Monday 28 February 2011

Article roundup 25th-28th February 2011

The only new news to come up over the weekend is a possible Comic Relief Doctor Who special sketch, though this has yet to be confirmed by the BBC.

Series Coverage
Anglotopia(28th) - Doctor Whooligan: Doctor Who Series Six News, Casting News, Book News and More!
Bleeding Cool(26th) - James Corden Returning For More Doctor Who
The Sun(26th) - Corden wants to see the Doctor
SFX(25th) - James Corden Returning To Doctor Who
Blastr(25th) - Doctor Who fan favorite may return to step inside the TARDIS

Children in Need (unconfirmed)
Bleeding Cool(27th) - What’s Better Than One Amy Pond?

Worlds in Time
Electric Pig(28th) - Doctor Who: free MMO incoming
Geeks of Doom(27th) - ‘Doctor Who’ MMO Coming This Year
Reg Hardware(27th) - Doctor Who inspires another game, this time MMOG
Gamasutra(25th) - BBC, Three Rings Creating Free-To-Play Dr. Who Online Game
Cinema Blend(25th) - Doctor Who: Worlds In Time MMO Announced

News of the World [registration](27th) - Who's girl raunches into orbit
Brutal As Hell(26th) - A Slash & Dine Toast to Peter Cushing

Independent(26th) - Nicholas Courtney: Actor known for his long-running role as the Brigadier in Doctor Who

Wired(28th) - T-Shirt Alert: “Who Needs Gravity?”
Geeks of Doom(28th) - Geek Gear: Doctor Who Meets The Who In ‘The Whos’
Geeks of Doom(27th) - Geek Gear: Doctor Who Shirt ‘Crack’

Huffington Post(28th) - A Welcome Blast From the New Doctor Who
Corsham People(28th) - Check out the Corsham Sci-Fi Funday Trailers
Inside Pulse(28th) - Doctor Who TARDIS Unveiled in Brooklyn Steampunk Bar
Shadowlocked(28th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Mindwarp
Shadowlocked(25th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Mysterious Planet
Shadowlocked(28th) - The Literary TARDIS: The Target Doctor Who Novelisations
Crave(25th) - FRIDAY FLASHBACK: Doctor Who: The Movie
SFX(26th) - Isn’t It About Time You Gave Doctor Who’s “Fear Her” Another Chance?
SFX(25th) - The World United #8 The Christmas Invasion - #12 TV Movie

Passing Mention
Sunday Sun(27th) - Students land key role in Munich disaster film
HULIQ Times(25th) - UFO-style invisible cloaking device technology here now