Saturday 29 May 2010

Article roundup 29th May 2010

Cold Blood
The Sun(29th) - Sex and the er... Silurians
Anglotopia(28th) - This Week in Doctor Who
BSC Review(28th) - Doctor Who – ‘Cold Blood’ clips
Digital Spy(28th) - Darvill: 'Doctor Who role is brilliant'
Digital Spy(28th) - Gallery: 'Doctor Who - Cold Blood'

Amy's Choice (USA)
Daemons TV(28th) - DOCTOR WHO "Amy's Choice" Season 5 Episode 7

Series Coverage
The Sun(28th) - From Time Lord to rock star

Future Series Coverage
MTV(28th) - Neil Gaiman Shares Some Details About His Upcoming 'Doctor Who' Episode
Construction Enquirer(28th) - Vinci wins new Dr Who studio job for BBC

What's on TV(28th) - A quick chat with John Barrowman
Grazia(28th) - A week in the style of… Karen Gillan

Digital Spy(28th) - Pratchett: 'Doctor Who is gripping'
Science Blogs(28th) - Doctor Who Theme Song Accompanied by Tesla Coils
Geek(28th) - Dr. Who Theme played using Tesla Coils and a Faraday Suit
Shadowlocked(28th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Web Of Fear

Passing Mention
BBC News(28th) - Man and volcano