) - Parting Shot: Doctor Who's Matt Smith Stars as Batman in 'Gotham Autopsy' Play
Anglotopia(21st) - The Dork Knight: Matt Smith Takes To The Stage In Los Angeles
Blastr(20th) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith suits up to play a VERY confused Batman
MTV(20th) - Remember When A 'Doctor Who' Star Played Batman, And Reed Richards Stripped?
Comic Book Movie(20th) - Dr. Who's Matt Smith Performs as Batman in Los Angeles Play
Telegraph(20th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith plays Batman as he tries to crack Hollywood
Daily Mail(19th) - Holy Batman! Matt Smith wows audience in Hollywood play as he tries to make it in the U.S. with Daisy Lowe by his side
Queerty(18th) - WATCH: John Barrowman, Taking It All Off Again, Frolics Nude In the Pool With Man’s Best Friend
Express(18th) - Daisy Lowe wears the trousers with Matt Smith
Star(17th) - Billie Piper is buzzing
BBC News(17th) - When is it okay to fall asleep in a theatre? (Arthur Darvill)
Los Angeles Times(17th) - Simon Pegg will always be a fanboy at heart

DVD Talk(21st) - Doctor Who: The Gunfighters - Episode 25
Fox31(20th) - DOCTOR WHO The Awakening (DVD)
Fox31(20th) - DOCTOR WHO The Gunfighters (DVD)

Geeks of Doom(21st) - Young ‘Doctor Who’ Fan Recites Matt Smith’s Pandorica Monologue For Kindergarten Talent Show
Comic Book Movie(21st) - Fancast: Doctor Who
BBC America(21st) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Looking Back at Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Stories
Blastr(20th) - Fan collects 94 pairs of underpants from Doctor Who's women
Anglotopia(20th) - Doctor Whooligan: Bernard Cribbins Down With OBE, The Moff VS the BBC, Torchwood News
Shadowlocked(18th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Fear Her
Shadowlocked(20th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Army of Ghosts
io9(20th) - New concept art reveals Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode could have been much darker
Den of Geek(19th) - Doctor Who episodes and spin-offs that never happened
Bleeding Cool(19th) - My Monthly Curse by Phill Hall #15 – A Tale Of Three Jacks (Daleks)
This is Wiltshire(19th) - Doctor Who characters add to the fun at Trowbridge
SFX(18th) - Isn’t It About Time You Gave Melanie Bush Another Chance?
io9(18th) - It’s the Great Dalek, Charlie Brown
Gibson(18th) - This Day in Music: June 18th (1988, "Doctorin' the Tardis")
KUOW(17th) - Glenn Fleishman: The Moral Struggles Of 'Doctor Who'
Topless Robot(17th) - This Man's Doctor Who Panties Collection Is More Complete Than Yours
Blastr(17th) - Doctor Who art shows how much better Gaiman's ep could have been
Clique Clack(17th) - River & River – the sci-fi crossover series the world needs to see
Kent Online(17th) - Tardis could land on Herne Bay pier
Village Voice(17th) - Way Station's Andy Heidel Talks About Flaming Moes, Dr. Who-Themed Cocktails and His Infamous Stroller Manifesto
Sunderland Echo(16th) - Doctor Who lands in Sunderland for Father’s Day
Shields Gazette(16th) - Doctor Who lookalike stars in sci-fi role
This is Lincolnshire(16th) - Dr Who fan gets Tardis surprise on wedding day
Blastr(15th) - Astronomer: 7 TV scientists that even real (The Doctor #3)
Anglotopia(15th) - British TV Podcast Show #88 – Outcasts, Doctor Who reviews
Metro(15th) - Squirrel Dalek creates dangerous new tree-climbing threat to Doctor Who
Daily Mail(15th) - ExtermiNUT! Squirrel looks out of this world as he dons Dalek-shaped bird feeder
Midweek News(14th) - NIU librarian finds kinship with fans of 'Dr. Who'

Related items
Imperfect Parent(21st) - Groom sets grade-1 listed wedding venue on fire
BBC News(20th) - Peckforton Castle: Bridegroom arrested over hotel fire
Mirror(20th) - Castle damaged by fire after wedding celebration (Peckforton, The Time Warrior)
Guardian(20th) - So they want to vajazzle Television Centre? I'd rather they just knocked it down
Daily Mail(20th) - BBC set to axe hugely popular Formula 1 coverage to keep niche digital programmes such as Come Clog Dancing
Financial Times(19th) - Gunning for a greater slice of US broadcasting (BBC Worldwide, Jane Tranter)
Gamasutra(16th) - The Next Wave of Free-to-Play: Licensing
Guardian(14th) - BBC iPlayer global launch to begin in western Europe
Fearnet(14th) - We've Got the Number for 'Girl Number 9'

Passing Mention
New Zealand Herald(18th) - Saving the planet one bin at a time
BBC News(17th) - Somerset marines honoured with train naming ceremony
BBC News(16th) - Activity? Yes...behind the scenes
NextGov(15th) - Sunsetting the British Web Empire
Guardian(15th) - Do we stage too much Shakespeare?
Coronation Street Updates(15th) - The Silence of the Cheryl
Yorkshire Post(14th) - TV switchover trumpeted across region