Thursday 23 September 2010

Article roundup 18th-23rd September 2010

The week in news this week saw a the success of the Adventure Games leading to a second wave being announced, and filming in Bristol creating quite a bit of interest as the first publicly viewable filming for Doctor Who in some time. Doctor Who is up for NTA Awards as usual. And you can tell DWM has just come out by the number of quotes from it cropping up in the media!

Series Coverage
What's on TV(22nd) - Suranne Jones to star in Doctor Who in 2011
The List(22nd) - Doctor Who fans set for Xmas treat
Digital Spy(22nd) - Moffat teases 'Who' series cliffhanger
Bang Showbiz(22nd) - Doctor Who fans set for Xmas treat
Digital Journal(22nd) - Doctor Who: two series coming in 2011
Den of Geek(22nd) - Steven Moffat drops new hints about Doctor Who Christmas Special
TV Overmind(21st) - “Genuine Tragedy” in ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special
SFX(21st) - Moffat On The Doctor Who Christmas Special And Season Six
Comic Book Movie(20th) - Neil Gaiman writes for 'Doctor Who' Series 6

Filming Coverage
Comic Book Movie(22nd) - Doctor Who Series 6 and Christmas special Spoilers
Blastr(22nd) - Set photos from season 6 of Doctor Who (spoilers possible)
SFX(22nd) - Doctor Who Set Photos
The Sun(22nd) - Who's the new action girl? (plot spoiler present)
Bristol Evening Post(22nd) - Look Who's in town...
Bristol Evening Post(22nd) - Cast and crew of Dr Who film scenes in Bristol for latest series

Sarah Jane Adventures
Digital Spy(22nd) - 'SJA' execs: 'Jo return more than cameo'
Daemon's TV(20th) - THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES Season 4 Preview
SFX(17th) - Russell T Davies On Jo Grant’s Return In The Sarah Jane Adventures

End of Show(20th) - Casting the new season of Torchwood on Starz

Doctor Who Live
Bloginity(22nd) - Doctor Who's scary Daleks
Bang Showbiz(22nd) - Doctor Who's 'scary' Daleks
STV(22nd) - Doctor Who's 'scary' Daleks

WalesOnline(23rd) - Former Doctor Who meeting fans in Cardiff (Colin Baker signing Kangazange)
Norwich Evening News(22nd) - Sci-fi festival coming to Norwich
flickfilosopher(21st) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: fan play ‘Hell Blossom’ on in London
South Wales Echo(21st) - Colin Baker regenerates in a Dr Who-dunnit

Anglophenia(21st) - 'Doctor Who', 'Top Gear' Earn NTA Nominations
Digital Spy(21st) - National Television Awards 2011 - Nominees
Digital Spy(21st) - 'One Show', 'Daybreak' battle for NTAs
SFX(20th) - Doctor Who And Let The Right One In Winners At The British Fantasy Awards 2010

ATV Network(23rd) - Geoffrey Burgon dies at the age of 69
Associated Press(23rd) - Geoffrey Burgon, composer for "Life of Brian" and "Brideshead Revisited," dies at 69

Barry and District News(23rd) - Kind gesture (John Barrowman)
Digital Spy(22nd) - Martin Shaw: 'I would play the Doctor'
Digital Journal(21st) - Martin Shaw would play Doctor Who but turned down James Bond
Twin Cities(21st) - Novel Approach (Carey Mulligan)
Holy Moly(20th) - Karen Gillan possibly becoming lingerie model, nerds mobilise
Metro(20th) - Doctor Who actress Karen Gillan has a hairy moment
3am(20th) - Well, someone’s got to be on dog poo duty while Daisy walks the catwalk… (Matt Smith)
Worcester News(20th) - Can you spare a little time to help sick children? (Kai Owen)
Northwest Evening Mail(18th) - Group drums up support with live TV performance (John Barrowman)
Guardian(18th) - One last thing... Matt Smith

The Adventure Games
Digital Trends(21st) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games to return for a second season
InGamers(21st) - BBC Commissions Second Series Of Doctor Who Adventures
Top News(21st) - BBC re-commissions Doctor Who games
Web User(21st) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games gets second series
Geeks(21st) - Beeb: More Free Dr Who Games
Gamasutra(21st) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Returns For Second Series
io9(20th) - More Doctor Who "Adventure Games" coming in 2011
MTV(20th) - Second 'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' Series Commissioned
Gaming Union(20th) - Doctor Who Games Hit Gold, More Coming In 2011
Joystiq(20th) - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games receiving second season
Play(20th) - Doctor Who Adventures secures a second series
PlaySwitch(20th) - BBC Confirms Second Season Doctor Who Adventure Games For 2011
Electonic Theatre(20th) - BBC Commissions Second Series of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Absolute Gadget(20th) - Further adventures for Doctor Who
Beehive City(20th) - BBC confirms second series of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Escapist(20th) - Doctor Who Games Score Second Season
Video Gamer(20th) - More Doctor Who games in 2011
Computer and Video Games(20th) - Doctor Who games return in 2011
MCV(20th) - BBC recomissions Doctor Who Adventure games
Gamasutra(20th) - Following out-of-this world success, BBC recomissions Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Digital Spy(20th) - 'Doctor Who: Adventure Games' to return
Metro(20th) - Doctor Who: The Adventures Games gets second season
Guardian(20th) - BBC commissions fresh set of Doctor Who games
SFX(20th) - More Doctor Who Adventure Games For 2011

Online Social Media(22nd) - Coming Soon: Doctor Who game with Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote
Child Mode(17th) - BBC Launches Dr. Who Toys For Christmas Gifting

BBC Doctor Who(22nd) - Invasion Week, Day Three: The Drahvins
Blastr(22nd) - 13 awesome (and 7 not-so-awesome) episodes of the new Doctor Who
io9(22nd) - Make your workspace dimensionally transcendental with this levitating, spinning TARDIS
Blastr(21st) - Star Trek, Serenity, BSG and 23 other awesome LEGO creations (Dalek)
Online Betting Guide(21st) - Doctor Who Movie Betting Odds Now Make Johnny Depp Favourite To Take Famous Role 
Coolest Gadgets(20th) - Doctor Who Spinning Tardis
SFX(20th) - Attack Of The Clones #1 (The Abzorbaloff Vs Bobo And Lil’ Debbul)
Escapist(20th) - Build Your Own Dalek With Official Doctor Who Blueprints
Shadowlocked(20th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Revenge Of The Cybermen
Shadowlocked(22nd) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Terror Of The Zygons

Related News/Passing Mention
York Press(23rd) - Starship trooper stirs up a storm in York
Canterbury Star(23rd) - Blasts from the past in collector's new museum
BBC Radio Five Live(21st) - Nerdcore rappers rhyme for BBC Radio 5 Live
The Age(20th) - Nobody likes a ginger whinger
Biz Community(21st) - 'Innovation for the sake of innovation, impresses no-one but your peers'
Mirror(20th) - Online fraud is growing rapidly
IT Pro(18th) - Your network is under attack from The Cybermen

The Spoof(18th) - Doctor Who to have sex