Friday 16 July 2010

Article roundup 16th July 2010

A report on Matt Smith allegedly indicating he's ready to leave DW for a movie career is starting to infect the media, though even if it is true it will have no impact on the new series being filmed of course! Meanwhile every enemy that's been in the series appears in the Guardian ... well apart from the mistakes they'd like you to fix - oops!

Series Coverage
The Sun(16th) - I'll quit as Doc for film career
Metro(16th) - Matt Smith planning to quit Doctor Who for glittering Hollywood career?
Digital Spy(16th) - Matt Smith to quit 'Who' next year?
Den of Geek(16th) - Rumour: Matt Smith to quit Doctor Who
Unreality TV(16th) - Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who role next year?
Chicago Tribune(15th) - Take the poll: Is this the funniest season of 'Doctor Who' ever?

Den of Geek(15th) - Three new regular characters unveiled for Torchwood series 4
Airlock Alpha(15th) - 'Torchwood' Begins Casting For Season 4
Digital Journal(15th) - Torchwood Series 4: New characters revealed

Episode Coverage
Seattle PI(15th) - Matt's Weekend Picks: July 16-18

Playbill(16th) - John Barrowman to Host West End Bares in September
Theater Mania(15th) - John Barrowman to Host West End Bares on September 5
Broadway World(15th) - John Barrowman to Host WEST END BARES 9/5

Guardian(16th) - Every Doctor Who villain since 1963
Get Wokingham(16th) - Time travel treat for Doctor Who fan battling brain tumour
Toronto Star(16th) - Doctor Who buffs build life-sized Dalek
The Sun(16th) - Who's that girl?