Tuesday 31 May 2011

Article roundup 28th-31st May 2011

This weekend saw the BAFTA Cymru Awards take place, winning awards for Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Then today saw a new Radio Times with Doctor Who related cover, and Moffat's comments about the Daleks which generated more media interest. Plus the usual reviews for the weekend's Who, The Rebel Flesh, and coverage for next week's A Good Man Goes To War.

A Good Man Goes To War
Seenit(31st) - What can Doctor Who possibly serve up next week to top THAT?
io9(31st) - ...Plus the craziest Doctor Who rumor of them all!
Den of Geek(31st) - Doctor Who: latest pictures from A Good Man Goes To War
This is Fake DIY(31st) - Another Monster Confirmed For Doctor Who Mid Season Finale
This is Fake DIY(31st) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War - More Pictures
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who': Series 6 Episode 7 hints
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Series 6 Episode 7 character promo shots
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Madame Kovarian in Series 6 Episode 7
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Series 6 Episode 7 pics
Cultbox(30th) - Charlie Baker ('Doctor Who') interview
TV Overmind(30th) - Doctor Who's American Fans Left Behind As UK Prepares for "A Good Man Goes to War"
TV Overmind(30th) - Doctor Who Photos - 6.07 "A Good Man Goes to War"
Den of Geek(29th) - Doctor Who: trailer and prequel video for A Good Man Goes to War
SFX(29th) - Doctor Who “A Good Man Goes To War” Prequel And Teaser
Comic Book Movie(29th) - Doctor Who Prequel And Set Pictures
Cultbox(29th) - 'Doctor Who' first look: Series 6 Episode 7 images
Comic Book Resources(29th) - Doctor Who Season 6: 5 Questions About What’s Yet To Come…
Den of Geek(28th) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War image gallery
Anglotopia(28th) - Doctor Who: BBC Releases A Good Man Goes to War Trailer – SPOILERS!!
Cosmic Book News(28th) - Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War: Prequel and Preview Trailer

The Almost People
Cinema Blend(31st) - Doctor Who Showrunner Moffat Puts The Daleks In Time-Out
Examiner(31st) - Episode Review: Doctor Who s06e05 - 06 "The Rebel Flesh" & "The Almost People"
Crave(31st) - DOCTOR WHO 6.06 'The Almost People'
TV Pixie(31st) - Doctor Who - The Almost People
Independent(30th) - Review of Doctor Who ‘The Almost People’
TG Daily(30th) - On the holes and Flesh in Doctor Who
Shropshire Star(30th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People review
This id Fake DIY(30th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People
Blogcritics(29th) - TV Review: Doctor Who - "The Almost People"
Cultbox(29th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Almost People' review
Monsters & Critics(29th) - Doctor Who recap - The Almost People
Bleeding Cool(29th) - Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Almost People
SFX(28th) - Doctor Who 6.06 “The Almost People” Review
flick filosopher(28th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Almost People”
Den of Geek(28th) - Doctor Who series 6 episode 6 review: The Almost People
Telegraph(28th) - Doctor Who, episode 6: The Almost People, review
Guardian(28th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People – Series 32, episode 6
Faster Times(28th) - Doctor Who Recap (Series 6, Episode 6): The Almost People Part Two
IGN(28th) - Doctor Who "The Almost People" Review

The Rebel Flesh
Collective Review(28th) - Doctor Who Series Six Episode Five - The Rebel Flesh - Review

Series Coverage
BBC News(31st) - Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat to 'rest' Daleks
Guardian(31st) - Is this really the final retreat of the Daleks?
Metro(31st) - Daleks exterminated from Doctor Who, writer Steven Moffat confirms
The Sun(31st) - Loser Daleks retired
Daily Star(31st) - Daleks get the chop from Doctor Who
Telegraph(31st) - Doctor Who: Daleks to be 'retired' by BBC bosses
Independent(31st) - Diary: The cost of curves
NME(31st) - 'Doctor Who' boss confirms The Daleks to be rested
Escapist(31st) - Overexposed Daleks to Take a Break from Doctor Who
UGO(31st) - Doctor Who May Have Beaten The Daleks For Good
TV Overmind(31st) - Doctor Who: Daleks Won't Be Seen for a While
BBC America(31st) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Daleks Will Take a ‘Rest,’ Says Steven Moffat
Aberdeen Press and Journal(31st) - Daleks to have a time-out from Dr Who adventures
Anglotopia(31st) - Doctor Who: The Daleks Being Retired for A While
Register(31st) - Daleks given a well-earned break
Express and Star(31st) - Daleks to ‘rest’ says Dr Who boss
On The Box(31st) - Doctor Who Boss Drops “Reliably Defeatable” Daleks
Belfast Telegraph(31st) - Daleks to 'rest' says Dr Who boss
Wired(31st) - Pick a Doctor, Any Doctor, on Netflix
ATV Today(29th) - Cult News Wrap: Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval
Gather(28th) - 'Doctor Who': Big Surprises in Store

