Tuesday 5 April 2011

Article roundup 5th April 2011

Plenty of coverage of last night's UK press screening for Doctor Who, and now the USA one next week; plus more coverage of Torchwood developments.

Series Coverage
BBC America(5th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Cast Headed to U.S. Ahead of Season Premiere
TV By The Numbers(5th) - Doctor Who is Coming to America on April 23
Airlock Alpha(5th) - 'Doctor Who' Is Scarier Than Ever
AOL(5th) - Doctor Who: Steven Moffat and cast open up about series six
CBBC(5th) - DOCTOR WHO: Karen Gillan gives clues on new series
CBBC(5th) - DR WHO: Sneak peak at new series!
Seenit(5th) - Doctor Who fans promised ‘darkest ever’ season opener
Register(5th) - Steven Moffat promises 'darker' Doctor Who
BBC America(5th) - Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Steven Moffat Highlights New Season Details
ATV Today(5th) - Karen Gillan; ‘The Silence will rival the Weeping Angels’
Digital Spy(5th) - 'Doctor Who' exec hints at shock twists
Guardian(5th) - The best TV for spring 2011
Digital Spy(5th) - 'Doctor Who' star: 'The Silence are terrifying'
Coventry Telegraph(5th) - WonderCon 2011: Neil Gaiman on writing for Doctor Who
Comic Book Resources(5th) - WC11: Doctor Who Preview
Newsarama(5th) - WONDERCON 2011: Neil Gaiman & More Lead DOCTOR WHO Panel
IGN(4th) - WC 11: Doctor Who Season 6 Preview
Geeks of Doom(4th) - WonderCon 2011 Video: Doctor Who Panel
Pop Culture Zoo(4th) - Doctor Who Premiere Two Parter Details And New Image
TV Scoop(5th) - Doctor Who’s The Silence monster based on The Scream
The List(5th) - Doctor Who monster based on Scream painting
Beehive City(4th) - Doctor Who rehabilitates President Nixon in spectacular series return

Press Screening Coverage
Guardian(5th) - Doctor Who returns with scary monsters and a super creep
Radio Times(5th) - Doctor Who new series preview: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon
Newsbeat(5th) - Matt Smith: 'New Doctor Who series had to be better'
Digital Journal(5th) - BBC unveils new series of Doctor Who at London Olympia
SFX(5th) - BLOG The Impossible Wait
SFX(5th) - Doctor Who Preview “The Impossible Astronaut”/“Day Of The Moon”
Gay Times(5th) - You Who!
Blastr(5th) - 15 non-spoilery facts from the 1st episodes of Doctor Who season 6
What's On TV(5th) - Matt Smith: I won't give up Dr Who any time soon
Press Association(5th) - Doctor Who star Smith happy in role
BBC News(5th) - Doctor Who boss says season start is 'darkest yet'
Holy Moly(5th) - Doctor Who Series 6 (plus Karen Gillan and cast at the press conference)
Metro(5th) - Doctor Who review: jaw-dropping moments and a mind-bending plot
Guardian(5th) - Doctor Who: it's back – promising to be the scariest and darkest yet
Press Association(5th) - Doctor Who enters the space race
Den of Geek(4th) - What’s in the extended Doctor Who series 6 promo?
Life of Wylie(4th) - Doctor Who: One Small Step

Filming Coverage
Daily Mail(5th) - Karen Gillan has a Steve McQueen moment fleeing the Nazis on the set of Doctor Who
The Sun(5th) - Amy Pond in World War Who

Zap2It(5th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Now with more sex and money
Crave(5th) - John Barrowman on 'Torchwood: Miracle Day'
UGO(5th) - Captain Jack Harkness Talks Torchwood: Miracle Day
Gather(4th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': Captain Jack Harkness's new coat and bigger stunts
Gather(4th) - 'Torchwood: Miracle Day': New Teammates and Location and Worldwide Immortality
Seattle PI(4th) - First Look: Torchwood Returns, With CIA Back-Up

Playbill(5th) - John Barrowman Will Star in Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates
What's On Stage(5th) - Plays Cast: Tennant & Tate Much Ado, Mamet Double
Theater Mania(5th) - Adam James, Catherine Tate, David Tennant, et al. to Star in West End Much Ado About Nothing
Daily Record(5th) - Dr Who fans vote for Helena Bonham Carter to be first female Timelord
Press Association(5th) - Bonham Carter 'best female Doctor'
Guardian(3rd) - Britain's tough new actresses look to redefine our heroines (Yasmin Paige)

Daybreak(5th) - Dr Who through the years
Big Shiny Robot(5th) - Give TeeFury Your Money
USA Today(5th) - Tattoo Tuesday: Stooges, 'Doctor Who' and more reader ink
Gothamist(5th) - Pencil This In: Gobble Gobble, Dr. Who And Benefitting Japan

Passing Mention
Stuff(6th) - If we are adults, what is the Moon Man's crime?
MenMedia(5th) - Bramhall pro Richard Green steps up coaching regime
Film School Rejects(4th) - Movie News After Dark: Canuxploitation, Wild Guns, Fresh Prince of Shyamalan and Finn McMissile