Thursday 1 April 2010

Article roundup 1st April 2010

Doctor Who the Musical? The series moving to ITV? It's that time of year again!

Series Coverage
The Sun(1st) - The Doctor will flee you now
Guardian(31st) - Doctor Who's most important new arrival is not Matt Smith - it's Steven Moffat
The Daily Beast(31st) - The New Doctor Who
Anglophenia(31st) - Matt Smith, Is That a Sonic Screwdriver in Your Pocket?
Seenit(31st) - New Doctor Who stars interviewed in DWM
What's on TV(31st) - Matt Smith: 'My heart exploded with joy'
Mirror(30th) - Doctor Who new star Matt Smith reveals he got inspiration for his role from Albert Einstein
Digital Spy(1st) - Pics: Matt Smith and the Daleks
Den of Geek(31st) - Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks details & pics
Evening Standard(31st) - Dr Who helps airport security solve sonic screwdriver puzzle
STV(31st) - Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver security scare
CBBC(31st) - Doctor Who star Matt Smith snaps sonic screwdrivers

Doctor Who Tour: New York
ATV Network(1st) - Matt Smith and Karen Gillan to promote Who in New York

Doctor Who on Tour
BBC News(31st) - Doctor Who comes back to Northampton for premiere
Accidental Sexiness(31st) - Doctor Who stars land in Manchester
Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette(31st) - A sneak preview of new Doctor Who
Sunderland Echo(31st) - Doctor Who visits Sunderland (plus video)

Firefox(31st) - Casting Call Sheet Leaked for Torchwood America

Tameside Advertiser(1st) - An arresting sight! (Hyde Fundraisers)

South Wales Echo(31st) - Doctor Who fan misses out on BBC’s private screening
Spalding Today(31st) - Who is Spalding's best Doctor Who?
Den of Geek(30th) - Top 10 Doctor Who producers: Part One
Shadowlocked(31st) - Doctor Who complete reviews: Galaxy Four

Whovian Net(1st) - Exclusive: Doctor Who Musical in the pipeline
The Spoof(31st) - Dr Who stopped at Heathrow Airport he should have used his Tardis
Flickr(29th) - The TARDIS (with special observer ...)