Monday 14 June 2010

Article roundup 14th June 2010

'Penis' is not a word you'd normally associate with Doctor Who (well, apart from Alpha Centauri and the Creature From The Pit!), but this weekend's episode caused a bit of a 'ding-dong' with the Doctor seemingly nude on-screen - 15m09s into the episode for those looking! The Media at it's best ...

The Pandorica Opens
Digital Spy(14th) - Karen Gillan previews 'Who' finale (video)
ATV Network(14th) - Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens Trailer
Sci-Fi Wire(11th) - Major, massive Doctor Who season finale spoiler (WARNING)

The Lodger
Scotsman(14th) - TV review: Doctor who really knows the score
Metro(14th) - James Corden goes back to his roots with Doctor Who
Den of Geek(14th) - Doctor Who: The Lodger - your verdict
Daily Star(14th) - Doctor Who TV Flash has Fan Forums in Meltdown
Digital Spy(14th) - Matt Smith 'wasn't naked in Doctor Who'
The Anorak(14th) - Dr Who Wins Ratings War By Showing Matt Smith’s Penis Before World Cup
Anglotopia(13th) - Doctor Who – Series 5 Episode 11 Review – The Lodger with James Corden SPOILER FREE!!!
TV Overmind(13th) - Doctor Who 5.11 "The Lodger" Review
Unreality Shout(13th) - Doctor Who - The Lodger (S05E11) - Episode review
Den of Geek(12th) - Doctor Who series 5 episode 11 review: The Lodger
SFX(12th) - REVIEW: The Lodger
Guardian(12th) - Doctor Who: The Lodger – Series 31, episode 11
Telegraph(12th) - Doctor Who review: The Lodger
Digital Spy(11th) - James Corden teases 'Who' role
Digital Spy(11th) - Sneak peek at this week's 'Confidential'

Series Coverage
Whovian Net(13th) - Exclusive Interview: Nick Briggs

Series Coverage (USA)
Entertainment Weekly(13th) - Doctor Who recap: do you come from a land down under?
TV Squad(13th) - 'Doctor Who' - 'The Hungry Earth' Review
ifMagazine(13th) - TV Review: DOCTOR WHO - SERIES FIVE - 'The Hungry Earth'
Los Angeles Times(12th) - Critic's Notebook: 'Doctor Who' midterm checkup

Monsters & Critics(12th) - BBC's Torchwood is back, some thoughts on the new global take

The Adventure Games
Variety(12th) - 'Dr. Who' downloads into game space

Herald Scotland(14th) - Starstruck pupils disrupt BBC film (David Tennant/Single Father)
Digital Spy(11th) - Paul Cornell ('Action Comics')
Scottish Daily Record(11th) - I couldn't believe producer wanted me to play Yoko Ono - she's an icon, says ex-Torchwood star Naoko Mori

Independent(13th) - Elementary, my dear boy: An investigation into Sherlock Holmes' early years (by Andy Lane)
Pop Culture(12th) - Eleven Doctors Due From Underground Toys

flick filosopher(13th) - classic ‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Robot”
Digital Journal(12th) - Doctor Who, Lady GaGa and how a rumour swept the world