Tuesday 8 February 2011

Article roundup 1st-7th February 2011

Roundup over the last week includes filming for both Doctor Who and Torchwood; plus casting news for David Walliams mentions he's coming into Doctor Who, whilst Russell T Davies suggests he'll be bowing out of sci-fi. Plus more coverage of Billie's on-screen antics!

Series Coverage
Wales on Sunday(6th) - Walliams to star in Doctor Who
The List(4th) - David Walliams lands Doctor Who role
Bleeding Cool News(4th) - David Walliams Cast In Doctor Who
Chortle(4th) - David Walliams to appear in Dr Who
Digital Spy(4th) - David Walliams reveals 'Doctor Who' role
Cultbox(4th) - David Walliams confirms alien role in 'Doctor Who'
This is Cornwall(4th) - Dr Who cast pictured filming through the night at Cornish resort for May episode
Cultbox(4th) - 'Emmerdale' actor and others cast in 'Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(4th) - 'Doctor Who' films pirate ep in Cornwall
The Sun(3rd) - Who's taken to the high seas?
Mail(3rd) - Gangway! Karen Gillan takes on a group of pirates as she wields her sword and swings across a ship in new Doctor Who scenes
Metro(3rd) - Doctor Who turns Pirates of the Caribbean in action-packed new series
Den of Geek(3rd) - Doctor Who series 6 news round-up
Anglotopia(2nd) - Doctor Whooligan: Season Six Doctor Who News, Torchwood News and More!!!
Digital Spy(2nd) - Matt Smith 'wore fake beard for Who ep'
BBC News Cornwall(2nd) - Dr Who is filmed in Charlestown
Daily Mail(2nd) - Get back, ye scurvy dogs! Karen Gillan wields her sword as she gets ready to battle pirates in new Doctor Who scenes
SFX(2nd) - Doctor Who Pirates Filming Pics
Holy Moly(2nd) - Karen Gillan trained to fight by John Terry lookalike on Dr Who set
The Sun(2nd) - Yo ho Who! Pirate Amy is a booty
The List(2nd) - Doctor Who gets an EastEnder
ATV Network(1st) - EastEnders actor Lee Ross wins Doctor Who role

flick filosopher(7th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Russell T. Davies might leave ‘Torchwood’
Escapist(4th) - Torchwood Creator Walking Away From Sci-Fi
Airlock Alpha(3rd) - Russell T. Davies Finished With 'Torchwood'?
Unreality Shout(3rd) - Russell T. Davies may leave ‘Torchwood’ after 'Miracle Day'
...Ology(3rd) - Creator Russell T. Davies Might Leave 'Torchwood'
The List(3rd) - Russell T. Davies to quit Torchwood
Wales Online(3rd) - Shooting of Torchwood: Miracle Day
Den of Geek(3rd) - Russell T Davies on Torchwood: Miracle Day
Digital Spy(3rd) - Russell T. Davies 'may leave Torchwood'
Unreality TV(3rd) - Russell T. Davies considers leaving Torchwood
SFX(2nd) - Torchwood Filming Pics
South Wales Echo(2nd) - Here come the Torchwood crew – armed and dangerous
BBC News Wales(2nd) - Torchwood writer Russell T Davies on new thriller (video)
Cultbox(2nd) - Russell T Davies to leave 'Torchwood' after new series?
Cultbox(2nd) - RTD: New 'Torchwood' is 'still fundamentally Welsh'
Western Mail(2nd) - Dramatic Torchwood scenes filmed in Wales
ATV Network(2nd) - Russell T Davies talks about Torchwood return
The Sun(2nd) - Wales is Torched

Event(7th) - BBC brings in Brandnew for Doctor Who Experience
Sussex Living(6th) - Daleks to land at Brighton's Churchill Square Shopping Centre!
Express and Star(5th) - Doctor Who and Star Wars props take over museum
Chorley Citizen(4th) - What's On: Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf
Cultbox(3rd) - Mike Tucker ('Doctor Who Experience') interview

Global Grind(7th) - Mekhi Phifer Dishes About His New Web Site For Filmmakers, Working With Eminem & Cam'ron, And MORE! (PHOTOS)
Anglophenia(7th) - ‘Doctor Who’ Star Katherine Jenkins Engaged
Digital Spy(5th) - Kingston heading for 'Private Practice'
Anglophenia(4th) - David Walliams Wants Tennant and Tate for Take That Parody
The List(4th) - Matt Smith plays gay author
Pink Paper(3rd) - Doctor Who star to play gay author
Cultbox(3rd) - Christopher Eccleston cast in conspiracy thriller 'The Shadow Line'
Mirror(3rd) - Dr Who star Matt Smith plays gay author Isherwood in new BBC drama
Unreality TV(3rd) - Doctor Who’s Matt Smith to play gay author in Christopher And His Kind
Gulf Times(3rd) - A sneak peek at stunning films on Qatar’s wildlife (Mark Strickson)
Heatworld(2nd) - Alex Jones and John Barrowman at centre of new Strictly Come Dancing gossip
The Sun(2nd) - John: I'll replace Forsyth
Northwest Evening Mail(1st) - TV star gives insight into Acting World (Lachlan Nieboer)
The Sun(1st) - Our Kate's one of world's sexiest
Yorkshire Evening Post(1st) - Kate Middleton named one of world's most desirable women (Karen Gillan #77)
Press Association(1st) - Kate named among 'desirable women' (Karen Gillan #77)

