Wednesday 27 October 2010

Article roundup 25th-27th October 2010

Unsurprisingly there's plenty of coverage on the SJA revelations emerging from broadcast (and misinterpretation!)

Series Coverage
Daemon's TV(26th) - Mark Sheppard to Guest in DOCTOR WHO
Digital Spy(25th) - Matt Smith wants 'Who' outfit changes
Bang Showbiz(25th) - Doctor Who to film in US
Examiner(25th) - BBC series Doctor Who filming in America for 1st time
STV(25th) - Doctor Who to film in US

Sarah Jane Adventures
ATV Network(27th) - What we learned from Death of the Doctor
SFX(26th) - INTERVIEW Russell T Davies talks about THAT Sarah Jane Adventures line
io9(26th) - The truth about Doctor Who's regeneration limit revealed! (Sort of)
TV Squad(26th) - Ask Mo (regeneration)
Bleeding Cool News(26th) - Ten Thoughts About Sarah Jane Adventures: Death Of The Doctor Part Two
Bolton News(26th) - Young fans’ adventure at the cinema
Bleeding Cool News(26th) - The Doctor Now Has Five Hundred And Seven Regenerations (VIDEO)
io9(26th) - The Doctor Who reunion episode we've all been waiting for
Bleeding Cool(25th) - Ten Thoughts About Sarah Jane Adventures: Death Of The Doctor Part One
Comic Book Movie(25th) - REVIEW: The Doctor's Death Part 1

IGN(25th) - Torchwood Recruiting from Dollhouse?
Celebrity Mania(23rd) - Chad Michael Murray Eyes New Role on 'Torchwood'

Doctor Who Live
Liverpool Echo(27th) - Liverpool musician Ben Foster is conducting Doctor Who Live at the ECHO Arena
This is Nottingham(26th) - Review: Doctor Who Live at Nottingham Trent FM Arena
Messenger(25th) - Out of this world - Doctor Who Live

Press Association(26th) - Hammond up for Children's Bafta (and SJA)
IFTN(26th) - Two BAFTA Nominations for ‘Roy’ (and SJA)

The Sun(27th) - Strictly's got John for Christmas (John Barrowman)
411Mania(26th) - Sylvester McCoy Confirms Hobbit Role
IGN(26th) - Who's in The Hobbit
Film Shaft(26th) - Confirmed: Sylvester McCoy Is Radagast The Brown In The Hobbit
Blastr(25th) - Sylvester McCoy to be The Hobbit's OTHER wizard
Digital Spy(25th) - Sylvester McCoy reveals 'Hobbit' role
Comic Book Resources(25th) - Sylvester McCoy Confirms He’s The Wizard Radagast In The Hobbit
SFX(23rd) - Sylvester McCoy Says He’s Been Cast In The Hobbit
Obsessed With Film(25th) - Another former timelord in THE HOBBIT?
Network Norwich(25th) - Christian actor on stage at Gorleston Pavilion (Graham Cole)

Den of Geek(26th) - The Sarah Jane Adventures series 3 DVD review
SFX(22nd) - DVD REVIEW Doctor Who – The Seeds Of Doom
Anglotopia(25th) - Doctor Who: Awesome DW iPhone App – Review

Kent Online(27th) - Doctor Who tribute to man who loved Daleks
flick filosopher(25th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: new Eighth Doctor costume?
Daily Dust(25th) - Mcgann’s brand new outfit for Doctor Who
SFX(23rd) - SF and Fantasy’s 31 Greatest Tearjerkers

Related Items/Passing Mention
Slash Gear(26th) - Dalek-style robot gripper could be handy for amputees
New Scientist(25th) - Robots could ditch fingers for beanbags
New Zealand Herald(26th) - Getting our geek on
Inside Blip(25th) - 'Merlin' Renewed For Season 4 (Doctor Who delays its broadcast)