Wednesday 28 April 2010

Article roundup (part two) 28th April 2010

Series Coverage
Bee Hive City(28th) - Doctor Who vs. Graham Norton 2 – But will Karen Gillan mention the pop-up?
Digital Spy(28th) - Kingston: "River could be Doctor's Mum"

Spinoffs: Torchwood - What network do you think the American version of TORCHWOOD should look towards now that Fox has dropped out?

Spinoffs: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Digital Spy(28th) - Lucie Jones to appear in 'Sarah Jane'

Doctor Who Adventures
Guardian(28th) - The player: High hopes for the Doctor Who videogame

First Post(28th) - Doctor Who’s Matt Smith to play gay writer
Hello Magazine(28th) - New Timelord Matt Smith to play gay writer in drama
Monsters & Critics(28th) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith to play gay writer in new show
Music Rooms(28th) - Matt Smith To Play Gay Writer In New Show
NZ City(28th) - Daisy Lowe rocking all over America

Mirror(28th) - Doctor Who couls boost toy giant's profits further
Shadowlocked(28th) - Doctor Who complete reviews: The Smugglers
Telegraph(28th) - 'Strewth mate. British TV is just ------ good'

Passing Mention
C21 Media(28th) - BBCWW taps AMC, WME execs
Londonist(28th) - The Whitechapel Pillar That Looks A Bit Like A Dalek

Doctor Who in Politics
Times(28th) - TV Times