Monday 14 February 2011

Article roundup 10th-14th February 2011

Main news for the weekend was the casting of Lily Cole in Doctor Who. The RSC sells off costumes including items worn by David Tennant. And on a slow news day a dog being chased by a Dalek pops up! 

Series Coverage
The Sun(11th) - Sea Lily Cole in Doctor Who
Metro(11th) - Lily Cole to guest star in Doctor Who
ATV Network(12th) - Lily Cole to appear in Doctor Who
Den of Geek(11th) - Doctor Who series 6: Lily Cole to guest star
Digital Spy(11th) - Lily Cole cast in 'Doctor Who'
Unreality TV(11th) - Lily Cole joins Doctor Who as a sea creature
Breaking News(11th) - Lily Cole lands 'Doctor Who' role
Contact Music(11th) - Lily Cole - Cole Lands Monster Role On Doctor Who
Gather(11th) - 'Doctor Who' casts Lily Cole for pirate-themed episode
Heatworld(11th) - Lily Cole to appear in Doctor Who…as a sea monster!

St. Helens Star(12th) - Half-terminate in St Helens
Design Week [registration](10th) - Brand New works on Dr Who shop

Anglotopia(13th) - Doctor Who: David Tennant To be Featured on Royal Mail Stamp
Green Celebrity(12th) - Hot in Hollywood: Who is Karen Gillan, UK actress who mocks Angelina Jolie?
Official London Theatre(10th) - Latest News:Globe plans Best Much Ado (David Tennant/Catherine Tate)
Female First(10th) - Carey Mulligan On Never Let Me Go

Bloggernews(13th) - Music Review: Doctor Who: Series 5, music by Murray Gold
FresnoBee(12th) - New on DVD on Feb. 15: "Dr. Who: A Christmas Carol," Grade B+
Cambridge First(11th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who and the War Games
Cambridge First(11th) - Audio Review: Vintage Beeb
SFX(11th) - Doctor Who: The Ark – DVD Review
Den of Geek(10th) - Doctor Who: The Ark DVD review
flick filosopher(10th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: inflatable Dalek... that you can ride in
TV Shows on DVD(9th) - Doctor Who - Story #133: Frontios
TV Shows on DVD(9th) - Doctor Who - Story #148: Time & The Rani

Stuff [NZ](14th) - Who are the best couples on TV?
Blogcritics(13th) - Which Doctor Who?
Halesowen News(13th) - Daleks, animals and magicians set to star in Sandwell libraries
PC World(12th) - Future PCs and the TARDIS in This Week in GeekTech
Joystiq(12th) - Breakfast Topic: What pop figures deserve an Easter egg in WoW?
Guardian(12th) - Great dynasties of the world: The Doctors
Guardian(12th) - HMV exterminated Doctor Who DVD bargain
Anglotopia(11th) - Doctor Whooligan: 1996 Doctor Who Movie DVD Review, Torchwood News, Series 6 Filming Report and More! SPOILERS!!!
The Sun(13th) - Dog-tor Who and the Daleks
...Ology(11th) - Watch This: Dog vs. Dalek
News Wales(11th) - See Tredegar House and die
Blastr(10th) - Dog vs. Dalek: Let the super-cute extermination begin! (Video)
Berkeley Side(11th) - Doctor Who fans: did you spot TARDIS in Berkeley?
PC World(10th) - Dr. Who’s TARDIS Lands at MIT, Caltech, and Berkeley
flick filosopher(11th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: everything you need to know about ‘Doctor Who’ in one infographic
Comic Book Resources(11th) - Who’s Who?
USA Today(10th) - Exclusive: Go behind the scenes with 'Doctor Who' (Chistmas Carol) Confidential
/Film(10th) - Page 2: Star Trek, Doctor Who ...
Geeky Gadgets(10th) - Cartoonish Dr. Who Graphic Explains It All
Technabob(10th) - Doctor Who Cheat Sheet is Perfect For Your Girlfriend
Geek Dad(10th) - Who Is Who, and Which Who Is Which? This Is Just What the Doctor Ordered
Blastr(8th) - Everything you need to know about Doctor Who in a single page

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Passing Mention
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