Sunday 25 July 2010

Article roundup 25th July 2010

Musical coverage in this article, with the Doctor Who Prom and Nicky Wire from the Manic Street Preachers vying for attention (the latter writing a script according to his blog ...). Meanwhile, an online voting debacle in the Guardian (for once someone else other than Doctor Who fans getting the blame for vote organisation!).

Series Coverage
Wales on Sunday(25th) - Manic Nicky pens script for Dr Who
Digital Journal(24th) - Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire writing Doctor Who script
The Sun(24th) - Dr Who's going to be Manic (Nicky Wire)
Chart Attack(23rd) - Manic Street Preachers Bassist Writing Dr. Who Episode
Comic Book Resources(23rd) - Doctor Who Gets Manic For New Season?
Gigwise(23rd) - Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire Writing Doctor Who Script
NME(23rd) - Manic Street Preachers' Nicky Wire writing 'Doctor Who' script
TV Overmind(23rd) - Moffat: The Doctor May "Never Regenerate Again"
TV Overmind(23rd) - Darvill: Fingers Crossed to be 'Who' Regular
Blastr(23rd) - Three behind-the-scenes pics of Doctor Who's new costume
SFX(23rd) - Is Toby Whithouse Writing For Doctor Who Season Six?
PeaceFM(23rd) - 'Being Human' Creator For 'Who' Return?
Flick Cast(24th) - Benedict Cumberbatch Possibility as Next Doctor Who
TV Overmind(24th) - Jellyfish Attack 'Doctor Who' Set

TV Overmind(24th) - Torchwood Season 4 "Very Dark," Says Davies
Digital Spy(23rd) - Davies: 'New Torchwood is very dark'
Digital Spy(23rd) - Davies 'excited' by new 'Torchwood'

Doctor Who Adventures
BBC Worldwide(21st) - BBC Worldwide and IGN Announce Global Exclusive Distribution for Doctor Who PC Games On
Platform Online(25th) - Genesis of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Adventure Gamers(24th) - Doctor Who costs how much?
Digtial Trends(23rd) - Doctor Who Game Episodes are Now Available Outside of the UK
TV Overmind(23rd) - 'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' Available Worldwide
Escapist(23rd) - Doctor Who Games Teleport to International Audiences

Episode Coverage
A.V. Club [US](25th) - "The Big Bang"
ifMagazine [US](24th) - TV Review: DOCTOR WHO - SERIES FIVE - 'The Big Bang'
io9 [US](24th) - Many things I loved, and 2 things I hated, about Doctor Who's grand finale
TV Squad(24th) - 'Doctor Who' - 'The Big Bang' Recap (Season Finale)
Hitfix(24th) - 'Doctor Who' - 'The Big Bang': The waiting's over
Courant [US](24th) - On Tonight: 'Being Human' Returns, 'Doctor Who' Finale
Los Angeles Times(24th) - Saturday's TV highlights
Vancouver Sun [CA](24th) - Dr. Who a feast for the senses
Edmonton Journal [CA](24th) Dr. Who a feast for the senses
Times Transcript [CA](24th) - On TV Tonight...
Montreal Gazette [CA](24th) - Doctor Who season finale a treat
Comic Book Resources(23rd) - CCI: BBC’s Doctor Who And Being Human Screenings

Unreality TV(25th) - John Barrowman meets Glee bosses
Digital Spy(25th) - John Barrowman to star in 'Glee'?
BBC News(23rd) - Getting Sherlock Holmes role a 'joy and worry' - Cumberbatch
Digital Spy(23rd) - Whithouse wants 'Being Human' comic

Fans Online(23rd) - See Dr Who Man in Boro Library (Graeme Harper)

SFX(25th) - APP REVIEW iExterminate!
TV Squad(25th) - Four New Releases Give a Glimpse of 'Doctor Who' History
Pink Paper(23rd) - The TARDIS Handbook – Steve Tribe
High Def Digest(23rd) - 'Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series' Blu-ray Features Added
IGN [US](23rd) - Even More Doctor Who

Unreality TV(24th) - Stephen Moffat: ‘There has always been an element of Sherlock in Doctor Who’
TV Squad(24th) - Catching Up On 'Doctor Who' History

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Random Who
Post Gazette(24th) - Comic-Con 2010: Resident Evil
The Sun(24th) - Russell: Wish you were hair, Katy