Tuesday 2 March 2010

Article roundup 2nd March 2010

After hearing about David Tennant's aspirations to play the Doctor when he was a child, we now have Matt Smith admitting he was called "Doctor Who" at university! Lots of coverage of the forthcoming interview with the 11th Doctor in Esquire Magazine, due out on Thursday!

People - Matt Smith interview in Esquire
The Telegraph(2nd) - Doctor Who's Matt Smith: why I was destined to become the Time Lord
Daily Star(2nd) - Medic called after stunt drama
The Sun(2nd) - Who's always looked like the Doctor?
Daily Mail(1st) - 'I only considered acting after injury crushed my dreams of becoming a footballer,' says new Doctor Who star Matt Smith
Press Asssociation(1st) - Matt dubbed 'Doctor Who' at uni
Metro(1st) - Matt Smith: 'Doctor Who is a real challenge' 
Belfast Telegraph(1st) - Matt dubbed 'Doctor Who' at uni
Digital Spy(1st) - Smith's 'Who' audition was 'silly, crazy'
Digital Spy(1st) - Smith: 'I was called Doctor Who at uni'

Passing Mention
Otago Daily Times [New Zealand])(2nd) - Taking goddess concept too far (Billie Piper, Felicity Kendal)