Friday 19 March 2010

Article roundup 19th March 2010

The big news of the day is of course how the media reacted to the launch of the new series in Cardiff last night, which we cover in more detail in this article - this includes the formal announcement of a Christmas special and a series for 2011 too. However, the future of Torchwood in Wales is uncertain, due to it not getting mentioned as a programme being made there ...

Into The Future
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Den of Geek(18th) - Torchwood: no longer being made in Wales?

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Saffron Walden Reporter(18th) - Doctor Who: Castrovalva (BBC Audiobooks)

About My Area(18th) - Daleks Invade Yate

Uxbridge Gazette(18th) - The Simpsons and Dr Who visit Rickmansworth School to promote waste reduction awareness

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