Saturday 3 July 2010

UK Television/Radio Coverage, 26th June - 3rd July 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television/radio over the last week.

Media Coverage

Programme Link, CBBC, Saturday 26th June, ~10:00am
Chris dreams about new co-presenter Karen Gillan...

Andrew Marr Show, BBC1, Sunday 27th June, 9:37am
Meera Syal was a guest on the show, and briefly discussed her appearance in Doctor Who.
Available on BBC iplayer (37:16) until 4th July

Glastonbury, BBC2, Sunday 27th June, ~11:55pm
Band Orbital perform the Doctor Who theme live on stage, joined by none other than the Doctor himself, Matt Smith!
Available on BBC iplayer (1:50:22) until 4th July

Newsround, CBBC, Tuesday 29th June, 7:00am
Report on Doctor Who up against Torchwood in the TV Choice Awards.

Breakfast, BBC1, Wednesday 30th June, 8:25am
Various photos of sheds, including one kitted out as the TARDIS.

GMTV: Talking Telly, Friday 2nd July, 8:27am
Richard Arnold talks to Kylie Minogue about her UK TV career, including her appearance in Voyage of the Damned

Neil Gaiman interview, BBC News, 3rd July 2010, 1:40pm
Neil briefly mentions being allowed to write for Doctor Who.
The item can be viewed on the BBC News Website.


Doctor Who
1. The Eleventh Hour (SD/HD)
2. The Beast Below (SD/HD)
3. Victory of the Daleks (SD/HD)
4. The Time of Angels (SD/HD)
5. Flesh and Stone (SD/HD)
6. Vampires of Venice (SD/HD)
7. Amy's Choice (SD/HD)
8. The Hungry Earth (SD/HD)
9. Cold Blood (SD/HD)
10. Vincent and the Doctor (SD/HD)
11. The Lodger (SD/HD)
12. The Pandorica Opens (SD/HD)
13. The Big Bang (SD/HD)
Available on BBC iplayer until 3rd July

Doctor Who Confidential
13. A look at the action of the finale. Matt and Karen help launch the new series in the USA.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) until 4th July

Doctor Who - The Cannabalists, BBC Radio 7
1. As robots await new organic life forms, the Doctor and Lucie must evade capture and death.
Available on BBC iplayer from 27th June until 4th July
2. As robot Cannibalists overrun Haven, the Doctor and Lucie battle to save the Assemblers.
Available on BBC iplayer from 4th until 11th July

Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.