ATV Today(29th) - Doctor Who: The Almost People ratings
SFX(29th) - Doctor Who “The Almost People” Overnight Ratings

Cultbox(31st) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Top 10 moments in the trailer
Cultbox(31st) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' cast promo images revealed
Detroit News(31st) - Get set for summertime TV
Green Bay Press Gazette(31st) - 11 for '11: The best new, returning shows to sink your teeth into this summer TV season
Boomtron(31st) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Season 4 Promo Pics
Den of Geek(31st) - Official pictures from Torchwood: Miracle Day
Daily Blam(31st) - Torchwood: Miracle Day cast promo images released
About(30th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer
Boston Herald(29th) - Summer blast
io9(28th) - On the new Torchwood, Captain Jack "gets to have full-on boy-sex" (spoilers)
IGN(27th) - 26 TV Shows to Get You Through Summer
Examiner(27th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day: Captain Jack’s sexuality will not be toned down
Examiner(27th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day, not a reboot and some zombie talk
Cinema Blend(27th) - Will Captain Jack Harkness' Sexuality Play A Part In Torchwood Miracle Day On Starz?
Gather(27th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' Spoilers: What the World's Immortality Means for Jack
Gather(27th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Jack's love life and a maternal Gwen
Bleeding Cool(27th) - New Torchwood Promises “Full-On Boy-Sex” For Captain Jack

BBC News(30th) - Five Bafta Cymru awards for BBC's Sherlock
BBC News(30th) - In pictures: Bafta Cymru awards in Cardiff
ATV Today(30th) - Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures win at the Bafta Cymru Awards
Western Mail(30th) - In pictures: Sherlock shines brightest at Welsh Bafta awards night
Financial Times(28th) - Winners, also-rans and the terminally bad

The Sun(30th) - Doctor's loafing around
Daily Mail(31st) - Is that you, Richard Gere? David Tennant dons white naval uniform for Much Ado About Nothing
Standard(31st) - Tate modern spars with Tennant in much ado about dungarees
Telegraph(30th) - Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's Globe, review
The Sun(28th) - Karen Gillan in visit to New York
Independent(30th) - Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare's Globe, London
Financial Times(29th) - Much Ado About Nothing, The Globe, London
Spectator(28th) - Much Ado About Nothing

Daily Mail(31st) - Forty-nine years on, Doctor Who girl is the model of The Shrimp
Dominion Post(31st) - My five favourite shows, right now
Shadowlocked(30th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Tooth and Claw
Hexham Courant(30th) - Cole is King of his Artistic Universe
Chip Chick(31st) - Five Year Old Scores Life-Size Doctor Who Tardis For Birthday
Anglotopia(30th) - Doctor Who: Coolest. Dad. Ever. Makes Lifesize TARDIS for 5 Year Old Son
South Devon Herald Express(31st) - Pirates, Napoleonic War soldiers - and a Dalek - in festival feast
Birmingham Mail(30th) - Cyber Day a big hit at The Public
Independent(29th) - We're all crazy about collecting
Monsters & Critics(28th) - SFP-NOW Episode 20 - Featuring Sophie Aldred From Classic ‘Doctor Who’

Related News
Seenit(31st) - Wenger swaps Tardis for Film4

Passing Mention
Herald Scotland(29th) - Essay of the week: Broken schemes, broken dreams
Daily Mail(28th) - Feeling Blue, Peter? 80ft wind turbine will destroy my country life says Peter Purves
Fox Sports(28th) - Priced out of the match, I presume
Isle of Wight Radio(28th) - ET & The Simpsons Descend On Gatcombe & Chillerton
Irish Times(28th) - Francie Barrett is just the right hook for Traveller documentary