Tuesday 27 July 2010

Article roundup 27th July 2010

The Media surpass themselves once more, this time manipulating a comment by Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes in the new Moffat/Gatiss vision) into sounding like he turned down the role of the Doctor - fully implying that he was offered the role - when in fact he said he decided not to audition for the role. Sensationalism at its best! Meanwhile Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers had to clarify that the media coverage on him writing a Doctor Who story was also over-hyped, and that he was only writing a story to amuse himself, not on commission from the BBC!

Series Coverage
The Sun(27th) - Holmes: I turned down Dr Who job
Guardian(27th) - Elementary, my dear Doctor
Daily Mail(27th) - Sherlock star reveals he was offered Doctor Who role... but turned it down
Metro(27th) - Sherlock Holmes' Benedict Cumberbatch: I snubbed Doctor Who
Digital Spy(27th) - Cumberbatch 'decided against Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(27th) - Cumberbatch 'decided against Doctor Who'
Digital Spy(26th) - Nicky Wire clarifies 'Who' script plans

Blastr(26th) - Torchwood's creator warns series' 4th season will be 'dark'
Digital Spy(26th) - Davies praises new 'Torchwood' format

Western Mail(27th) - Orchestra plays second fiddle to Doctor Who
Independent(27th) - BBC Proms: Doctor Who, Royal Albert Hall, London
Bang Showbiz(25th) - Doctor Who monsters invade London

Doctor Who Adventures
Independent(26th) - PC download charts: 'Mafia II', 'Doctor Who'

Blastr(26th) - Death Star beats out the Enterprise and TARDIS as best starship

Passing Mention
The Construction Index(27th) - Berkeley signs deal with Southwark for controversial Tower Bridge development