Saturday 22 May 2010

UK Television/Radio Coverage 14th-21st May 2010

A collection of Doctor Who related mentions on UK television/radio over the last week.

Media Coverage

Jonathan Ross, BBC1, Friday 14th May, ~10:40pm
Jonathan Ross talks about the 1980s, mentioning Doctor Who, Tory Government, and how those days would never come back ...

Newsround, CBBC, Monday 17th May, 7:02am
Report on the Doctor Who Live stage show that will be touring in the Autumn.

Breakfast, BBC1, Monday 17th May, 9:10am
Discussion of Stephen Gately's book, comparing the fantasy elements with Doctor Who.

This Morning, ITV1, Friday 21st May, 11:15am
Meera Syal chats about The Hungry Earth.


Doctor Who
1. The Eleventh Hour (SD/HD)
2. The Beast Below (SD/HD)
3. Victory of the Daleks (SD/HD)
4. The Time of Angels (SD/HD)
5. Flesh and Stone (SD/HD)
6. Vampires of Venice (SD/HD)
7. Amy's Choice (SD/HD)
8. The Hungry Earth (SD/HD)
Available on BBC iplayer until 3rd July

Doctor Who Confidential, BBC3, Saturday 15th May 2010
7. Arthurian Legend. Arthur Darvill explains how the companions solve a dilemma created by the Dream Lord.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) until 23rd May
8. After Effects. A journey through the production process of an epsiode from cutting room to living room.
Available on BBC iplayer (SD/HD) from 22nd May until 30th May

Doctor Who - Orbis, BBC Radio 7, Sunday 16th May, 6:00pm (repeated midnight)
1. Shocked Lucie Miller is reunited with the Time Lord - but he's not quite who he was.
Available on BBC iplayer until 23rd May
2. Can Lucie restore the Time Lord's memory in time to save the planet from destruction?
Available on BBC iplayer from 23rd May to 30th May

Still Available to Watch/Listen

You Have Been Watching, C4, Thursday 29th April, ~10:05pm
Charlie Brooker comments on the Over the Rainbow intrusion into Doctor Who last Saturday.
Available on 4od (tbd) until 28th May

You have Been Watching, C4, Thursday 13th May, ~10:40pm
A question on what happened next, featuring a clip from Terror of the Autons!
Available on 4od (33:45) until 12th June

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 11th April, 5:15pm
Discussion of the return of Doctor Who, specifically on the new theme tune!
Available on BBC iplayer (6:30) until 13th June

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 2nd May, ~5:05pm
Discussion on the "Over the Rainbow" animated trailer that appeared over The Time Of Angels
Available on iplayer until 13th June

Points of View, BBC1, Sunday 9th May, ~5:18pm
Comments on Amy kissing the Doctor at the end of Flesh and Stone
Available on iplayer (05:05) until 13th June

Television programmes may not be accessible from outside the United Kingdom.