Tuesday 8 June 2010

Article roundup 8th June 2010

It seems a little ironic that John Barrowman talks about not wanting to be typecast in the current Hello Magazine, and just a little later he is back as Captain Jack in a new series of Torchwood (see separate article). New cast in new locations - new aliens? - maybe this is where Lady Gaga fits in ...

The Lodger
Pop Culture Zoo(7th) - Six New Images From Doctor Who 5×11: ‘The Lodger’
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Vincent and the Doctor
flick filosopher(8th) - ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Vincent and the Doctor”
Infinite Joys [Livejournal](7th) - Vincent and the Doctor: A Visual Guide
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Future Series Coverage
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Series Coverage (USA)
The Wrap(7th) - 'Doctor Who': The Psychic Pollen Mystery Tour Is Waiting to Take You Away

City of the Daleks
VG Chartz(7th) - Review: Doctor Who- The Adventure Games Episode 1 -City of the Daleks
The Register(7th) - Dodgy Doctor Who games may be malwarey
Absolute Gadget(7th) - Free Doctor Who game up now

Digital Spy(7th) - Barrowman 'doesn't want to be typecast'

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SFX(7th) - The Picture We Never Thought We’d See (TARDIS at BAFTA)
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