Friday 24 December 2010

Article roundup 24th December 2010

Final wrap-up of news before Christmas - don't forget, A Christmas Carol, UK 6:00pm, USA ET 9:00pm!

A Christmas Carol
Ilkley Gazette(24th) - Dr Who debut for Ilkley actor (Danny Horn)
Wired(24th) - Can Doctor Who Redeem Ebenezer Scrooge?
Wired(24th) - Spend Christmas With The Doctor
After Elton(24th) - The Week in Gay TV: A "Doctor Who" "Christmas Carol" 
Philadelphia Daily News(24th) - Ellen Gray: 'Doctor Who' does 'Carol'
LA Times [US](25th) - Something special about 'Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol'
BSc Review(23rd) - Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol Promo Pics
Daily Mail(23rd) - Naughty but nice, is this the Doctor's best Christmas special yet?
Crave(23rd) - Steven Moffat On 'Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol' - Friday Afternoon Distractions

Series Coverage
io9(24th) - ... new details on Doctor Who's new monsters

The List(24th) - John Barrowman back for more Torchwood
io9(24th) - Torchwood could run another seven years

The Adventure Games
BBC News(24th) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - Shadows of the Vashta Nerada, trailer - BBC

ITProPortal(24th) - Matt Smith Doctor Who Debut Tops iPlayer Most Watched List
Tech Herald(24th) - BBC's Dr Who (Time) lords it on iPlayer
PCR Online(24th) - Doctor Who most watched iPlayer show
Digital Spy(23rd) - 'Doctor Who' is iPlayer's 'most watched'

Daily Mail(24th) - John Barrowman says learning Strictly routines was no easy task - and admits that he is eyeing Bruce Forsyth's job
Digital Spy(24th) - Murray: 'Matt Smith fans will like Womb'
Unreality TV(24th) - Doctor Who’s Matt Smith talks Christmas leftovers!
Bang Showbiz(24th) - Matt Smith's leftover Christmas plans
Contact Music(24th) - Daisy Lowe - Lowe & Smith's Romance Suffering With Dr. Who Filming
The Sun(24th) - Dr Ooh's grandpa for you!
The Sun(24th) - Who's that for then, Matt?
BBC News(24th) - Matt Smith's Fan Mail - The Graham Norton Show - Christmas Special 2010 - BBC One (video)

Macgasm(24th) - Doctor Who game receives ‘Exterminate’ rating

Miscellaneous - Top Moments and Favorite Characters from Doctor Who Season 5

Related News/Passing Mention
Guardian(23rd) - Doctor Who was resurrected. Why not TOTP?

The Spoof(24th) - US version of Doctor Who planned