Friday 9 April 2010

Article roundup 9th April 2010

Today, more coverage of the BBC website online games (updated article), and an article on the new look Video Explorer you can find there. The BAFTA Cymru Awards see lots of Doctor Who related nominations. And Phil Collinson has a slight problem with a Sycorax mask ...

The Eleventh Hour Reviews
Spiked(9th) - Doctor, leave the moralising in the past
Comic Vine News(8th) - How Is Matt Smith As Doctor Who? - Doctor Who - 6.1
Digital Spy(8th) - 'The Eleventh Hour': Your verdict
SFX(8th) - From the SFX Office

The Beast Below Previews
Den of Geek(9th) - Doctor Who: The Beast Below spoiler-free review
Anglotopia(9th) - This Week in Doctor Who
Digital Spy(8th) - Gallery: 'Doctor Who' - 'The Beast Below'
The Pink Paper(8th) - The Beast Below

Series Coverage (UK)
Digital Spy(9th) - Alex Kingston: 'Matt Smith is sexy'
Digital Spy(8th) - All hail... the Weeping Angel
Milton Keynes News(8th) - Furzton teenager meets Dr Who (Lakechia Jeanne in The Beast Below)

Series Coverage (International)
Gather(9th) - Doctor Who 2010 Returns with Matt Smith in its “Eleventh Hour” on BBC America- Air Date and Trailer for Series 5

Examiner(8th) - Doctor Who spin-off - The Sarah Jane Adventures series 4 and 5 spoilers

News on News(9th) - BBC Cymru Wales Secures More Than 30 Bafta Cymru Nominations
Paste Magazine(8th) - 10 Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows of All Time

Wales Online(6th) - Dr Who action figure released (youtube video)

How Do(9th) - Doctor Who fans explore new series with magneticNorth (Video Explorer developers)
Mirror(9th) - TROUBLE in Cardiff where Dr Who producer [...] (Phil Collinson)
Telegraph(8th) - The best Doctor Who videos on the web
Guardian(8th) - Radio catch-up: James Bond, Doctor Who, and an Adam and Joe encore (The Giant Robot)
The AV Club(8th) - Doctor Who (brief history)