Monday 24 January 2011

Article roundup 19th-24th January 2011

Colin Firth caused a stir with a throwaway comment about wanting to play a baddie in Doctor Who or Torchwood, whilst Karen Gillan causes a stir of a different kind with new photos released by the BBC. Meanwhile, a new range of toys are announced.

Series Coverage
Anglophenia(24th) - Colin Firth Wants to Get Evil for ‘Doctor Who’?
Sun(22nd) - Firth: I'd be Who bad guy
In The News(22nd) - Colin Firth 'wants to play Doctor Who villain'
SyFy(22nd) - Colin Firth wants to be a baddie in 'Doctor Who' (also Daily IndiaSpicezee)
Star(22nd) - Who is Colin Firth's Target
Unreality Shout(21st) - Russell T. Davies is ‘loving’ Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who series
Blastr(21st) - Three intriguing Doctor Who rumors that may (or may not) be true
Digital Spy(21st) - Russell T. Davies 'loving new Doctor Who'
Airlock Alpha(20th) - Additional 'Doctor Who' Casting Revealed
Cultbox(20th) - Alex Kingston filming Episode 7 of 'Doctor Who'
Bang Showbiz(20th) - Doctor Who's Amy {spoiler title}
Unreality TV(20th) - Doctor Who: {spoiler title}

The Docklands(24th) - Theatre review: Pulling Faces has Louise Jameson at her best
Western Mail(22nd) - Eve Myles her part in the Baker Boys
The Sun(22nd) - Belle of a time for Billie
flick filosopher(21st) - omg: David Tennant joins ‘The Hobbit’!
CBBC(21st) - When I Was 10 - Karen Gillan aka Doctor Who's Amy Pond
Inverness Courier(21st) - Time Lord's assistant is inspiring new talent (Karen Gillan)
Holy Moly(21st) - Karen Gillan Pictures: Be Still Our Beating Heart
Anglophenia(20th) - Fan Documents the Multifaceted Beauty of Karen Gillan
Blastr(20th) - 7 sultry-silly images from Karen Gillan's new Who photoshoot
Shadowlocked(20th) - Doctor Who: Karen Gillan BBC Photoshoot
Bella(20th) - Interview - Louise Jameson, Career
Cultbox(20th) - 'Marchlands' writer inspired by 'psychological upheaval' of parenthood (Stephen Greenhorn)
Examiner(19th) - Doctor Who David Tennant and Georgia Moffett will welcome a baby this spring

Media Connection(24th) - Doctor Who Goes Plush
Anglophenia(21st) - New ‘Doctor Who’ Pocket-Sized Toys Set for Spring
Licensing(21st) - Underground Toys bags Doctor Who plush deal
Inside Pulse(21st) - Doctor Who Construction Toys Announced
Coventry Telegraph(20th) - Doctor Who regenerates into pocket-sized action figure
Comics Alliance(20th) - Building Doctor Who
Herts Advertiser(20th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol
Royston Crow(20th) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol
Royston Crow(20th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who: Demon Quest: Sepulchre

Geek Dad(24th) - 10 Geeky Chimes for Your Doorbell
Shadowlocked(21st) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: Warriors of the Deep
Shadowlocked(24th) - Doctor Who Complete Reviews: The Awakening
Wall Street Journal(22nd) - Which was your favorite sci-fi show of all time? (poll)
Poughkeepsie Journal(22nd) - Teens talking about country singer's secrets, vintage fashion, 'Dr. Who'
Shadowlocked(22nd) - 'The Minister of Chance' a New Doctor Who Spin-off
flick filosopher(21st) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: What would the Doctor have on his iPod?
South Wales Echo(21st) - Andrew Wilcox: Ready Steady Sheddie
CIPD(21st) - Even Dastardly Aliens Are Hit By The Recession
SFX(20th) - Bad Wolf (Jessica Martin #6)
io9(20th) - All of time, all of space, in a baby-sized TARDIS
Crikey(20th) - Cephalopods of Summer (part 2) The knitted Dalek
Surrey Herald(20th) - Kelly Rose Bradford: At least dogs don't demand Doctor Who stuff
flick filosopher(19th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: snow Dalek at Yale
CNN(19th) - Is it a Bird? is it a Plane? No, it's The Rocket! (Joshua S Johnson is fan)
Jonathan Baldwin(12th) - Everything I Learned About Life, I Learned From Doctor Who

Related News/Passing Mention
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Independent(21st) - Royal Shakespeare Company puts 10,000 costumes on sale
Cultbox(20th) - 'Marchlands': Episode 1 review
Comic Book Movie(20th) - FAN-ticizing: The Direction I'd have liked the Spidey reboot to taken
South Wales Echo(20th) - Doctor Who's new home is revealed
BBC News(20th) - BBC Wales Drama village's first phase completed