Saturday 14 May 2011

Article roundup 11th-14th May 2011

Torchwood info-dump day on Thursday saw new promotional photos of the cast and the titles of the individual episodes revealed. Plus plenty more coverage of The Doctor's Wife and Steven Moffat's views on ruiners!

Episode 4: The Doctor's Wife
Telegraph(14th) - Neil Gaiman: 'I did cool, evil things to Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(13th) - 'Doctor Who' Q&A: Bonus chat with Neil Gaiman (video)
USA Weekend(13th) - Michael Sheen lends his voice to Neil Gaiman’s ‘Doctor Who’ episode Saturday
SFX(12th) - Doctor Who “The Doctor’s Wife” Suranne Jones & Neil Gaiman Interviews
SFX(12th) - Doctor Who “The Doctor’s Wife” Another Cryptic Preview
Digital Spy(12th) - 'Doctor Who': Ten teasers about 'The Doctor's Wife'

Series Coverage
Bleeding Cool(14th) - Rupert Murdoch Firewall Protects Public From Doctor Who Spoilers
io9(13th) - How philosophy explains why Steven Moffat’s monsters are seriously scary
Anglotopia(13th) - Doctor Whooligan: More Season Six News, A Thank You Note to Neil Gaiman, Torchwood Titles and Promo Pics Released
Shadowlocked(12th) - Is the UK trying too hard for America's love?
Digital Spy(12th) - New 'Doctor Who' game teased for 2012
The Guardian(12th) - Steven Moffat wants to exterminate Doctor Who vandals
Mirror(12th) - Fury as fans leak Doctor Who plot online
First Post(12th) - Moffatt attacks fans over Doctor Who spoilers
The List(11th) - Steven Moffat slams Doctor Who plot leaks
On The Box(11th) - Moffat Brands Those Who Spoil Doctor Who Plots ‘Idiots’
Music Rooms(11th) - Steven Moffat slams internet spoiler fans
Unreality TV(11th) - Steven Moffat blasts ‘vandal’ fans who leak storylines!
CBBC(11th) - Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat 'hates' spoiler fans

Previous Episode Coverage
Wired(14th) - Last Week’s Doctor Who Recap: “The Curse of The Black Spot”
Geeks of Doom(13th) - TV Review: ‘Doctor Who: Day of the Moon, The Curse of the Black Spot’
Popstar(12th) - Doctor Who - Episode Recap 6.01: "The Impossible Astronaut"

ATV Today(13th) - Episode Titles for Torchwood: Miracle Day revealed
SFX(12th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode Titles Revealed
SFX(12th) - New Torchwood Pics
Den of Geek(12th) - Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes revealed
Digital Spy(12th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' cast revealed
Blastr(12th) - 8 revealing new Torchwood: Miracle Day character promo pics
UGO(12th) - Happy Day, Torchwood: Miracle Day Releases New Photos & Synopsis!
Examiner(12th) - New 'Torchwood: Miracle Day' character photos and bios

Shropshire Star(14th) - Who does Russell Bridgman look like, Doctor?
Scotsman(14th) - David Tennant for Cannes screening of romantic comedy
Blastr(13th) - Don't blink or you'll miss David Tennant in 1st Fright Night trailer
flick filosopher(13th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Kenneth Branagh is a Whovian
MTV(13th) - Kenneth Branagh Reveals His 'Doctor Who' Love To Craig Ferguson
Unreality TV(12th) - David Tennant doesn’t think that people find it hard to separate him from Doctor Who

Ars Technica(13th) - It only does everything: Ars reviews the sonic screwdriver
Herts Advertiser(13th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who – The Stones of Blood
DVD Talk(13th) - Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders
DVD Talk(12th) - Doctor Who: Snakedance
IGN(13th) - Torchwood Box Set Coming to DVD and Blu-ray
TVShowsOnDVD(12th) - Torchwood - 'The Complete Original UK Series' Arrives on DVD and Blu in time for Miracle Day
Blu-Ray(12th) - Torchwood: The Complete UK Series Collection Blu-ray
Pop Matters(12th) - Who by Two in 'Doctor Who: The Ark'
Rutherglen Recorder(11th) - A First class Doctor Who tale from Rutherglen’s Andrew! (Andrew Smith, The First Sontarans)

Wales Online(13th) - Take our big Doctor Who survey
SFX(13th) - The Silence Join The Doctor Who Experience
Holy Moly!(13th) - Dr. Who's The Silence hit the London streets - but what frightens them?
Digital Spy(13th) - 'Doctor Who' monster arrives in London: Gallery
The List(13th) - The Silence join Doctor Who Experience
Frost(13th) - SILENCE WILL FALL…New Doctor Who Villian Arrives
Unreality TV(13th) - Check out our picture gallery of Doctor Who’s Silents arriving in London!
Daily Mail(13th) - How Hitler and Hattie Jacques created the Daleks
...ology(13th) - Picture This: Lego 'Doctor Who'
io9(12th) - 10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Landmarks Worth a Fantastic Journey
Herne Bay Gazette(12th) - Is Doctor Who's Tardis coming to the Bay?
Orlando Sentinel(12th) - Don't miss: British Invasion at Audubon Park
New Statesman(12th ) - Leave Doctor Who to the kids
Den of Geek(11th) - Doctor Who, Hollywood trends and Star Wars
SFX(11th) - BLASTERMIND Name That Showrunner – NOW WITH ANSWERS
Shadowlocked(11th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Boom Town
Shadowlocked(13th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
io9(11th) - How do you put a scale model of the TARDIS on top of a building? CalTech pranksters reveal all!

Passing Mention
Screen Daily(14th) - Charles Dance lines up Fanny Ardant for Starfield’s Now And Then (David Tennant)
Washington Times(13th) - The List: Who will replace Michael Scott? (mentions Catherine Tate in finale)
New Zealand Herald(14th) - Michele Hewitson Interview: A.A. Gill
Swindon Advertiser(12th) - Collector Chris' house of wonder
Independent(12th) - The Week In Radio: Odd couple make the chattering classes chuckle