Thursday 21 April 2011

Article roundup 15th-21st April 2011

The news this week has been dominated by the death of actress Elisabeth Sladen, best known to us all as Sarah Jane Smith; coverage included tributes from friends and associates, and Doctors themselves, and you can read her obituary here. The media items related to this sad occasion are covered separately.

In other news, Torchwood sees stalwart Star Trek actor John de Lancie join the cast, and of course plenty of coverage in the lead up to the series return this weekend. Plus, has the secrets of the Daleks' power to scare finally been uncovered?!!

Series Coverage
Telegraph(21st) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith defends the show from criticism by Trevor Eve
SFX(21st) - Doctor Who: The Moff
Guardian(21st) - Doctor Who: are you looking forward to the dark first episode?
Celebritain(21st) - Interview: Doctor Who
Pop Culture Zoo(21st) - New Doctor Who Pics Reveal Two Sheppards
TV Pixie(21st) - Doctor Who Returns On Saturday - Preview
Mirror(21st) - Happy Easter!
Digital Spy(21st) - 'Doctor Who' star 'overwhelmed by US success'
Stage(21st) - Square Eyes, April 22-25
Gothamist(21st) - Steven Moffat, Executive Producer of Doctor Who
Express(21st) - Karen Gillan is cutting it at fencing lark
Guardian(21st) - TV matters: Doctor Who, featuring President Nixon
Star(21st) - Dr Who: Karen Gillan is sharp
Press Association(21st) - Gillan enjoyed sword fight scenes
Shropshire Star(21st) - Gillan enjoyed sword fight scenes
BT Life(20th) - Doctor Who is back – are you prepared to be scared?
The List(20th) - 'Pink-tighted pirate' Karen Gillan
Digital Spy(20th) - 'Doctor Who': More pics from 'The Impossible Astronaut'
Express(19th) - Karen Gillan: Look Who'll be fun
Metro(19th) - Doctor Who's sexy assistant Amy Pond to ditch mini-skirt for series six
News Shopper(19th) - Indiana Jones, Dr Who and William and Kate make Easter a little more bearable
Escapist(19th) - Neil Gaiman's Doctor Who Episode is a "Game-Changer"
Monsters & Critics(19th) - Karen Gillan didn`t want Doctor Who character to be boring after she married
Wales Online(19th) - Karen Gillan reaches for the stars
Digital Spy(19th) - Doctor Who' star: 'Amy Pond has changed'
Digital Spy(19th) - 'Doctor Who': 'The Impossible Astronaut' in pictures
NME(19th) - 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith wants US success
Digital Spy(18th) - 'Doctor Who' star 'wants US success'
Unreality TV(18th) - Matt Smith: ‘We want to get Doctor Who to as many Americans as possible’
Music Rooms(18th) - Matt Smith wants America to love Doctor Who
Star(18th) - Who scares Karen Gillan?
Digital Spy(18th) - Karen Gillan teases 'Doctor Who' marriage rift
Unreality TV(18th) - Doctor Who ‘The Impossible Astronaut’: Who will die – The Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song or Rory Williams?
Digital Spy(18th) - 'Doctor Who': Who will die?
Sunday Mercury(17th) - Doctor Who meets the Wild West
Express(17th) - American Adventure for Karen Gillan
Digital Spy(17th) - This Week's Must-See TV: 5 Shows You Shouldn't Miss
Anglotopia(16th) - Doctor Who: BBC Releases Trailer for Series 6 Episode 1 – The Impossible Astronaut
ATV Today(16th) - Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut Trailer
Crave(16th) - 'Doctor Who' Season 6 Teaser Videos
NME(16th) - 'Doctor Who' boss hints at John Simm return
Gather(15th) - John Simm returning to 'Doctor Who' as The Master hasn't been ruled out

