Sunday 4 April 2010

Article roundup 4th April 2010

It seems that in general the media were very happy with the new series of Doctor Who!

The Eleventh Hour Reviews
Daily Record(4th) - Karen Gillan returns to Highlands to watch Doctor Who episode with family
Observer(4th) - The new Doctor Who crash-lands to screams from kids and aliens
Independent(4th) - New Doctor shows he's right man for the job
Telegraph(4th) - Matt Smith brings sexual crackle to the Tardis
Daily Star Sunday(4th) - Irritating Matt Smith in decent Doctor Who debut
News of the World(4th) - Doc's had a Tardi up
Telegraph(3rd) - Doctor Who, BBC One, review
Mirror(4th) - So didn't WHO do well
Mirror(4th) - Phew.. a brilliant new Doctor Who
Mail(4th) - .... and maybe the best Doctor Who ever
Guardian(3rd) - Doctor Who: Matt Smith's debut in The Eleventh Hour - the verdict
Telegraph(3rd) - Matt Smith’s racy first episode as Doctor Who
Anglotopia(3rd) - Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour – Series 5 Episode 1 – Review – Spoiler Free!!!
TV Overmind(3rd) - Review : Doctor Who Season 5 – The Eleventh Hour
Entertainment Weekly(3rd) - 'Doctor Who': Are you psyched for the new season (and the new Doctor)?
Orange(3rd) - Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour, Saturday 6.20pm, BBC One
SFX(3rd) - REVIEW: Doctor Who
FilmShaft(3rd) - Look WHO’s Back On Our Screens
Den of Geek(1st) - Doctor Who series 5 episode 1: The Eleventh Hour review

The Eleventh Hour Lead-up
Sidepodcast(3rd) - The Return of Doctor Who
Digital Spy(3rd) - Karen Gillan 'nervous' about 'Who' debut
SFX(2nd) - Doctor Who Director Interview (Adam Smith)
Digital Spy(3rd) - Smith brands 'Dr Who' showrunner 'odd'
STV(3rd) - Karen Gillan guards 'Doctor Who' plots
Western Mail(3rd) - Just what the Doctor ordered
South Wales Echo(3rd) - Time to deliver for the darker new Doctor Who
Daily Star(3rd) - Doctor Who

Series Coverage
Mirror(4th) - Inside Doctor Who's new TardisMirror(3rd) - Who's got an appointment with the Doctor?
Digital Spy(3rd) - Karen Gillan teases 'Doctor Who' romance

Digital Journal(3rd) - Robotic dog K9 all set to delight fans in UK and Oz

Plymouth Herald(3rd) - City centre piazza invaded by cybermen

The Star(4th) - Doctor Who star Karen Gillan's doll given boob job
The Anorak(3rd) - Dr Who: Matt Smith Lookalikes And Alan Clark
Anglotopia(3rd) - NSFW: Karen Gillan Almost Naked in Sexy Bikini-like Pose
Oldham Chronicle(1st) - Swan jape was science fiction
Digital Journal(3rd) - Guinness World Record for Doctor Who Magazine
Nuts(3rd) - Simply The Best: Doctor Who girls