Thursday 16 December 2010

Article roundup 16th December 2010

The Mazes of Time is released for Apple devices. And more coverage on Bill Pullman's casting in Torchwood and the rapidly approaching Christmas Special.

A Christmas Carol
Guardian(16th) - What makes a great Doctor Who Christmas special?
Digital Spy(16th) - Jenkins 'almost turned down Doctor Who'
News Wales(16th) - Made-in-Wales blockbusters head Christmas viewing
Unreality Shout(16th) - Three sneak peek clips from ‘Doctor Who A Christmas Carol’
Bleeding Cool(15th) - Four Clips From Doctor Who’s Christmas Carol
MTV(15th) - More 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Clips And Cast Interviews!

Series Coverage
The List(16th) - Matt Smith's dinosaur dream
Digital Spy(16th) - Karen Gillan: 'Matt Smith inspires me'
Unreality Shout(16th) - Doctor Who: Karen Gillan enjoys working with ‘focused’ Matt Smith

Comic Book Movie(16th) - Bill Pullman Joins Season 4 of Torchwood
ATV Network(16th) - Bill Pullman joins Torchwood
Mania(16th) - TORCHWOOD Gains Pullman
Blastr(16th) - Look who'll play Torchwood's controversial murdering pedophile
Digital Spy(16th) - Bill Pullman joins 'Torchwood' cast
On The Box(16th) - Bill Pullman Joins Torchwood
Moviehole(16th) - Bill Pullman bringing the Schwartz to Torchwood
io9(16th) - Bill Pullman joins Torchwood!
Den of Geek(16th) - Bill Pullman signs up for Torchwood: The New World
IGN(15th) - Torchwood: Jack Harkness vs. Lone Starr!
After Elton(15th) - Guess Who Just Signed on as a Regular for "Torchwood" Season 4?
TV Squad(15th) - Bill Pullman Joins 'Torchwood'
Spinoff Online(15th) - Torchwood Recruits Bill Pullman
Theatermania(15th) - Bill Pullman to Join John Barrowman in BBC/Starz Series Torchwood
Broadway World(15th) - Bill Pullman Joins BBC's TORCHWOOD - Bill Pullman Joins Torchwood
Escapist(15th) - Bill Pullman Will Boil With Lust and Rage on Torchwood
Zap2It(15th) - 'Torchwood' nets a worthy adversary for Captain Jack: Bill Pullman
Inside Pulse(16th) - Mekhi Phifer And Bill Pullman Join Cast of Torchwood
Digital Spy(14th) - Mekhi Phifer joins new 'Torchwood'

The List(16th) - Doctor Who's woman woes (Matt Smith)
Digital Spy(16th) - Gillan 'wants to work with Coen brothers'
Scottish Sun(16th) - Is panto worth the dosh? Oh yes it is (John Barrowman)
Telegraph(15th) - Aladdin, Clyde Auditorium, SECC, Glasgow, review

Herts Advertiser(16th) - Audio Review: Doctor Who: Demon Quest: A Shard of Ice
Slippery Brick(16th) - Doctor Who Dalek iPhone 4 Case
CNET UK(16th) - Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time materialises on your iPad and iPhone
Digital Spy(16th) - 'Doctor Who: Mazes Of Time' out now
TV Shows on DVD(15th) - Doctor Who - One of the 5th Doctor's Companions, Tegan, is Possessed by Mara in 'Kinda' and 'Snakedance'

Comic Vine(16th) - Our Favorite Things: Doctor Who Waters of Mars DVD
USA Today(16th) - Pop Candy's 100 People of 2010: Nos. 1-24! (Matt Smith #16)

Passing Mention
Daily Mail(16th) - My three-year-old daughter loves my husband more than me... and I'm BITTERLY jealous
Macworld(16th) - Andy Ihnatko - In search of feature comforts
Independent(16th) - Diary: Will Shane bowl Hugh over?
TV Squad(15th) - The Stay Tuned Awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2010 TV (Doctor playing football)