Series Coverage (USA/Canada)
RedEye Chicago(21st) - Doctor Who Advance Screening brings out Chicago’s “Whovians”
Entertainment Weekly(21st) - 'Doctor Who': Alex Kingston talks playing the mysterious River Song and whether she'd ever pose naked with a Dalek
TV Squad(21st) - Alex Kingston On River Song, Being Doctor Who's Equal, and Steven Moffat's Plans
Telegraph(21st) - Can Matt Smith's Doctor Who conquer America?
JMFrey(21st) - Doctor Who – “The Impossible Astronaut” Preview
Dorkshelf(21st) - Doctor Who: Episode 6.1 Review
Shortlist(21st) - Secrets of the New Doctor Who
The Quietus(21st) - A Darker Direction For Doctor Who: New Series Preview
Premium Hollywood(21st) - A Chat with Arthur Darvill (“Doctor Who”)
Tulsa World(21st) - '30 Rock' show-within-a-show faces cancellation
Hitfix(21st) - Interview: 'Doctor Who' co-star Alex Kingston, Part 2
Hitfix(21st) - Interview: 'Doctor Who' co-star Alex Kingston, Part 1
Hitfix(20th) - Interview: 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith, Part 2
Hitfix(20th) - Interview: 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith, Part 1
AM New York(20th) - 'Doctor Who': amNY's cheat sheet for American viewers
Nerdist(20th) - Video Exchange w/ Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill
Calgary Herald(20th) - The Doctor is ‘in’: North Americans beginning to get British sci-fi icon
Blastr(20th) - Doctor Who creators explain how this season will be even 'edgier'
Salt Lake Tribune(20th) - Who are you? Facts about ‘Doctor Who’
New York Press(20th) - A Doctor Who Nerdgasm Soaks Gowanus
Comic Book Resources(20th) - New Stills, Character Images From Doctor Who Season Premiere
Star Phoenix(20th) - New buzz surrounds Doctor Who series
Dose(19th) - Interview: Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill
BBC America(19th) - ‘Doctor Who’: Matt Smith’s Diary Revealed, Steven Moffat Previews New Season
Examiner(19th) - Doctor Who: Karen Gillan interview and a clip of the first episode
Entertainment Weekly(19th) - Matt Smith previews the new season of 'Doctor Who': 'We learn so much about the characters'
BBC America(19th) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Karen Gillan Dishes On Rory and Amy
Sodahead(19th) - Do You Watch 'Dr. Who'?
Geeks of Doom(18th) - TARDISblend 22: Countdown To ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6
BBC America(18th) - The Tellyvangelist – Whovian Edition: April 18 – 24
Vancouver Sun(18th) - Doctor Who touches down in North America for a new season
Wired(18th) - The Doctor Can Travel Through Time and Space, But What About Through America?
Blastr(18th) - TV THIS WEEK: Doctor Who hits America! Game of Thrones! And more!
Mania(18th) - TV Wasteland: Listen to Your Doctor
McClatchy(18th) - New season of U.K's "Doctor Who" starts in America on April 23
Daily Blam(18th) - Sneak Peek: Doctor Who Series Six Premiere, "The Impossible Astronaut"
Kansas City Star(18th) - New season of U.K's Doctor Who starts in America on April 23
Flickcast(18th) - Two New ‘Doctor Who’ Clips Give a Glimpse at the Upcoming Season
Gather(18th) - New Season of Doctor Who Airs in 5 Days
Daily Campus(17th) - Student writer attends ‘Dr. Who’ NYC premiere
Geeks of Doom(17th) - Watch Now: Another New Trailer Released For ‘Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut’
New York Post(17th) - Red White and "Who"
Winston Salem Journal(17th) - TV Tidbits - New season brings 'Doctor Who' to U.S. in 1969
Blastr(15th) - New Who clip proves season 6 is all about cowboys and aliens
Cultbox(14th) - 'Doctor Who': Behind the scenes with BBC America (Part 3)

Worldscreen(21st) - Video Interview: Torchwood's John Barrowman, Bill Pullman and Julie Gardner
Digital Spy(21st) - 'Star Trek' actor joins new 'Torchwood'
ATV Today(20th) - Star Trek actor John de Lancie joins Torchwood
Den of Geek(19th) - John de Lancie joins Torchwood: Miracle Day
Fused Film(19th) - Star Trek’s John de Lancie Will Appear In Torchwood: Miracle Day
Blastr(18th) - Stunning Torchwood news: Star Trek's Q cast in Miracle Day
UGO(18th) - Q Flashes into Torchwood: Miracle Day

Brisbane Times [AU](21st) - Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, Friday April 22

Hollywood Reporter(21st) - Why 'Doctor Who' Vet David Tennant Signed Up for 'United'
Standard(21st) - Karen Gillan's My London
Mr Paparazzi(21st) - Peek-a-boo we can see you!! Guess who??
Monsters & Critics(21st) - Matt Smith wears a hood while in London to stop getting recognised
The Sun(21st) - Matt Smith had a taste for spiders
BBC America(21st) - Matt Smith Used To Eat Spiders
Digital Spy(21st) - Matt Smith: "I used to eat spiders"
Metro(20th) - Matt Smith: Kids see me as Doctor Who, not a 'celebrity' - which is lovely
Mr Paparazzi(19th) - Just spotted: Matt Smith in London…
What's On TV(19th) - David Tennant: 'The United story is long overdue'
Wales Online(19th) - Tennant touched by triumph after tragedy
Cultbox(19th) - First look: David Tennant in 'United'
Cultbox(19th) - David Tennant ('United') interview
Cultbox(18th) - 'United' review
Now(18th) - Celebrity hair: Karen Gillan
Cultbox(18th) - Eccleston: 'The Shadow Line' series 'credits audience with intelligence'
Mirror(16th) - Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith celebrate one year anniversary
The Star(16th) - Billie Piper Brill In Garden
BBC America(15th) - David Tennant Recalls Run-In With Nude Fan at the Gym. Eeek!
Cultbox(14th) - Christopher Eccleston ('The Shadow Line') interview

