Friday 14 May 2010

Article roundup 14th May 2010

Amy's Choice
Anglotopia(14th) - This week in Doctor Who: Amy's Choice
Den of Geek(14th) - Doctor Who: Amy’s Choice spoiler-free review
Beehive City(13th) - Preview: Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice

Series Coverage
The List(14th) - Deliberately sexy Karen Gillan
SFX(14th) - Rory Time (Arthur Darvill)
Daily Express(13th) - Karen Gillan's sexy new style
Standard(13th) - I chose to sex-up Dr Who, admits the Time Lord's new assistant

Liverpool Confidential(13th) - Doctor Who author hits town

Den of Geek(13th) - The James Clayton Column: Robin Hood rides the Tardis of revolution
Shropshire Star(13th) - Fantasy Cabinet – who would you choose?

Related News
Tech Watch(14th) - BBC making sci-fi series (Outcasts)

Passing Mention
Guardian(14th) - 'I'm struggling with my iPhone'
Big Think(13th) - The West's "Killer Apps"

Outside the Beltway(13th) - Caption Contest Winners
flick filosopher(13th) - naughty ‘Doctor Who’ thought of the day: re celery