Billie Piper/Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Sugar Scape(6th) - Billie Piper ain't scared of TV romps
Unreality TV(5th) - Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Billie Piper says Belle is ‘borderline insane!’
Daily Star(5th) - Billie Piper's got secret hate
The Sun(5th) - I need a shower after Belle sex
Mail(4th) - Now that's a bad hair day: Billie Piper looks dishevelled as she hits the town with husband Laurence Fox
Sify(2nd) - No more kids for Billie Piper
Unreality TV(2nd) - Billie Piper or Katie Price as X Factor judge?
Metro(2nd) - Secret Diary of a Call Girl returns with more slapstick sex
What's on TV(1st) - Billie Piper: 'I want to be an X Factor judge'
The Sun(1st) - Billie's back ... tarting tonight
Metro(1st) - Billie Piper: Love makes me go slightly wild
Digital Spy(1st) - Billie Piper 'doesn't want more children'
New(1st) - Piper doesn't want any more children
Cultbox(1st) - 'Secret Diary...' star Chan would love 'Doctor Who' return

South Wales Echo(3rd) - Tributes paid to Gavin & Stacey star Margaret John
Metro(2nd) - Margaret John, Doris from Gavin and Stacey, dies
Digital Spy(2nd) - 'Gavin & Stacey' star John dies, 84
Contact Music(2nd) - James Corden - British Stars Pay Tribute To Actress John

About(6th) - Doctor Who: The Movie (Special Edition) (1995)
Digital Spy(6th) - Sturges teases 'Doctor Who' miniseries (IDW)
Bly-rayDefinition(5th) - Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol — 2010 Christmas Special Blu-ray Review
Playback STI(4th) - Doctor Who #1 (IDW Publishing)
Big Picture Big Sound(3rd) - Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (2010 Christmas Special) Blu-ray Review
IGN(3rd) - Doctor Who's McCoy Reborn
Pocket Lint(3rd) - VIDEO: Ride-in Dalek range invades Earth
TVShowsOnDVD(2nd) - Doctor Who - BBC/Warner Announces 'Frontios' DVD, Along with McCoy's Intro in 'Time and The Rani
Mirror(2nd) - The hottest toys of 2011 unveiled at the Toy Fair
flick filosopher(1st) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: K-9 gets his own spinoff... and it’s already on DVD
Cultbox(31st) - 'Doctor Who': A Christmas Carol DVD review

Frankston Leader [AU](8th) - Who is Frankston's nocturnal Dalek prankster?
Shadowlocked(7th) - Doctor Who Complete Review - Attack of the Cybermen
SFX(5th) - SFX Awards Winners Announced
Geeks of Doom(5th) - Classic ‘Doctor Who’: Vintage Dalek Photos Unearthed
Chester Chronicle(5th) - ROYAL BLUE: What does Dr Who and Dixie Dean have in common?
Shadowlocked(4th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews - The Twin Dilemma
Shadowlocked(4th) - Teaser Trailer for Doctor Who spin-off The Minister of Chance
SFX(3rd) - Before They Were Famous (Carey Mulligan / Andrew Garfield)
Anglophenia(3rd) - WATCH: A Nerdy Girl Seeks Her Own David Tennant
flick filosopher(3rd) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: how your homemade TARDIS can actually be bigger on the inside
Geeks of Doom(2nd) - Geek Art: The Many Faces Of Doctor Who
Shadowlocked(2nd) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The Caves of Androzani
flick filosopher(2nd) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: Amy calls out the Doctor on being such a tease...
Entertainment Weekly(2nd) - Clip du jour: 'Fringe' as 'Firefly,' 'Doctor Who' as 'CSI: Miami'

Passing Mention
ParentDish(7th) - The horror of February half term
Hemsworth and South Elmsell Gazette(6th) - Hits from the movies with a modern feel
Deccan Herald(5th) - The mighty Sherlockian mystery
Inverness Courier(4th) - Search on to find a friendly 'docking space' for earthship
ATV Network(4th) - Floella Benjamin warns of "crisis" in children's television
Times Free Press(4th) - Leber: What we do for love
Independent(3rd) - Murdoch launches bid to rule news in the iPad age
Nelson Mail [NZ](3rd) - Teachers feel new-year butterflies
Digital Spy(2nd) - Baddiel teases 'Romeo and Brittney'