Tuesday 7 June 2011

Article roundup 4th-7th June 2011

After some insanerer media shenanigans the BBC have announced that Matt Smith will be staying in the role of the Doctor and that another 14 episodes are commissioned! Meanwhile, this current series saw the mid-series finale generating a fair bit of interest, whilst the US, Canada and Australia caught up with The Almost People. A new interactive experience pops up in the form of The Crash of the Elysium. And Much Ado reviews continue apace!

A Good Man Goes To War
TV Pixie(7th) - Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes To War
Den of Geek(6th) - Was the Doctor Who mid-season finale a true game changer?
TG Daily(6th) - On the heights and depths in Doctor Who
Geeks(6th) - Doctor Who mid-season finale
Independent(6th) - Review of Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes To War’
Starpulse(5th) - Doctor Who ’A Good Man Goes To War’ Episode 7 Recap June 4
The Faster Times(5th) - Doctor Who Recap (Series 6, episode 7): A Good Man Goes To War
flick filosopher(5th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “A Good Man Goes to War”
TV Overmind(5th) - Steven Moffat Receives Death Threats Over Doctor Who Episode
Bleeding Cool(5th) - Steven Moffat Jokes About The Reception To Last Night’s Doctor Who
Metro(5th) - Doctor Who a hit on Twitter as Steven Moffat reveals River Song's identity
Telegraph(5th) - Doctor Who: final episode, BBC One, review
Monsters & Critics(5th) - Doctor Who Recap - 'A Good Man Goes To War'
Shropshire Star(4th) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War review
Bleeding Cool(4th) - Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War
This is Fake DIY(4th) - A Good Man Goes To War
Metro(4th) - Doctor Who: A good man goes to... where?
Cultbox(4th) - 'Doctor Who': 'A Good Man Goes To War' review
Den of Geek(4th) - Doctor Who series 6 episode 7 review: A Good Man Goes To War: mid-series finale
Telegraph(4th) - Doctor Who, episode 7: A Good Man Goes to War, review
Guardian(4th) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes to War – series 32, episode 7
Holy Moly!(4th) - Doctor Who - A Good Man Goes To War
On The Box(4th) - OTB Speaks To Doctor Who Guest Star Charlie Baker
Telegraph(4th) - Doctor Who, A Good Man Goes to War: preview
Blastr(3rd) - River Song hints at Doctor Who's darkest hour in 2 new preview clips
Cultbox(3rd) - Christina Chong ('Doctor Who') interview

The Almost People
Geeks of Doom(7th) - The Doctor Who TARDISblend 28: The Almost People
Newsarama(6th) - Post Game TV Recap: DOCTOR WHO S6E6 "The Almost People"
Hollywood(6th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Recap: The Almost People
Poptimal(6th) - Doctor Who Review: Epic Story, But Can We Get a Budget Raise for the CGI?
Examiner(5th) - Doctor Who recap/review: ‘The Almost People’, episode 6.6
Comic Book Resources(5th) - Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About “The Almost People”
AssignmentX(5th) - TV Review: DOCTOR WHO – Series 6 – “The Almost People”
io9(4th) - Doctor Who lectures us for two episodes, then throws it all away
IGN(4th) - Doctor Who - "A Good Man Goes to War" Review
Victoria Times Colonist(4th) - What'll it be: Dr. Who or Canucks game 2?
Vancouver Sun(4th) - Doctor who defies the odds
Montreal Gazette(3rd) - TV Saturday/Sunday: Resurrected Doctor has good prognosis

Series Coverage
STV(7th) - Matt Smith confirmed for next season of Doctor Who
io9(7th) - Yes! Matt Smith is officially back for another season of Doctor Who.
Comic Book Resources(7th) - It’s Official: Matt Smith Returning For Another Season Of Doctor Who
Guardian(7th) - Doctor Who: 14 new episodes but scheduling remains unclear
All Media NY(7th) - Who Saves The Doctor?
BBC America(7th) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith Reveals His L.A. Ambitions
The List(7th) - Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat gets death threat
SFX(6th) - BLOG The Doctor Has Never Felt Better
io9(6th) - What sort of hat would an evil Doctor wear? Matt Smith explains!
ATV Today(6th) - Doctor Who: Season Six (First Half) Review
Den of Geek(6th) - Doctor Who series 6: the loose threads still to resolve
TV Overmind(5th) - Doctor Who Slide-Show: Who's Your Favorite Companion?
News & Star(6th) - Extermination... Retirement
Sunday Mercury(5th) - Tyndale: Dr Who daleks are the worst baddies EVER!
This is Fake DIY(4th) - Was Steven Moffat plotting Doctor Who's mid season finale sixteen years ago?
Wired(4th) - Last Fortnight’s Doctor Who Recap: “The Rebel Flesh”
TV Overmind(4th) - Doctor Who Slide-Show: The History of River Song
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': Which episode of Series 6 is your favourite so far?