IGN(20th) - Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #1 Review
TVShowsOnDVD(20th) - Doctor Who - 'Story #095: The Sun Makers' DVD Announced; Rest In Peace 'Sarah Jane'
Gadgets and Gizmos(20th) - Doctor Who USB Hub – BBC Approved Tardis with 4 USB Ports
Geeky Gadgets(20th) - Legoesque Dr. Who Building Sets Selling Real Cheap
Den of Geek(19th) - Doctor Who: To The Death
Digital Look Yahoo(19th) - Character confident despite expected second half slowdown
Daily Blam(20th) - IDW Publishing preview: Doctor Who - A Fairytale Life #1
Newsarama(19th) - Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #1
Comics Alliance(19th) - The Doctor Annoys Amy Medieval-Style in 'Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life' [Preview]
Assignment X(17th) - CD Review: DOCTOR WHO: SERIES 5 – Original Soundtrack
TV Shows on DVD(15th) - 2|entertain, Producers of Classic Who DVDs, Want YOUR Voice on a Future Commentary Track!
IGN(15th) - Doctor Who Q&A Contest (2Entertain)

News and Star(21st) - Cumbrian Dr Who fan dismisses scary Daleks
LA Times(20th) - Mark your calendar: Thirteen sci-fi dates that tell us to fear the future
Anglotopia(20th) - Guest Post: A Review of the Doctor Who Experience
Geeks of Doom(20th) - Watch Now: Top 11 For ‘Doctor Who’
FWDailyNews(19th) - Doctor Who: Ranking The Companions
Newsarama(19th) - Etsy Made Me Do It: Doctor Who
SFX(19th) - Dalek Warnings For Doctor Who Experience
SFX(19th) - SFX BLOG AWARDS 2011: The Results
Geeky Gadgets(19th) - Dr. Who Coffin Is Bristling With Daleks
UGO(19th) - Who's In There? Get Buried in the Doctor Who Casket
Businessweek(19th) - Gladiator, Doctor Who Visual-Effects Maker Gets LBO Funding (The Mill)
Daily Athenaeum(19th) - Your Guide to Doctor Who
Metro(19th) - Daleks 'are nightmare future we dread'
Cambridge Network(20th) - Moral philosophy and the Daleks
Scotsman(19th) - Revealed: why Daleks stir such terror in viewers
Herald [IE](19th) - Why Daleks are so scary
Mirror(19th) - Cambridge academic: We fear human race will turn into Daleks
CBBC(19th) - Scientist uncovers why Doctor Who Daleks scare us
Mirror(18th) - Doctor Who: Academic claims Daleks are scary because they "are the nightmare future we dread
Independent [IE](18th) - Academic uncovers Dalek fear factor
Birmingham Mail(19th) - Academic claims to have solved Dalek fear factor
Geeks of Doom(18th) - New To Who? 10 Classic ‘Doctor Who’ Adventures Worth Checking Out
Anglotopia(18th) - Doctor Who: Everything You Need to Know about the TARDIS – Infographic
Anglotopia(17th) - Doctor Who: The Top 11 Uses of the Sonic Screwdriver
Coventry Telegraph(16th) - Fans want Helena Bonham Carter as first female Doctor Who
Geeks of Doom(21st) - Watch Now: 47 Years Of ‘Doctor Who’ In 6 Minutes
SlashFilm(19th) - VOTD: 47 Years of ‘Dr. Who’ in 6 Minutes
Zap2It(19th) - Doctor Who: catch up on 47 years of plot in 6 minutes
IT World(18th) - Learn 47 years of Doctor Who in 6 minutes
MSNBC(18th) - Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes
Blastr(18th) - The 32-year history of Doctor Who condensed into a 6-minute video
USA Today(18th) - Learn the history of 'Doctor Who' in six minutes
Anglotopia(16th) - Doctor Who: Fun Video – 46 Years of Doctor Who History in 6 Minutes
Collider(15th) - The Fine Bros Cover 47 Years of DOCTOR WHO History in 6 Minutes
MTV(15th) - EXCLUSIVE: 'Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life' Preview - Matt Sturges Brings The Doctor To Fable Town!
Cultbox(15th) - 'Doctor Who': Who would you like as the next showrunner?
Newsarama(15th) - Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: The New Fashion of Doctor Who!
Wiltshire Times(16th) - Corsham's sci-fi day is an out-of-this-world success
Corsham People(15th) - Celebrity-Packed Corsham Sci-Fi Day Raises Money For Charity
Shadowlocked(12th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews - The Curse of Fenric
Shadowlocked(15th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews - Survival
Shadowlocked(18th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The TV Movie
Shadowlocked(19th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Rose

Related Items/Passing Mention
BBC America(21st) - BBC America Continues to Up Its Slate of U.S. Premiere Sci-Fi Shows
South Wales Echo(21st) - Tennant’s TV tribute to football legend Jimmy
Guardian(20th) - United: Filming the story of the Busby Babes and the Munich air crash - video
Guardian(20th) - Can Donald Trump be certified?
Independent [IE](20th) - Ian O'Doherty: Well, that's one way of keeping her
Guardian(19th) - Who should win the Bafta audience award?