Wednesday 16 June 2010

Article roundup 16th June 2010

So NASA has found a 'crack' in the sky that looks strangely familiar... Meanwhile Stephen Fry speaks out about television, with Doctor Who a pet subject...

The Pandorica Opens
Den of Geek(15th) - The Pandorica Opens gallery
Digital Spy(15th) - Karen Gillan teases penultimate 'Who' ep
Digital Spy(15th) - Karen Gillan reveals 'Who' finale details
Unreality Shout(15th) - Doctor Who: Pandorica Spoilers!
On the Box(15th) - Doctor Who Gallery: Episode 12 – The Pandorica Opens

Series Coverage
Metro(15th) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith: TV Stud or TV Dud?

Series Coverage (USA)
Small Screen Scoop(15th) - Doctor Who has lizards, lizards, lizards
Crave(15th) - DOCTOR WHO 5.08 'The Hungry Earth'

This is Bristol(16th) - Daleks will be invading HorseWorld (Bristol, 20th June)

Pop Matters(16th) - A King's Velvet Shorts, a Giant Green Eyeball -- Must Be Doc Who & 'The Curse of Peladon'

Monsters & Critics(16th) - Mori hated nude scenes in ‘Lennon Naked’

Guardian(16th) - Stephen Fry: Doctor Who is a children's programme
Telegraph(16th) - Television is only made for children, moans Stephen Fry
In The News(16th) - Stephen Fry: Doctor Who is a wonderful children's show

Related News
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