Thursday 29 July 2010

Article roundup 29th July 2010

Series Coverage
Digital Spy(28th) - Freeman: 'Doctor, Sherlock are perfect team'
On The Box(28th) - Fans Must Wait A Year For New Sherlock

Anglotopia(28th) - Latest Torchwood Series 4 News
Digital Spy(28th) - Davies: 'Torchwood surprised BBC One'
Unreality TV(28th) - Torchwood: Russell T. Davies ‘Children Of Earth’ took BBC by surprise’

Unreality Shout(28th) - Russell T Davies shoots down those Johnny Depp for Doctor Who rumours!

Largs and Millport Weekly News(29th) - Look Who visited Largs and Millport! (David Tennant)

Oxford Times(29th) - The Garlic Dalek
flick filosopher(28th) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: “Lost In The Dark Dimension” fan trailer
The Atlantic(27th) - Mental Health Break
The Atlantic(28th) - "A Veritable Who-fest"
The National Review(28th) - The Doctor

The Sun(29th) - No s**t Sherlock
Blastr(28th) - Doctor Who's Moffat says Sherlock Holmes is better than Who
Digital Spy(28th) - BBC to stick with 'Sherlock'
Guardian(28th) - Running on empty: culture in the silly season