SFX(5th) - Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes To War” Overnight Ratings

Blastr(7th) - SPOILER: Torchwood team to face a major change in Miracle Day
Comic Book Movie(7th) - Torchwood Miracle Day Huge Spoiler
Digital Spy(7th) - 'Torchwood' creator reveals Captain Jack twist
Contact Music(6th) - California Film Commission Selects Films To Receive Tax Credits
Variety(6th) - California hands out credits
Daily Blam(5th) - Eliza Dushku signed on for roles on White Collar and Torchwood: Web of Lies
Examiner(4th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day: Eliza Dushku + Torchwood + Jane Espenson = awesome
Cultbox(4th) - More 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' cast promo images revealed
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' first look: More new pics revealed
Hollywood Reporter(3rd) - 'Torchwood' Adds Eliza Dushku
BoomTron(3rd) - Eliza Dushku Carries Animated Torchwood

Sarah Jane Adventures
Blastr(7th) - REVEALED: More info on those final 5 Sarah Jane Adventures episodes
ATV Today(4th) - Final Sarah Jane Adventures Titles Announced

What's On Stage(7th) - Punchdrunk Create Doctor Who Show with Moffat
Manchester Evening News(7th) - Doctor Who adventure set for Manchester International Festival
BBC News(7th) - Doctor Who theme for 'immersive' theatre show

SFX(6th) - Fright Night – New Trailer: Finally Some Decent David Tennant Footage
Screen Junkies(6th) - New ‘Fright Night 3D’ Trailer: Now With 100% More David Tennant
Blastr(6th) - David Tennant OWNS the spooky new Fright Night trailer
Adweek(6th) - Information Diet: Matt Smith
Standard(6th) - Who's clothes does Daisy Lowe like best?
Monsters & Critics(6th) - Daisy Lowe likes wearing her boyfriend`s clothes
Monsters & Critics(6th) - Matt Smith plans trip to Hollywood to pursue movie career
Contact Music(5th) - Matt Smith - Matt Smith Is Heading To Hollywood
Mirror(4th) - Doctor Who goes to Hollywood - Matt Smith reveals his career plans
Telegraph(6th) - David Tennant proves too daunting an adversary for Sir Jonathan Miller
Londonist(6th) - Much Ado About Nothing @ Wyndhams Theatre: How To Get Tickets
Independent(5th) - Much Ado About Nothing
Observer(5th) - Much Ado About Nothing – review
Telegraph(4th) - David Tennant and Catherine Tate make a classic double act
Mirror(2nd) - David Tennant is a comic tour de force in brilliant Much Ado About Nothing adaptation
Metro(2nd) - David Tennant to be corrupt wedding planner in Sky Atlantic's This Is Jinsy

TVShowsOnDVD(3rd) - Tweets Announce that Animation will Re-Create Missing Episodes of 'Story #008: The Reign of Terror'

flick filosopher(7th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: 50th anniversary ideas, please...
Guardian(7th) - Fiver Letters
Salt Lake Tribune(6th) - http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/blogstv...-west.html.csp
Did the Mountain West Conference rip off 'Doctor Who' for its new logo?
Shadowlocked(6th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Rise of the Cybermen
The Leader(6th) - Comic Con fans marvel as they meet their sci-fi heroes in Wrexham
A.V. Club(5th) - "An Unearthly Child"
Wiltshire Gazette and Herald(5th) - Chippenham pupil boxes clever
Wired(5th) - The Doctor Looks Great in Anime
Anime News Network(5th) - Daily Video: Fan-Made Anime-Inspired Dr. Who Finished
io9(4th) - You too can own a Dalek for $5000
York Press(4th) - Space theme to this year’s York Carnival (followup)
Cultbox(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': 'Script To Screen' competition clip
Spalding Guardian(3rd) - Doctor Who dress-a-like meets his idol
Digital Spy(3rd) - 'Doctor Who's best ever cliffhangers: Friday Fiver
Blastr(3rd) - Stunning fan-made anime OWNS Doctor Who: Get the hint, BBC?
SFX(3rd) - Doctor Who “Script To Screen” Video

Related News
BBC News(3rd) - Plea put out for 'lost' TV shows

Passing Mention
Hydrapinion(6th) - So would Dr Who live in 5D?
Guardian(4th) - Populist: The column that's resting with the Daleks